‘Captain Crozier!!!’ Fired by Trump for ‘Failure to Lie-Failure to Murder his Crew (Medal of Honor?)


How many American military commanders are hiding CV19 hotzones on submarines, ships at sea, based around the world?


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  1. Captain Crozier’s biggest mistake was prefacing his request by saying “we are not at war”. Oceania is always at war.

  2. On the plus side, Captain Christian will soon be able to run for public office. Perhaps in time for the November elections. 🙂

  3. ‘Fired by Trump’ is a bullshit headline. The minute Captain Crozier sent that letter up he knew he was throwing away his career for his men.

    Trump didn’t have to get him, the Navy brass that denied his original official-channel request were perfectly happy to male him pay for making them look bad: https://www.rt.com/usa/484839-covid-19-carrier-captain-sacked/

    Making him into some ‘Trump Resistance’ figure is a stretch, as it is highly likely part of the brass that sacked him are Obama appointees.

    I don’t like Trump, but I also don’t like seeing him get blamed for the system that beats him into submission.

    • Kewacat, Thanks for your input, but Trump has never had a problem micromanaging when it wants to. He forgot to think about the military votes he is going to lose now because of this, which could matter in a close race.

  4. The US Navy should take a leaf out of the books of the Russian & German navies who both started revolutions that overthrew the regime.

  5. The narrative that’s out says he was relieved for bypassing chain-of-command, and that his letter, though unintentional, publicly exposed a gap in force readiness. Commensurately, as if on cue, there were also reports generated purporting that the Chinese were already exploiting said gap with renewed presence in the South China Sea.

    • I’ve also noticed in the past day, or so, a big “blame China for this pandemic” media campaign rolling out, citing people such as a Rutgers immunology professor, claiming the pathogen could have escaped from the Wuhan lab, which appears to be fomenting all kinds of Sino hatred from the herd.

    • ‘bypassing chain of command”…we do not know yet if he did send something up. As for “exposing force readiness”, who really thinks someone, including the idiot country, are going to be starting a war with the US Navy in the middle of this mess?…other than the US.? Hey, that was poetic? I am with the captain, the higher duty was protecting the lives of highly trained crew. As for the brass, they screwed up as they knew about the sickness and did nothing. Does anyone think all military command are not monitoring the virus spread, especially on ships?

  6. Any Captain that sides with his crew against the will of the Admiralty is going to get stomped. That’s why the vast majority of naval officers are complete a****les.

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