Intel Drop: Marines Take Tarawa, Devastating Casualties in Botched Landing, 894 Dead in 3 Days (we lost 1321 today to Trump’s ‘Hoax’)


    By the Senior Editor

    For those out there who think these were all 90 year old terminal cancer patients in hospice that died today, you aren’t paying attention.  Think of it this way, yesterday and today were equal to 9/11.

    In the last two days we lost as many Americans to Trump’s Hoax as we did in 19 years of war in Afghanistan.  By tomorrow, we are likely to be losing the entire Global War on Terror and 9/11 every 4 days.  We are on track to be much higher unless someone gets that dumbfuck out of the White House.

    Today, we had 8 airliners auger into the ground with every seat full, all dead.

    Today, a Boeing 747 400 crashed into a high school football game.

    Tomorrow it will be the Rose Bowl.

    Buying guns will not help.  Guns in the hands of the frightened we have had all along, we call them “police.”  How has that worked out for us?

    My thanks to those who have kept their sanity.  For me it was seeing if I could raise a front wheel on a Ninja14 on a 2-3 shift at 105mph.  (yes)

    For everyone out there doing their jobs, first of all doctors and nurses or perhaps the other way around, nothing we can do is enough.  For the men and women of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, “way to go.”

    We are a week away from having to take care of each other, playing the odds but, in the process, being the people we were always meant to be.

    You see, the ‘death panels’ are in place, if you knew the real emergency protocols in place the lockdown orders would be a joke.

    Where I am, 3rd Coast Michigan, other than the toilet paper goons, most are holding on just fine.  Americans are like that, not quite the courage and heart of the Syrian people, but we can hold our own.

    A test is coming.

    It isn’t just ventilators and protective gear, we are years behind.  Trump is to blame, he took apart what we had in his “I hate science” act for the nutsofuggity “right,” denialists and flat-earthers.

    We are on our own, there is no federal government, it died several years ago.

    On my own part, anyone who continues to deal with Hannity, Limbaugh (smarter than Hannity) or Trump is part of the problem.  It isn’t for me to exact punishment and there is no god to pick up the slack here, if there were, every megachurch in the US would be ash with the smell of sulfur.

    The people keeping us alive and those hated scientists, those foolish ignorant medical professionals who pushed for vaccines and warned over and over that it was coming.  You know the ones, the people you (and you know who I am talking to here) accuse of trying to give your children “autism” because you don’t believe in genetics.

    These are the thankless many now giving their lives for you.

    For those who are doing what they can, do more.  This one is on Donald Trump but the idea of building a capability to create CV19 comes from George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who embarked on a secret plan to spend billions on secret biowarfare facilities around the world, hidden in places like Tbilisi.

    We know the who and how, we know everything.  Thousands are involved, big pharma every step of the way and that very very special company located in Columbus, Ohio as well, we have your number as well, the people we now know who put CV19 together and deployed it.

    Watch Trump funnel $200 billion into pharma and biowarfare companies as payback.  He has begun.

    His hand is on all of it.




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    1. The virus and fear of the virus, have the same effect on Politicians: “In one ear and out the other and completely over their heads!” Virus? What virus! The real bio-lab COVOD-19 is kept for preferred customers abroad – China, Iran, Italy, Spain. All the rest is hoax or pure unmitigated bollox doing a Paul Revere with Fear: “The virus is coming! The virus is coming!” This virus is more than we can see … or feel; just as intended for manipulation as if psycho babble from the Deep State. Yes, or course there are people who die WITH the virus, but not OF it except in an exception case orchestrated to keep the lie alive because we know COVID-19 exists. Bottom line is the undertaker and they can assure anyone numbers are really not that much out of the ordinary – give or take a seasonal bump or two. Maybe we’ve all inhaled so much aluminum and barium it triggers the virus scanners. Anyone notice how a clearly stazged video of body bags strewn everywhere along hospital corridors was used to promote the paranoia in both Peru and the US? The visits to hospitals that are coming up all but empty in Germany and the US? I deliberately exclude Spain, Iran, Italy or former footage from China. I think we have crossed a red line and it ain’t China!

    2. John Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S. third leading cause of death — respiratory disease, which kills close to 150,000 people per year. < from 2016

    3. over 1million of our best young men have critical brain injuries or multiple missing limbs. the flu killed 80k in 2018….

    4. Hey Redaktion VT.
      Ihr seid die wahren Helden von Amerika, mit dem Mut die Wahrheit so zu schreiben wie sie ist.
      Dafür meine Hochachtung.
      Ich staune immer wieder wie Mutig dass Forum gegen das Verbrechen anschreibt. Und mit vollen Recht. Es sind die wahren Patrioten von Amerika .welche sich äußern und ihren Verstand noch nicht verloren haben. ” Großes gewollt zu haben, ist Groß ” mit Ehre und Anstand.
      G rüße Werner

    5. Gordon, with all respect I disagree. I live in a heavily populated area of NJ, about a 45 minute ride from NYC. I’ve been asking, and I have yet to meet one person who knows somebody that knows somebody who is even sick from the CV let alone anyone who has died from it. Further, I check the obits in different papers and there is no exceptional number of deaths recorded. Concomitantly, the funeral homes are not overwhelmed and running at normal pace. For every packed hospital you show me, I can show you 3 around the country that are full of empty beds along with the unoccupied beds in their makeshift emergency tents. Vaccines are poison, I know this not only from observation and study but personal experience. After a hitch in the Navy in the 70s, I enlisted in the NJ National Guard in 1990. I was almost 40 then but routinely beat college guys on the long distance running track. Within 24 hours of being vaccinated for daddy Bush’s Iraq war (my squadron did not go), I contracted Bronchial Pneumonia for a month which segued into Asthma which I’ve had ever since. A coincidence? I hardly think so. My running days were over.

      Thank you for your totally unsound comment. In Toledo, every hospital bed is full and COVID rates are very low. Same in Cleveland. Simple information on vaccines..ever have typhoid? Rabies? Polio? You obviously consider them minor diseases.

      this is not good thinking

    6. have their hearts changed? Iran, Syria, Palestine, are still under broad murderous sanctions regardless of how many die in the US or elsewhere, whether by natural or assisted causes. US government will hardly ever become a Red Cross type of organization. What is the best the US dominated WHO and IMF can achieve in this another eugenical crisis, a delayed grab-at-you interest rate? That can be achieved by an average accountant’s office, with no disrespect to accountant profession. WHO or IMF are no health or well-being organization, and never have been. They are simply tools of endless whirl of indebtment, of which US sits in the center. At war with everyone and everything, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Asians, Slavs, African, Latinos..etc

    7. GeeZus Gordon. I am no fan of politicians, or politics in general; hell, it’s difficult to articulate the depth of disdain, nay contempt that would surface were one to attempt to “lead” me. You could certainly provide a list of reasons why you hold such disregard for the Orange Man, but I hold no grudge against him any more than the first black president, Bill Clinton, or the ineptitude of the nucular frat-boy W, or the Magic Knee-grow. We could probably waste a day or two enumerating the collective failures of the present and past figurehead CEO’s of the dysfunctional US, Inc. ship of fools, not ignoring thousand points of light Bush Sr. or even Raygun. The points most valuable in this article are 1) “We are on our own, there is no federal government, it died several years ago” and 2) “the idea of building a capability to create CV19 comes from George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.”

      Regarding the first; the fact that “we are on our own” remains to be foreign to most. I have much difficulty comprehending how, after all the complete and utter bullshit that has occurred during my sixty years, anyone could believe that it is possible to right the ship. VT does a good job of keeping the darkness at bay by shedding light on things, but this is a topic that should be constantly stressed. The universe is not static and probably for the rest of my existence, life will not be the way it was in the recent past. Now for the second, I must exercise the utmost care to refrain from losing any semblance of control upon even seeing those 3 names. E-vil thoughts (to me) begin to surface but not so evil relative to their actions. It’s a good time to just self-quarantine in my happy place (my gym) and channel that emotion into healthy activity… or reload more rifle ammo. Cheers.

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