Trump and Putin: the Exchange of Ukraine for Venezuela


By Bohdan Lystsia for VT

Rosneft announced its departure from Venezuela and the sale of assets in local oil production and refining projects. This event almost coincided with the declaration of war by senior US leaders to “corrupt individuals” from the Venezuelan government. The Pentagon sends ships, planes, helicopters and coast guard boats to the Caribbean Sea. Russia’s top leadership is in a hurry to get rid of assets in Venezuela because it knows that Venezuela will be subjugated by the Americans in the near future, and Russia will not prevent this. At the same time or shortly thereafter, Russia will receive Ukraine.

In fact, there is an exchange. Trump takes Venezuela, and Putin does not interfere. Putin takes Ukraine for himself, and Trump does not interfere with this. According to the Monroe Doctrine, the United States considers Venezuela and the entire Western Hemisphere a zone of its interests, where European states do not have the right to intervene. Putin believes that Ukraine should be annexed to Russia. Ukraine was part of the state of Kievan Rus, the Russian Empire and the USSR.

Ukraine and Venezuela have much in common. The exchange of Ukraine for Venezuela is, in a sense, the exchange of Ukraine for Ukraine.

Zaporizhzhya (Ukrainian) Cossacks played a big role in the history of Ukraine. Also, these Cossacks played a large role in the history of Venezuela. Venezuela and some other Central American states were founded by the descendants of Ukrainian Cossacks. In the 17th century, piracy flourished in Central America. Part of these pirates were Zaporozhye Cossacks. European rulers often hired Zaporizhzhya Cossacks because they were very good warriors. At that time, ships often sailed between Europe and America. Cossacks came to America and engaged in piracy there. Piracy was the usual occupation of the Cossacks. In Ukraine and in Russia, such activities were called “campaigns for zipuns.”

Flags of Venezuela, Colombia, Barbados are of Ukrainian origin. The flag of Barbados shows a trident, the coat of arms of Ukraine.


Ukrainian flag


Emblem of Ukraine


Flag of Barbados


Colombia flag


Flag of Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. The name “Caracas” comes from the Cossack language and means “Black Cache” (or “Black Bag”; money or cache was carried in bags).


Cara = black

Cas = cache in English

Cas = case in English

Cas = sac in French

In Caracas, pirates of the Caribbean kept gold and other valuables obtained by them during the robbery of Spanish ships, so they called this place “Black Cache” (Caracas). The name Caracas is close to the name of the city of Cherkasy in Ukraine, which has the same meaning. Cherkasy is the original name of the Cossacks themselves. Cherkasy Cossacks are people with black bags or black cash desks or black money.

Caracas is a “black cache” or “black money”. Symbolism: US President Donald Trump accused the authorities of Caracas (Venezuela) in receiving money from the drug trade, i.e. in getting them black money. The name Caracas speaks for itself – it is “black money.” In other words:

Caracas is to blame for the fact that he is Caracas


Black money is to blame for the fact that it is black money.

Currently, Russia is in full swing preparing for war. Russia is preparing to conquer Ukraine, and Trump will not interfere with this. Putin left Moscow, presumably to Valdai. A large number of military and military equipment comes to Moscow. This video was shot recently: This video was shot recently:


Near Moscow, a huge amount of firewood is being prepared that is intended for the military. This means that authorities expect a blackout in Moscow of electricity, communications and gas. Electricity, communications and gas can be disconnected in Moscow only in the event of a major war or planetary disaster, for example, the fall of a large asteroid on Earth. The military will use these firewood for heating and cooking. When martial law is introduced in Russia, the military will be provided with everything necessary.




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  1. U.S Inc has plenty of its own oil, so its not invading Venezuela for those reasons.
    U.S inc is the most indebted and unpopular its ever been, with Trump’s shaky support being on the foundation of pulling out of foreign intervention, so its not invading Venezuela for those reasons.
    U.S has closed its borders and is purging itself black markets and is no longer supporting cartels, so its not invading Venezuela for those reasons.
    So what could it possibly be?? Hmmm…
    Could it be that Maduro, the fairly elected president on Venezuela, is firmly ANTI ISRAEL and PRO-PALESTINE and refuses to submit to Israeli control via its vassal the U.S?
    Im sure that’s just a coincidence that the U.S wants regime change in the only 2 nations (iran, Venezuela) that do not support the legitimacy and supremacy of the genocidal nation of Israel

  2. The USA is exporting oil, right? So why do we need Venezuela’s?

    Also, as an American, I am disgusted with attacking another country for their resources. I took an oath to defend our Constitution, as did everyone else entering military service. Not attack other countries who are doing us no harm.

    • The US does not need the oil; this is more to keep Venezuela from profiting from their own oil and disrupting the oil oligopoly. Think of it like a drug dealer threatening of attacking others trying to sell on “their corner” or “their block.” The Petrodollar is the US’s “corner.”
      When US Major General Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket” (way back in 1935), he was not exaggerating.

  3. Crazy article. For a start Rosneft transferred its ownership to the Russian State so that it could try to get away from US sanctions. Second there is no indication that Putin wants to take over Ukraine, it would be war as is a hotbed of anti Russian militants and sinking in debt. Yes, he probably wants to do something to help Donbas but he isn’t stupid enough to do as the author suggests.

    I was fascinated to read this new take on history with the Ukrainians (a state that didn’t exist at the time) or the Cossacks (not known as seafarers and a long way from Spain) having sufficient sway over the Spaniards to influence captured town’s names the other side of the Atlantic.

    The symbol on the flag of Barbados has a lot more to do with Neptune’s trident than anything else.

  4. linguistic arbitrariness are insane, Caracas is a voice of the caribbean indians (Cumanagoto) and mean the Amaranthus venezolano (Pira, bledo),a medicinal and super nutritional herb, so the Spanish colonizers heard this herb called by the indigenous people who inhabited the area that we call today Caracas Also, it’s clear that you don’t know to much about Venezuela or Ukraine’s history. What I read you’re trapped. You are caught confusing North American Nationalism with North American imperialism within anti-Russian conspiracy theories,and surely you will docilely accept the criminal barbarism of American interventionism. Nothing new.

  5. Russia historically betrayed all its allies. This article sounds a bit infantile, but as far as concern Russia she is under the control of international zios as the entire west. Russia has some issues with Liberal Democrats and in a limited extent with globalist faction. But she either willingly or or by cohesion is under Zionist forces.
    Just see RT and it will be clear. RT became a refined form Fox. Like the restaurant menu they have daily an anti Muslim article, an anti refugee article, a semi porno bs piece. Supporting all neo Nazi right wing parties, only Ukrainian Neonazis are exception. RT may criticises Soros, but never touch powerful Zios. RT also support Indian Neonazis BJP party and Modi fascist government, which has lovely ties with Israel.

    • You realize that the Zionist Wahhabists control less and less of Syria largely because of Ex-Bolshevik Russia, right…?

  6. yes it is a possible scenario, but if Russia can take Ukronazia in a matter of weeks, this is very difficult for americans in Venezuela which will find a very entire population fight them in a life or death manner.
    Then if in the first case Russia can find very easy task of coming home to Ukronazia, in the case of Venezuela americans will find a new Vietnam and a great cemetery for american soldiers which perhaps understood the crazy idea of killing population another time after hundred time killing all around the world…..
    Editors in that case are very wrong and perhaps they wanted only to make see Venezuela as a very important country and the absolute need to defend the country from colonialism, stealing, exploiting of poor people, and more important the exploitment of so massive natural resources, and the absolute necessity of americans of taking resources of other countries to not implode under their impressionant debts, a number so great of trillions of debts to make4 fall definitively the nation and all their people (elites excluded!!!)

  7. i respect this article as it’s written by the editors…
    i find this very hard to believe vlad putin would throw venezuela under the bus. was an excellent article. informative. hope its incorrect…

    • On March 28th, VT posted a Sputnik News article: “Putin Defeat? In Response to US Coup Attempt, Rosneft-Venezuela is Sold to Mystery Russian Government Company.” How does transferring assets in Venezuela to Russian government control, and presumably granting them government protection, equate to “throw Venezuela under the bus”…?

  8. This article makes little sense to me.
    The Ukraine is a bleeding mess already surrounded by the RF.
    While V’zuela has all the heavy-crude (for diesel fuel) and enormous gold/mineral deposits (to back the Ruble).
    Unsure how this apparent nonsense found its way onto this site.
    Any response is appreciated.

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