Jack Heart: Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy II (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III)

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My mother-in-law was a Witch, a real Witch. She never got over the fact that I had my children baptized. The Magick of the Catholic Church is strong medicine. The recipient of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation has delivered their soul to the Christian god and the Christian god is not who the church says he is. Once in a while, as in the incidents covered here, you can catch a fleeting glimpse of just who and what he is but always the darkness of a thousand years envelopes him, and in retrospect it doesn’t seem real…

I hadn’t met him again since that night at the party but I knew he was there, very close, when I wrote Footprints of Evil, an essay about all the people who go missing in National Parks. Jim Dean, the Editor of VT, and his wife Erica wrote the introduction. The piece went viral and I was quickly contacted by David Paulides who did the initial research and wrote a book about it titled Missing 411.

Paulides wasn’t happy, likely that I write better than him, but perhaps because many who I’ve written about have ended up dead. I was also contacted by Allyn Atadero the father of Jaryd Atadero, one of the children in the essay who turned up missing under very strange circumstances indeed.

Jaryd had been out hiking in Colorado with the Christian sect he and his father belonged too. His father hadn’t been there and he had simply disappeared into thin air, according to the group. His skull and his clothes were recovered years later. Allyn seemed to think I knew what happened to his son and begged me to tell him. I couldn’t.

A generation earlier a kid named Bobby Bizup, in circumstances just as bizarre, had disappeared on a trail in Camp Saint-Malo, a Roman Catholic boys retreat about twenty miles away from where Allyn had disappeared. Over thirty years later, Pope John Paul II would inexplicably be helicoptered into St. Malo two days before his landmark 1993 Sunday mass in Denver celebrating World Youth Day. The pope spent two hours alone on the trail that Bobby Bizup disappeared on…

Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy II (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III) By Jack Heart &Orage

Black Saturday, the day before Easter 1980; Sister Margaret Ann Pahl was found dead “in the chapel sacristy at Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. She had been confronted by her killer as she prepared for that day’s services. Pahl was choked to death’s door, jabbed mercilessly with a letter opener, and then sexually violated. She was found with an altar cloth shrouding her torso.” (45)

By the accounts of her clerical colleagues an insufferable shrew, the good sister had made it to seventy-one years old before she found her way onto the wrong Jesuits’ sacrificial alter. “Among 31 stab wounds, nine punctures over her heart formed the outline of an inverted Crucifix, a demonic symbol. She had been stripped below the waist and defiled with a cross.” (46)

Everyone knew the Jesuit Chaplin Gerald Robinson did it. He had always despised her and was seen by multiple witnesses in the vicinity of the chapel at the time of the murders. When questioned about it by the police, he had made wildly conflicting statements. But no worries for Robinson, the Jesuits or the Church, the fix was in.

Dean Mandros chief of the criminal division in the Lucas County prosecutor’s office later made statements about how Deputy Police Chief Ray Vetter, a devout Roman Catholic, to the horror of own his own detectives had simply released Robinson to another monsignor. Even then it was suspected other Catholic clergy had been involved. Mandros also said Vetter had asked detectives to give him their reports on the case. Some of those reports were never seen again.

The case would go cold and remain unsolved until the satanic panic of the new millennium. In 2003, Toledo police received a letter from a woman alleging that she had been ritually abused as a child in satanic ceremonies involving human sacrifice held by nuns and priests. She named names and prominent among them was Father Gerald Robinson. Unable to prove anything, the letter went to some dogged detectives in the cold case files.

They reopened the investigation into Sister Margaret Ann Pahl’s murder, and low and behold, stashed in the evidence lock up was the unmistakable murder weapon, a miniature sword letter opener found in the possession of Robinson back in 1980. They dug up the dead nun and found Robinson’s uniquely styled letter opener fit her wounds like a key in a lock. The surviving witnesses who had seen him lurking around the chapel at the time of the murder were located and testified. He was convicted in 2006, sparking a flurry of appeals that ended fittingly on the fourth of July in 2014 when he died of a heart attack… (47)

Every day we are bombarded by lurid tales of kids, almost invariably the product of the bible belt, who decide they are Satanists because mommy and daddy abused them. They buy themselves a copy of carnival barker Anton LaVey’s book; Satanic Rituals and carve mommy’s cat up in the basement while muttering some mumbo jumbo LaVey pilfered from an Aleister Crowley book. Sooner or later they progress to carving up the neighbors, and the next thing you know they’re another episode on the Investigative Discovery TV channel.

Just like the carnival barker and Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, these lost souls have little to no idea what the Master really thinks. Aleister Crowley freely admits those that search the darkness for black magic will find what they are looking for, but he likened it to “looking for an escape of gas with a lighted candle.” Crowley was indignant about being labeled a black magician, saying: “No more foolish statement was ever made about me. I despise the thing to such an extent that I can hardly believe in the existence of people so debased and idiotic as to practice it. (48)

According to Crowley, practicing black magic gets results, but they are almost always bound to be of limited duration and will eventually backfire on the practitioner with one very big exception: “The “Black Mass” is a totally different matter. I could not celebrate it if I wanted to, for I am not a consecrated priest of the Christian Church.

The celebrant must be a priest, for the whole idea of the practice is to profane the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Therefore you must believe in the truth of the cult and the efficacy of its ritual. A renegade priest gathers about him a congregation of sensation-hunters and religious fanatics; then only can the ceremonies of profanation be of extended black magical effect…” (49)

By the seventeenth century France under Louis XIV, the Sun King, with a huge and treacherous assist from Rome in the form of Cardinal Richelieu and his protégé Cardinal Mazarin, had rested control of Europe from Spain. The Conquistadors, always willfully autonomous of the Spanish monarchies but never Roman Catholicism, contented themselves with the pope’s blessing to cravenly loot the New World. Their heirs were no longer concerned with the old one.

Louie reigned for seventy two years and a hundred and ten days, still the record for any European monarch. During Louie’s reign, Mazarin became the richest man in the world and, when he died early and tried to leave it all to Louie, Louie didn’t want it. He had his own…

These men measured their wealth in tons of gold and silver. They were worth more than most countries are today. Louie achieved this kind of wealth for he and his friends by taxing everyone and everything that he could for as much as he could. This paid for both the lavish lives of the French court and the endless warfare which Louie reveled in. Louie would tell his diplomats their only real job was to attain tactical advantages for the French Military…

After Mazarin died, Louie came under the spell of Madame de Montespan who became his mistress for over ten years but, as everybody knew including the queen whom she ran roughshod over, was the real queen of France. Her affair with Louie resulted in seven children and gave rise to an official position in court that lasted for a hundred years, called maîtresse-en-titre or chief mistress of the king of France.

L’affaire des poisons or The Affair of the Poisons would finally bring Montespan down. L’affaire des poisons really began with the arrest of the Marquise de Brinvilliers for poisoning her father and her two brothers for the inheritance. It was rumored that she kept in practice by visiting hospitals and poisoning poor people. She was in turn tortured, beheaded and her headless body, of course, burned at the stake. Louie suddenly realized many in his court had died for no apparent reason and began to fear for his own life.

Two years later in 1677 Magdelaine de La Grange, a French fortune teller whose first husband had been executed as a rogue, was arrested for poisoning her second husband, a rich lawyer. She was in turn connected to Louis de Vanens, a notorious French alchemist reputed to be able to transmute gold, and suspected by the Paris police of being the leader of an international organization of assassins and part of a network of poisoners in Paris. Louie tasked Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie the man responsible for turning Louie’s Paris police force into the prototype of today’s modern police force. Reynie, just as dogged as any fictional detective, would get to the bottom of it.

L’affaire des poisons would implicate four hundred and forty two people. Two hundred and eighteen of them were arrested. Thirty-six were executed, five sentenced to the galleys and twenty-three to exile. Others whose deaths went unrecorded were simply tortured to death or suicided, and still others imprisoned for life with no trial under special orders from the king called Lettres de cachet, which cannot be appealed.

So many in Louie’s court were implicated that Louie was forced to abolish his own official investigation in 1682 because of the scandal, leaving many unpunished for the blackest of deeds and causing Reynie to remark that “the enormity of their crimes proved their safeguard.”

Among the implicated were Olympia Mancini, Countess of Soissons, the second-eldest of the five celebrated Mancini sisters, who along with two of their female Martinozzi cousins were the Belles of Louie’s court. The seven beauties were known as the Mazarinettes because they were the nieces and heirs of Cardinal Mazarin. Her sister Marie Anne Mancini, duchesse de Bouillon, was also implicated. It turns out their father back in Italy, Mazarin’s brother-in-law; Baron Lorenzo Mancini, was a well-known sorcerer and necromancer.

The royal courts of Europe, particularly France and Italy were crawling with fortune tellers and alchemists selling not only the usual divinations, seances, aphrodisiacs and love potions but also ‘inheritance powders,’ a euphemism for poison. One of the most sought after in Paris, Marie Bosse became so drunk at a party one night she started openly boasting about how much money she was making off the aristocracy selling them inheritance powders. Word got back to Reynie who, maybe in history’s very first undercover sting operation, had the wife of one of his constables purchase some poison from her.

The poison was authenticated and Bosse was arrested in the first days of January 1679. She would burn at the stake a few months later, along with her children and many of her acquaintances, but before she did, she gave them the real kingpin Catherine Monvoisin. Known as “La Voisin” Monvoisin had been casting spells on Louie since 1666, when she was first retained by Madame de Montespan to do just that. It’s said that Louie practically swooned the first time he danced with Montespan a year later in 1667, hopelessly in love from that moment on.

La Voisin was no street corner fortune teller. She made prodigious use of the Black Mass, and it’s said that the sacrificial remains of twenty-five hundred children were later dug up in her backyard. Abbé Étienne Guibourg, an ordained Roman Catholic Priest, said most of the masses for her, and Montespan would frequently act as the naked human altar upon which the children were sacrificed.

Montague Summers, undercover Roman Catholic priest and known pedophile, who translated Malleus Maleficarum from Latin to English in 1928 gives a graphic account of Guibourg’s celebration of the Black Mass:

“A long black velvet pall was spread over the altar, and upon this the royal mistress laid herself in a state of perfect nudity. Six black candles were lit, the celebrant robed himself in a chasuble embroidered with esoteric characters wrought in silver, the gold paten and chalice were placed upon the naked belly of the living altar […] All was silent save for the low monotonous murmur of the blasphemous liturgy […] An assistant crept forward bearing an infant in her arms. The child was held over the altar, a sharp gash across the neck, a stifled cry, and warm drops fell into the chalice and streamed upon the white figure beneath. The corpse was handed to la Voisin, who flung it callously into an oven fashioned for that purpose which glowed white-hot in its fierceness.” (50

Guibourg was not working alone, and indeed it appears the Catholic clergy was not only making a killing on the side with the abducted children of the poor but also on the decadent French court, who wanted what they wanted now and had no qualms about enlisting Satan’s help to get it. La Voisin is estimated to have murdered thousands and was herself in turn executed in 1680.

Guibourg would die in prison, and another Catholic priest abbé Mariotte would be exiled. Most of the clergy along with all the aristocracy, from the Mancini sisters to Montespan herself would pretty much get off with a slap on the wrist and an unflattering notation in their biography. The commoners? Most of them were tortured to death off the record, like the friend of Marie Bosse who threw the party that she blabbed at. The ones that weren’t were burned at the stake…

It was the Marquise de Brinvilliers who introduced the poison Aqua Tofana to Parisians that made the aristocracy’s fetish for killing each other the latest Paris fad. It is a slow acting and deadly poison that duplicates symptoms of the stomach virus. Administered in four separate doses, it was guaranteed to kill undetectably. She learned how to make it from her husband, who in turn learned how to make it from an Italian chemist called Exili. He is said to have been the salaried poisoner in Rome of Olympia Maidalchina, the sister-in-law of the pope…

Since the days of the Borgias in the fifteenth century when pope Alexander VI unleashed his daughter Lucrezia Borgia on unsuspecting renaissance Italy, poison has always been a traditional tool of the papacy. The Borgias, despite what revisionist historians think they know, were a family of human devils that left such a lasting impression on Europe that they are still a subject of pop culture today. Alexander VI was so evil that during his reign Venetian diplomat Girolamo Priuli told anyone who would listen that surely he had “given his soul and body to the great demon in Hell”. (51)

It is probably no accident that the papacy of Alexander VI began a week after Columbus set sail for the New World…


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  1. Jack, the theme throughout the Bible is blood sacrifice as it says “there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood” as this is its theme throughout. I always wondered about blood sacrifice and why it was needed as it appears that Christianity is a blood cult.

    With the culmination in the NT of that sacrificial death upon a cross as one man paid for all Sin by the shedding of his blood. This is what the American Evangelicals believe whole heartedly and will get down right violent if this doctrine is questioned. And the apostle Paul in his epistles is what the Church is based upon as its all human sacrifice and blood religion.

    So, to the Evangelical since one is covered by his blood sin is forgiven as now you can live your life any way you want as look around? The Evangelical American loves every war and every abhorrent doctrine that makes people poor and miserable and Trump is their mascot!

    • “Eat His body drink His Blood
      And we’ll sing a song of love
      Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia”
      Christ nine, pun intended, could it get any more graphic than that? These people are a pestilence upon the earth. If we had discovered them as an unknown tribe living in a jungle somewhere, armies would be dispatched to exterminate them, books written about the horrors they perpetrated and stories told to unruly children about how the Christians were coming to get them. Instead since we grow up around it we don’t even notice, well I’m noticing now…

  2. It really hits home as to why we’re a species with amnesia, not by chance, but a deliberate extermination with extreme prejudice on all old wisdom that stood in the way of the cult. We’re on the the eve of what is a ritualistic murder feast, passover, if one can believe their stories. Maybe it’s more a Tarantino revenge fantasy ala Inglorious Bastards. What was the feast of fertility celebrating Ostara became associated with death. Go figure…

  3. Well, as the great man Goethe himself said: Our moral and political world is undermined with passages, cellars, and sewers.
    Are the actions of such ghastly reprobates both without and within the Church really that surprising? I mean, De Sade wrote all about this stuff years ago; can’t confuse the messenger for the message, I’m afraid.

    • If you are going to act as an apologist for the pope, you better read part 1 of this essay
      You have a lot more things you will need to apologize for. Funny you should mention the Marquis de Sade. Back in 2016 when I was a guest of the DoD at the Jacksonville Naval Base the first book I was handed was Justine. Read about the first hundred pages but when I got to the part where the girl saves the man from being put to death and he pays her back by raping her in the woods I realized I was dealing with a diseased mind. When I gave the book back to my hostess and told her why I felt it wasn’t worth reading she looked insulted. De Sades observations on human nature are worthless since he has no idea on what it means to be human…

    • Apologist for the Pope? That’s quite the assumptive leap, there. Everybody knows that no Roman was ever able to say: I dined with the Borgias last night. I expect things haven’t changed that much.
      You don’t have to be a saint to know what evil is, and any fool knows that dabbling in the occult leads to madness and loss of soul; but my original point still stands: Don’t confuse the message for the messenger– and if the papacy, rightly or wrongly, isn’t a messenger, at least, I don’t know what is.

  4. And I love a great comment David and you’ve just made one of the best. I didn’t know anything about this, but then isn’t that synchronicity? Consider yourself a member of the Jack Heart team. Let me check this out, I have just the ingredient to blend it with make the Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ part 4 a most memorable Mayday event. Thank you for this.

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