Up to 100 “attendees” expected to die of COVID 19 in Darwinian gambit

No masks, no distancing, COVID numbers in Michigan’s “Appalachia” expected to rise dramatically in next 14 days

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Lansing “car riot” of April 2020, mostly an outing for bored and depressed (and stupid), in itself angered doctors and nurses whose patients were denied care as hospitals were blockaded by “nativists” or “white supremacists” flexing their fat stomachs and mail order military gear.

Note the Confederate flags:

Funded and organized by the Republican National Committee, taking advantage of cheap gas and bored people, thousands showed up in Lansing, not so much to protest as to gawk.

This reminds me of the fake anti-war protests at MSU (East Lansing) which always happened between classes in busy transit areas.

This time, by blocking the roads, particularly in front of Sparrow Hospital, the region’s primary trauma center, they closed down access to emergency medical care for a hundred thousand people.

Check Trump’s right bicep. From ‘party favor’ to chief executive, oh how America has fallen. (Mob boss and Trump ‘companion,’ Roy Cohn, died of AIDS

Worse still, for the bored and silly, the wannabee militia types with their dime store AR-15 rifles and Mattel holsters showed up, a few hundred at least, spewing their Jew and gay hating crap or “get rid of the Negroes and foreigners” riff.  Think “Oklahoma City.”

Before being disbanded the first time, the Michigan Militia had more FBI agents “members” than Quantico.

The assertion, of many from rural areas, is that COVID should be allowed to “burn through” no matter how many deaths.  This seems to have been Trump’s plan also, not on purpose but rather because he dropped the ball for 7 weeks playing politics.

Trump unretouched

What we do note is that there are millions who live in Michigan.  Millions of cars, millions unemployed and about 700 cars showed up and blocked hospitals.  There are 3 million or more gun owners in Michigan and two dozen “white nationalists” showed up and one lone African American who quickly skedaddled.

There is a long history here that goes back to the 1920s, the Black Legion, the link between Bronfman run organized crime (the Purple Gang, run through Bronfman agent Maxie Stern) and the state GOP and the then combined “posts” of the KKK and American Legion.  From the Detroit News:

Eighty years ago this spring, the murder of Detroiter Charley Poole led to the exposure of the Black Legion, a Klan-like organization that flourished in southeast Michigan. The revelation that tens of thousands of men, including police and elected officials, belonged to a violent, hooded secret society spawned hysteria, demands for a federal investigation and, too, a Humphrey Bogart movie.

Legion members were prosecuted for two murders, but they were responsible for dozens more, as well as beatings, bombings and dire plots.

The legion’s reign of terror rates as one of Detroit’s darkest moments but it coincided with one of its most glorious. Between autumn 1935 and spring 1936, the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all won championships as undefeated boxer Joe Louis became a national figure.

Author Tom Stanton, an associate professor of journalism at the University of Detroit Mercy, delves into the legion’s activities in his new book, “Terror in the City of Champions.” This adapted excerpt details the 1936 Poole killing.


and, from renowned author Richard Bak:

The Dark Days of the Black Legion

“Despite its similarities with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the Black Legion wasn’t a direct descendant of that right-wing organization, but more like a sinister stepbrother. Many Legionnaires were former or concurrent members of the Klan, originally a vigilante group active in the former Confederacy for several years following the Civil War. In 1915, the Klan was jolted out of its decades-long dormancy by D. W. Griffith’s controversial film, The Birth of a Nation. Hollywood’s first blockbuster sentimentalized the KKK and provided a new generation of extremists with a template for ritualistic terrorism, right down to the cross-burnings and standardized white costumes — dramatic devices Griffith had invented for the movie. The flood of immigrants and Southern blacks to America’s big cities brought made-to-order targets, allowing the resurgent Klan to expand from its rural Southern roots and become a truly national political movement, agitating for such reforms as immigration control. The “Invisible Empire” soon controlled state governments in Indiana, Colorado, and Oregon.

During the 1920s, the KKK’s heyday, Michigan reportedly had more Klansmen than any state in the country — as many as 800,000, according to some estimates, though historians today believe a figure in the range of 80,000 to 120,000 is more plausible. Roughly half lived in metro Detroit. Prospective members — many of whom were white factory workers originally from the South — had to swear to be a “native born, true, and loyal citizen … a white male Gentile person … a believer in the tenets of the Christian religion, the maintenance of White Supremacy, and principles of pure Americanism.”

In 1925, the Klan movement was stopped dead in its tracks by a sensational sex scandal involving its most prominent leader. David Curtis Stephenson, the Grand Wizard of Indiana and 22 other states, including Michigan, was convicted of rape and murder in the case of a woman whose body bore so many bite marks she was described by a witness as looking as if she had been “chewed by a cannibal.” Upset over not receiving clemency or a commutation of his life sentence from the Klan-backed governor of Indiana, the vengeful Stephenson took several public officials down with him. The series of exposés caused a meltdown in membership, from an estimated peak of 6 million in the mid-1920s to about 30,000 a few years later.

During this period, a small-town physician in Bellaire, Ohio, named William Shepard — a former Grand Cyclops in the Klan — fiddled with the Klan’s formula and came up with his own version of hooded Americanism. He called the secret fraternity the Black Legion. (An alternative account says the Legion was originally formed as the Black Guards in about 1925 to provide security for officers of the Ohio KKK.) Shepard’s followers wore black-silk robes sporting a skull-and-crossbones insignia; a black hood topped by a high-horned headpiece also bearing the “Jolly Roger” completed the ensemble.

As Protestant nativists who were convinced that “their” country was slowly being taken over by “aliens,” the Legion’s professed enemies were the same as the Klan’s: Catholics, Jews, immigrants, blacks, Communists, and labor activists. Unlike the Klan, however, the Legion eschewed publicity. They operated in deep secrecy, with any member foolish enough to mention the Legion’s existence to an outsider subject to a bullwhipping. During the day “Dr. Billy” made house calls with a .45-caliber pistol packed inside his satchel; at night, he presided over elaborate initiation ceremonies and the occasional tar-and-feathering of a local deemed to be “un-American.”

The Black Legion expanded and grew lethal after another ex-Klansman, Virgil Effinger, an electrician from Lima, Ohio, assumed leadership in the early 1930s. Effinger, described as a “dour, humorless fanatic,” helped recruit large numbers of members in Michigan. He was capably assisted by an ex-Detroit cop named Isaac “Peg Leg” White. Ultimately, there were tens of thousands of members in the state. While many regarded the Legion as a secret lodge and an outlet for mild adventure, a fanatical few used it as an excuse for night riding that often was more personal than ideological in nature. Their victims may have included the father of a future famous black-nationalist leader.

One evening in 1931, Earl Little was run over by a streetcar in Lansing. Local authorities considered the preacher’s death either an accident or, improbably, a suicide. However, Little’s young son, Malcolm, grew up believing that it had been an execution — a chilling message delivered by the Black Legion to intimidate “uppity” blacks. Malcolm Little, who later would change his name to Malcolm X as he rose to prominence with the Nation of Islam, doubted that his father could “bash himself in the head, then get down across the streetcar tracks to be run over.”
Other beatings, bombings, and murders involving left-wing political and labor organizations occurred over the years. Authorities never seemed able to solve them. Then came the killing of Charley Poole.”

The battle, real or imaginary, no longer targets Catholics.  The “enemy” is still the “Jewish conspiracy” and the longtime support for racial equality and Michigan’s Middle Eastern community, which is the primary financial backer of the Republican Party in that state.

Michigan’s Arab population is larger than the entire population of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (480,000 compared to 260,000 and falling).

Michigan’s Arabs are financially powerful and extremely conservative and make very strange bedfellows when inadvertently teamed up with horn blowing militia types with MAGA hats.

The key to understanding today is knowing yesterday, that the racial violence of 1945 and 1967 was closely related to the anti-labor violence of the precursors to today’s gun toting “floating fat men.”

What we are seeing, as we have for so long, are the “lumpenproletariat,” who during union times made up the strike breaking scabs, always marginally or totally uneducated, steeped in generations of hatred and quick to blame others for, in this case, the sins of a corrupt and incompetent president who has thus far killed nearly 31,000 Americans.


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    • Which exist only in the hoaxter propaganda you know better than to read and listen to

  1. God, if I could I would drive up there to see you two, drink a bunch of beer with y’all and have a contest to see who could pee further. Afterwards drive back home and think; wow we didn’t discuss anything. Oh well.

  2. John, you liked Rick Snyder, the man who destroyed Gateway computers, doubled auto insurance and let the roads fall apart? Soccer mom as you call her, and I am not a fan mind you, is worth a thousand Rick Snyder’s or John Englers.
    OK, let me explain. I am two hours away in GH or an hour by bike. I might well run up there, certainly to get the beef ribs on sunday at club 37, but hit the wineries and see Silvio. (your local celeb)
    Then again, in doing so, I would seriously alter the county wide dynamic (grand traverse) for CV. It is bad enough going to horrocks on saturday…something i have cut out of the schedule…
    I would like to sit you down with the Chinese hating redneck mob that hit lansing, some of them live around you. You abide them, they buy beer, can be funny and unless exposed to educated people with normal moral centers, they don’t see so bad despite the fact that they are human vermin. That you have been forced to acclimatize to them and are willing to side with the slugs is no reason to get in my face.

  3. John,

    You just parroted a lie. The photos show Sparrow blocked. It is the largest hospital in the region. However, on Twitter, you found a single cropped photo showing the end of an unnamed driveway clear and assumed it was the ER at sparrow…which doesn’t come off Michigan at all.
    When you see a close-cropped photo, consider you are being screwed with. Say “Oh”

  4. Habeas Corpus, a turning point in western history; the right of an individual to a speedy trial. The Peace of Westphalia, a turning point in western history; the beginning of the nation state. The United States Constitutions’ Bill of Rights, a turning point in western history; the beginning of the age of the protection of the individual from oppression. World War II, a turning point in western history; the beginning of the end of the nation state. There are many other turning points in western history to say nothing of world history. Always, the old resists the new.

  5. There can’t be many Confederates in Michigan. The battle flag is always trashed in these attention getting events. The real Confederates are still busy trying to save their public memorials for which there has been a black majority jihad against their being publicly viewable. This silliness goes on when the Japanese “Meatball flag” is always displayed in major diplomatic events, and even the British flag when we were once at war with them. Despite many states having statutes protesting “war memorials”, like the one I worked in with Jeff Davis to include Confederate memorials, these are often ignored in cities where black leadership launch are removal campaign as a vote getting for their next election. And the Confeds have to go to court where they usually win. Thus continues America devouring itself and the hands of the history Nazis. At the University of Georgia years ago, led by liberal professors, a project to build a monument on campus to all alumni killed in US wars was defeated on the grounds that it would be “glorifying war”.

    • The same things are happening in Europe too Jim, a definite attempt to dislocate a people from their own history appears to be in operation for decades now under the guise of ‘political correctness’. Several years ago, there was some fuss here in England after some govt nonsense about not flying the English flag on St George’s day as it upsets immigrants from places like Pakistan. That went wrong, as everyone immediately bedecked their cars and houses with the flag of St George in a typically British two fingers to authority. My dad had a 12 footer on the front of the house and the entire street and town was covered in flags to the point the shops sold out. In the cities people took to the streets in their cars with flags hanging out of every window, tied to the antenna etc. Britons aren’t very nationalistic until provoked and the intention of the govt statement in the first place may have been to provoke and annoy people. It’s happened in Germany and elsewhere too, in France it lead to violent protests, whenever you try to suppress a nation’s history and traditions, there is an inevitable backlash.

      As far as war memorials, I’m not aware of any attempts to remove any here apart from the IRA blowing some up in Ireland in the past, such as the huge monument to Nelson in the middle of Dublin that was dynamited in the 1960s by the IRA.

    • It was a stupid action of vandalism, half of Nelson’s sailors at Trafalgar were Irish.

    • Ian when you say “whenever you try to suppress a nation’s history and traditions, there is an inevitable backlash”, also do mention that slavery was abolished, nazis were defeated and brought to justice, and colonial powers are paying the price for their past endeavors.
      I agree that a minority in the populace regret the changes done by an ever growing population of a society, but to paint it with a broad brush would be to say that Dresden wants to have the flag of German Reich all over town and the backlash is everywhere.
      I know that in France a good percentage of the conservative population wants the king back but a France of today is not the France of 1793. Same goes for the Iranian expats living in la la land and wanting their king back; the population of Iran in 1979 was 28 million and now it’s 85 million with no desire to see a monarch.

  6. How strange it is to learn that the Arab community in Michigan strongly supports Republicans who have made the Middle-east almost uninhabitable.

  7. General Custer would be saddened. I know this isn’t about the Civil War, but I’ve recently noticed in many interviews and programs, it’s often being referred to as the “War of Northern Aggression”. When did this meme start? Many years ago, in navy boot camp in Orlando, I remember the recruit company meeting the Company Commander for the very first time; a salty old Master Chief, who, as came into the barracks, yelled out, “you’re shit!” I immediately noticed all the northern guys, myself included, quietly acquiesce, as if to say, “that’s cool, babe”, “whatever you say”, “don’t want to rock the boat”. On the other hand, the southern guys rebuked loudly, and in unison, “no sir!”
    At first, one might think the southern guys were still fighting the Civil War, but they weren’t. They were just proud Americans. It was a learning experience. If you look for division, you can find it.

    • I might be wrong, but I think the South started calling it the War of Northern Aggression while the war was still raging due to the invasions of the south by Sherman, Sheridan and Grant and their laying waste to whole regions such as the Shenandoah Valley and Georgia. The north employed total war with scorched earth and mistreatment of civilians, Grant was the fist modern general and Robert E.Lee and the other Southern commanders were the last of the gentlemen soldiers, so their approaches to the war were markedly different. Lee didn’t let the Army of Northern Virginia loot and pillage Maryland during his invasion of the north, but when the north invaded the south, it was like the Mongols invading Europe and they laid waste to the place, tore up all the railways, burned all the farms and mills and barns, burned the crops in the fields, total warfare in the age of iron and steam so it was worse than any previous war in many ways as it was the beginning of industrialised mass slaughter.

  8. This is shameful behavior! It brings out the worst in me so I won’t say more. Thanks for the history Gordon, and the future read of Stanton’s book.

    • John, I looked at your photo, opened it up and it is now in the article in lead. It not only shows a Trump float blocking the entrance but states clearly that this was the intent all along, to block all entrances to Sparrow Hospital. Moreover local news reports were clear as well…staff parking was blocked…there was no shift change at Sparrow because of the blockade of the hospital.

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