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Proposal for Solution

From ancient Samaria in 733 B.C. to San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala in 2014
A.D., White populations have expelled Jews 477 times. Over 2,753 years, this
averages once every 5.8 years. The number includes multiple times from many
of the same areas. These facts plus historic details come from research by a
grandson of German immigrants to Argentina after WW2.

1 Contrary to speculation, White people who expel their racial enemy, the great
destroyers of Western Civilization, are not motivated by the alleged death of
Christ in 30 or 33 A.D. Expulsion is a defense against the nature of Jews.
Jews learn from history – White people do not. After hundreds of years of
recorded expulsions, Jews gave the White race a new religion. Instead of living
by the laws of nature with reverence for nature’s creative force represented in
mythology by masculine traits – living lives of honor, bravery, boldness, physical
and mental strength of character, revenge for evil, determined to protect family
and race, Jews created Judeo-Christianity.

The new religion altered myths borrowed from Buddhism and Egypt’s sun god
Osiris. It perverts feminine traits like compassion, empathy, altruism. “Blessed
are the meek” Matt. 5:5; “Resist not evil but whosoever smite thee on the right
cheek, turn to him the other also” Matt. 5:39; “Love your enemies, do good to
them which hate you” Luke 6:27. Judeo-Christianity is dedicated to the concept
of racial leveling, the oneness of mankind – therefore, White Genocide.2, 3
The Jew-perversion was spread by uncounted acts of mass murder, torture,
bribery and deceit. In about 325 CE, Jewry hired Constantine and a degenerate
Roman Empire to slaughter everyone in Europe who would not accept a new
religion with Jews as God’s Chosen People.4 In 787 CE, First Holy Roman
Emperor Charlemagne called 4,500 Saxon Leaders from Central Europe to a
treaty conference. Charlemagne then surrounded the unarmed leaders with a
Christian army and beheaded them in front of an audience of Church dignitaries.5
Judeo-Christianity replaced the early Christian church and plunged the primarily
White Pagan world into an insanity from which it has never recovered. In the 30
Years War alone (1618-1648) one third of Western Europe slaughtered each
other (8 m died) over whether Jesus was Catholic or Protestant. In the final
analysis, institutions must be judged by their effect. Prior to Judeo-Roman-
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Christianity the White race was secure in its existence and its territories. Today
after 1700 years of war and perversion in the name of Jesus we face probable
Jews use & benefit from White people’s lack of unity. On March 24, 1933, six
years before Germany began fighting, world Jewry declared war & boycotted
Germany. Hitler had stopped financing from Wall Street and Jewish bankers.7
German Jews then dispersed to London, Paris, NYC, DC, Hollywood to pressure
White nations to destroy Germany. Allies, acting on Jew lies, firebombed civilian
populations and historic structures in Dresden & other cities without military
targets. What lesson should White people learn from the 20th Century? Merely
opposing Jew interests let alone expulsion is fatal for Whites, not for Jews aided
by corrupt traitor politicians and gullible Zionist Christians. See Venezuela 2019.
Hitler’s humanitarian instincts and failure to learn from history did not serve his
cause or preserve his reputation. WW2 was fought and 70 million died to kick
the can down the road. It was Jew lies to gullible race-traitor Christians, not
alleged military strategy errors, that destroyed the Third Reich.

I. The Problem

Jews play the long game. For 3,000 years, Jews worked tirelessly with racial
unity to accelerate White Genocide. Now, the world is in Jews’ endgame. Jews
control creation of the world reserve currency, financial markets, IRS, media,
elections, law-makers, military-industrial complex, education, entertainment,
social media, the web, cyber security, are middle men in food, housing, drugs…
The result is White Genocide via Jew guile, deception, lies, political corruption,
abortion, government-sponsored 3rd world non-White invasion and race-mixing
in former White nations. We’re entering the final phase of Jewish total control as
they exploit each new crisis Jews create.8
White women, not protected or controlled by tolerant, effeminate White PC males
read and follow Jew’s glamorized race mixing ads.9 “Hate Speech” with criminal
penalties promoted by Jew-media, judges, prosecutors, Jew-controlled politicians
and their “laws” is destroying the vital right to Free Speech. Jews whine for law
enforcement to treat White Nationalists as major threats to national security.
Jew-media blocks White Nationalists who argue that Zionism, not White
Nationalism, caused WW1, WW2, murder of JFK & RFK, USS Liberty, 9/11 and
20 years of Middle East wars all for world Jewry.
Jews project their racial hatred for White people onto those who learn the nature
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of Jews. Jews’ 2020 buzzword “Hate” is a natural, healthy reaction for White
people who discover White Genocide via Jew guile, deception, lies and vicious
political manipulation.
Hate and Love are two-sides of a coin. Those not capable of hating what
destroys those they love are incapable of love. Love without capacity to Hate is
what one feels about favorite colors or candy. Hate of Jews is the appropriate
response to discovering everything Jews say or do is false, perverse, trickery,
manipulation and always destructive, always genocidal.
What an operation! Create hate all over the world for thousands of years then
make a crime out of expressing disgust for Jews. SPLC is financed by
hopelessly gullible, Jew mind-controlled, self-hating white people. Civilization is
destroyed by the perfect match of Jew guile & stubbornly stupid White gullibility.
Judeo-Christianity destroys White unity which enables Jew dominance. White
Christians traded their values and principles based on the laws of nature for
belief in magic, Jew materialism and a promised afterlife. A religion that requires
belief in magic produces gullibility or hypocrisy. Christianity produces both.
Christians who tolerate Jew evil are evil.
This is not a novel view of Christianity. But Christians ignore, dispute or reject
insights of some of White Nationalism’s best minds.
Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, advocate for National Socialism
said, “I began to wonder at the mounting evil I was discovering in the world and
the illogical explanations for it in my Christian religion.” “…atheism is as bad as
the rantings of the religious fanatic.” “it is madness to assert that some kind of an
unknown and unknowable force does not exist, a force so foreign to all our
concepts that we would be incapable of thinking in terms of “Him” or “It”. GLR
concluded his religious views with a god of nature: “I am convinced that there is
scientific evidence of forces which are beyond our comprehension at work.”10
David Eden Lane, 14 Words author said, “God’s laws and nature’s laws are one
and the same. …the highest law of nature is the preservation of one’s own kind.”
“No one but Jews can possibly benefit from a religion in which Jews are ‘God’s
Chosen People.'” “The real murderer of the White race is Christianity. It was
formed to unite the many races, nations and cultures of the cruel and degenerate
Roman Empire. …it’s aim was always genocide for our folk…”11
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Dr. William Luther Pierce III a physicist founded National Alliance & built National
Vanguard Books, created hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts on the urgent
need for racial separation. Pierce wrote & spoke eloquently on Whites’ racial
improvement thru science, not magic or faith, said, “We are truly the instruments
of God in the fulfillment of His Grand Design.”12
Each recognized the vital need for White survival to set ourselves free from the
Jew god. Each also recognized the need to embrace a true moral force.
Dresden followed Poland’s Katyn Forest, Ukraine’s Holodomor,13 Russia’s Civil
War,14 all Jew holocausts of Whites. The well-planned & systematically executed
starvation of Germans by Jewish-American occupation during 1945-48 (see
Hellstorm15) killed approximately 3,000,000 people.16
Selective killing was the method of WW2’s Jewish-American “war-crimes”
programme, the most extensive terror in the history of the world. Jewry driven
America attempted to isolate the elite and string up its members one by one.
American Colonials and their Jew leaders understood much better than Russians
how to go about exterminating superior individuals.17
Jews and their radical progressive do-gooder dupes know how easy it is to
falsely guilt-trip Whites. The holohoax is profitable Jew projection and distraction
(aka accusatory inversion). At a minimum, White people should be embarrassed
for believing the Jew hoax. The 21st century opened with 9/11 another Jew hoax
and wars creating worldwide White Genocide by invasion – The Silent Holocaust.
II. The Cause
Before White Nationalists can understand & agree to the Solution for White
Genocide, we must know the enemy. White Christians who do not know who
controls their beliefs and their tax-exempt churches should read the Talmud, JewRabbinical Law. Note that Rabbis’ Law is a sharp contrast to pabulum taught to
Whites (“goys”) in the Judeo-Christian Bible:
– “It is the Law to kill whoever denies the Torah and Christians belong to the
detractors of the Torah”. (Coschen hamischpat 425, Hagah 425, 5)
– “The best of the Gentiles must be killed”. (Tractates minor, Soferim 15, Rule 10)
– “A Gentile heretic can be killed immediately by your own hands”. (Abodah
Zara, 4 b) – “Killing goyim is the same as killing a wild animal”. (SanhedrÃn 59 a)
– Why are Zionist Christians kept ignorant of the nature of Jews? “To inform a
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goyim of something related to our religion would be the same as to kill all the
Jews, for if the goyms knew what we taught about them, they would kill us
openly”. (Book of David, 37).
– “It is lawful to kill someone who denounces a Jew, anywhere, it is lawful to kill
him even before he denounces him”. (Schulchan, Aruch Choszen Hamiszpat 388)
– “A Jew who kills a Christian does not commit sin, but offers an acceptable
sacrifice to God”. (Abhodah Zarah 26 b, Tosephoth)
– “The name of God is not profaned if a Jew deceives a Christian”. (Babha Kama
113 b – Note: in other longer versions the correct translation would be: “It is
permissible to deceive Christians, the Jew can lie and perjure to condemn a
Christian, the name of God is not desecrated when he lies {to} Christians”)
– “The Jew can perjure himself with a clear conscience”. (Kallah 1 b, p. 18)
– “When a Jew kills a Gentile, there will be no penalty for said death”. (Sanhedrin
57 a – Note: important Jews have been trained under these teachings who are
now judges, mayors, leaders & politico-administrative authorities of the world. ..
That’s why things are as they are).
– “Christian property belongs to the first Jew who claims it”. (Babha Bathra 54 b)
– “Exterminate Christians is something necessary”. (Zohar 11, 43 a)
These Laws (as The Talmud teaches in 63 Books and 524 Chapters) are just a
sample of the hatred and venom Jews live by.18
What’s missing from the Talmud hate-speech quotes is why Jews hate. For the
key to understanding Jew fanaticism I found “Understanding the Jews,
Understanding Anti-Semitism” by French researcher / author Hervé Ryssen.
Jewish propaganda always aims at the dissolution of all ancestral
values and identities, so as to eliminate the supposed “sources of
conflict between men”. Only then will their long-awaited Messiah
finally arrive and re-establish “the Kingdom of David”.19
Thus, with all their strength the Jews – basically, ALL the vocal
Jews in the world – encourage non-white immigration into every
country in which they are located, … because the disintegration
of national identity in each nation, and the massive presence of
anti-white immigrants is designed to prevent the original white
population from succeeding in any nationalistic outbursts against
the Jewish sway over finance, politics and the media.
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(All work to) achieve the same goal: the rule by racially pure
Jews over a racially mixed society.20
Time is not on the side of the White race. The task required for racial survival is
for those with a clear knowledge of history, who understand today’s reality, the
laws of nature and the parasitic nature & goal of White people’s ancient racial
The problem of White Genocide has two causes: Jews and Christianity. White
people cannot effectively address the Jew problem until Christianity’s destructive
force is dealt with. Christianity is far worse than a mere refuge for hypocrites and
useful idiots for Jews. Christianity is an active, independent and aggressive force
for White Genocide. Look no further than Christian aid and advocacy for nonWhite invasions.
III. The Solution
Every problem has a Cause. Every problem has a Solution.
Eliminating the problem’s Cause is the Solution.
Many Christians falsely claim America’s founders were Christians and profess to
be patriots of the Jew democracy on the Potomac. If they can be induced to read
the first paragraph of the Decl. of Independence21 deluded Christians may
convert to Pantheism as America’s Founders apparently were and become useful
in a White nation. Their help, not opposition, is needed now.
When Jew’s failing US empire collapses from corruption, democratic chaos and
racial strife as Jews have long planned, one possibility is a Balkanized U.S. If so,
unrepentant Christians must be persuaded to relocate to the Bible Belt (my
apology to non-Christian Southerners).
The primary Cause of White Genocide will prevail unless Eliminated.
Solution – What Can You Do?
Rupert Sheldrake said: “nature is habitual. So things continue to exist by virtue
of resonance with their past history.” White people must overcome the burden of
deceptive Jew indoctrination and nearly two thousand years of Christianity.
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Jew attacks on White people are ongoing. Every politician in office got there
because of Jew-support. Southern Baptist, retired peanut farmer and one-term
president Jimmy Carter (’77-’81) laid the foundation for Hate Speech laws when
he gave the world PC, a knife in the back to White manhood. PC further
emasculated the crypto-Jew Libertarian Party’s ‘non-violence’ pledge. Violence
is the only thing that ever solved anything. Government is simply monopoly on
the use of force. Revolutions transfer the monopoly.
1. Stop government indoctrination of White children – home schooling is best.
2. Teach children the truth of race & their racial enemy’s efforts to destroy them.
3. Have children read (or read to them) “Who We Are” by William Pierce.22 The
paperback version has photos/graphics not available in web versions.
4. Tell those called for jury duty about the power to nullify bad laws used to
persecute White people.23 Citizen’s trial jury & grand jury votes are far more
important than political votes for candidates competing for AIPAC money.
5. Recognize full-franchise democracy is Jews’ primary tool to control countries.
Jews finance campaigns for Jew-supporting politicians & promote them in Jew
media. R & D are controlled opposition to entertain & distract gullible masses.
6. Don’t pay property taxes until your state’s delinquent tax sale date. Jew non-
profits (thousands) & Christian churches are exempt so advocate for more
taxes & destructive welfare benefits for workless armies invading urban areas.
The taxes fund indoctrination of children, school busing, medical & welfare aid
to invaders, progressive union bureaucrats in county ‘jobs’. Wait out your
state’s various periods before tax sales. If enough White people do so,
government schools & other segments of Jews’ war on White people will close.
An alternative: If County Property Tax offices refuse to take Fed. Notes (Legal
Tender) to force use of plastic money with fees/interest, document the refusal.
At the end of the delinquent tax sale period make a 2nd demand to pay in legal
tender, interest & penalty free. There is greater safety & effectiveness in
numbers if enough people do this.
7. Shun Jews, Christians, fools, perverts, government offices, agents/employees.
8. Avoid state-licensed pharmaceutical reps (aka MDs or allopaths). “The number
of deaths each year from prescriptions & mandatory vaccinations is huge.
106,000 deaths every year from pharmaceutical drugs.”
“Between 76,000 and 137,000 deaths from pharmaceutical drugs every year in
hospitalized patients. …Every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience
serious adverse reactions to the drugs.”24 Vaccinations pushed by govern-
ments bent on White Genocide are not a good idea.
9. Cancel PayPal, find alternatives to Amazon, stop using Google, Gmail & FB.
10. Prepare for, and pray for, revolution.
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For more information see, 101 Books Every White Man Must Read,
Conservatives want to protect their wealth – but during the last 200 years
Conservatives have failed to conserve the value of the dollar, or conserve White
jobs, economic status, education, race, culture, religion or civilization.
White Nationalists want to protect their race – the key to each of the above.
Racial survival requires fewer of the 1st, more of the 2nd.
The ball is in your court.
“Some deceiver once said, “It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play
the game.” In this case it is “win” or “die,” and there are no rules.” Lane p80
These remarks are not Anti-Semitic. The author is quite sympathetic to
Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese & Iraqis. The sole intent is to
draw a rational conclusion from vast amounts of history and facts. It is
Ashkenazi Jews, the great deceivers & destroyers of the White race that
are a plague on the world – cause of wars, inflation, perversion, non-White
invasions. Ashkenazis, the world’s great misfortune, who are not Semites,
are the true “Source of Conflict Between Men” and must be eliminated.
~ Klaus Hoekstra
Sources / References:
2 David Lane,
DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant/DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant.pdf p. 31-32, 117-8
3 GENOCIDE: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to
bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” (1948 UN Convention on
the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, clause [c], Article 2),
May 5, 2004 Webster’s adds: “systematic destruction of a racial group”


“The word ‘Genocide’ does NOT necessarily mean the immediate destruction
of a nation or a group of people. — It is also intended to signify a coordinated plan
of numerous actions which aim at the destruction of the essential foundations,
which form the life of a national group, all with the aim of annihilating the group
itself. — The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political
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and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the
economic existence of a national group, and then the eventual destruction of the
personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the people
belonging to a nation..!!”
“Most obvious is the push for miscegenation of White people, promoted in
thousands of ad photos and videos. White women more than White men are
targets for the promotion and are commonly linked with sexual implications with
Black men. White women are ignorant of racial genetics and cultural differences
mostly because Union teachers in government indoctrination centers forbid such
knowledge. Parents & society are PC & tolerant. But also look around at the
number of White men with Asian women.”
<> There is a race being turned into a minority in their own countries and when
they complain, they get called RACISTS!
White Genocide is multifaceted: wars, perversion, race-mixing, oppressive
laws passed and enforced by America’s traitor politicians. White Genocide is
being achieved with guile and deception. Recognize that democracy brought us
to the brink of destruction simply because Jews control the entire political class
that are as much the enemies of White people as are Jews.
White nations cannot be rebuilt with Mulattos & Mestizos nor with Asian
half-breeds.3a White nations cannot be built with childless man-hating feminists,
lesbians and homosexuals. Free Speech is vital to discuss what’s vital even
when it should be intuitively obvious. Ancient Chinese saying: “The beginning of
wisdom is to call things by their right name.”
4 Lane, id. p.62, 85-86
5 Lane, id, p.63, 200, 344
6 Lane, id, p.62-63, 264
8 Zoom in,
10 Rockwell p.24-25
11 Lane, id, pgs. 53, 63, 355-6
12 Wm Pierce,
14 Russ. Civil War 6.7m
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16 bk. p.87-88
17 ibid. bk. p.88
19 p.10, Ryssen, Understanding
22 or


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  1. I missed out ‘Babylonian scribe EZRA. The people had never heard of these legends and cried out to Ezra at the temple. “Tell us more ,we have never heard such things.

  2. The most important statement in this article is “Instead of living by laws of Nature with reverence for Natures creative force.” What spiritual concepts did Europe and Asia hold before occult religions took over. Russia is not even aware of its own past before forced [orthodox] christianity on Viking Rus 1000 years ago. In 500 bc the Babylonian scribe created the Jewish religion. As the author states, in 325ad at the council of nicea, the gnostic christian jesus became the son of the jewish god of human ,animal, and child blood sacrifices jehovah,yahweh, molech,lucifer. [In genesis God is translated from Elohim which means Creative spirits]. This was a reworking of the Roman two faced God Janus. Bloodsucking Jehovah facing one way and his gentle son jesus facing the other way. This why Americans make apple pie then go off to murder people in other countries for their judeo christian schizoid god. Americas water systems are fracked poisoned bur russia does not frack to get its gas or oil. Russia while orthodox, has deep pagan roots which are resurfacing in eco- village govt backed programmes. Russia is also pro-family while the west is lgbttt[transexual,trasnsgender, transhuman sex with animals aliens and robots. Russia is subconsiously restoring natural order and that is why the jew west has to take it down.

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  4. Very repetitous, very repetitious. I especially like that you understand that the Church’s first act was to eradicate the White man’s culture. I have one little correction:
    Hating Jews is racism, a sub-intellectual gift of Zion. The Protocol of Zion clearly states : “…we will PRETEND to be Jews, until the day the world has had enough of the Jew, and they will destroy each other, and then we can come into our own…” or somesuch. I paraphrase, of course

    • When did “Jew” become a racial classification?

      I am in accord with Atzmon’s statement (paraphrased here) that the only thing all Jews have in common is Jewish tribal identity.

    • I believe that rabbis have spent centuries if not longer arguing about whether ‘Jew’ is an ethnic, racial or religious denominator or is it all three?

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    Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset quoted in “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982 by Amnon Kapeliouk.

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    I do believe the above has addressed many of my concerns quite nicely.
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