Must Watch: ‘Heroes of the Pandemic,’ The Pundits Who Murdered 40,000 Americans


and worst of all, Dr. Phil, who is not a medical doctor…

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  1. Am I missing something here? My state and city have no “lockdown” only a RECCOMMENDATION that I stay indoors unless I have some reason to go out, such as to go to the grocery or drug store. There it is, again, recommended I wear a face mask so I don’t spread any germs I may have. I haven’t heard of any state or municipal authority that has a policy to detain, or even fine, people who chose to ignore these guidelines. I still go for a nice long walk every day, get some exercise and fresh air, say hello to my neighbors who are doing the same thing or walking their dogs. I choose to stay off the buses and subway because in even normal times they’re full of rude idiots who sneeze and cough uncovered – why take a chance? To prove how “free” I am?

    Ever hear of Cicero’s old legal motto, Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto, let the health of the people be the highest law?

  2. Martin, have you no morals, sense of right and wrong nor shame? You are actively aiding and abetting the culprits who attacked the world with this bioweapon by claiming there is no pandemic. I sincerely hope that every single ‘cv19 is a hoax’ moron gets infected and severely ill, then you might develop the beginnings of a functioning brain and some semblance of moral fibre.

  3. There’s an important differentiation here: most people believe this is a naturally occurring virus that was accidentally released. You want to see a mass acknowledgement and commensurate attitude change? Have government leadership and media state unequivocally that this is indeed a man made bioweapon.

    • Oh if only, I have wondered why the Chinese, Russians & Iranians haven’t made more of a fuss and disclosed the truth.

  4. The moment you use CIA stooge Fulford as a source, you’re on thin ice. If you wish to attempt to claim there is no pandemic, I invite you to take a long walk off a short pier with your head on your chest in abject shame. People are dying, people I knew personally, that trumps any airy-fairy found on the internet disinfo crap you could ever have the chutzpah to spout. Shame on you, you are the one that needs to ‘get real’, maybe it will take you yourself getting ill with CV19 or losing an elder loved one to wake the screw up to what a gullible moron you are being.

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