Sinking Hopelessness at Trump’s Failures, Duff on Press TV

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  1. ” I beg to diff’r, Suh !”
    Doc Holliday character ” Play For Blood Scene” Tombstone movie.
    I argue that Donald ” Israel First” Trump has been a HUGE success !
    He has given Israel everything they ever dreamed of and MUCH more !

    Sheldon ” Destroy Iran” Adelson is delighted with his 100 Million Dollar “Investment” !
    Benjamin ” Once we squeeze all we can out of the United State” Netanyahu has declared Donny the Draft Dodger to be ” The greatest thing that ever happened to Israel”!
    It’s true, Donald ” Commander in Cheat” Trump has miserably FAILED 99 percent of his American Constituents, but look what he has done for Billionaire Dual US-Israeli Citizens!
    Donald “I pledge undying love and loyalty to Israel” Trump’s recent appearance at AIPAC , where he bowed to Sheldon Adelson, and “kissed his ring”
    and asked Sheldon Adelson ” How am I doing?”
    Donald “Israel First ” has been a HUGE success to Israel and his best friend Benjamin Netanyahu:
    Executive Orders:
    BDS meetings are illegal
    Criticism of Israel is illegal
    Blaming 911 on Israel is illegal
    Criticism of the Jared Kushner’s “Peace Plan” is illegal
    Saying Bibi is a war criminal is illegal
    Criticism of Hasbara/IDF is illegal
    Questions concerning ” The Annexation of the
    “Trump ” Heights and the Greater Israeli Project” are illegal
    The American Embassy placed on occupied land.
    etc etc etc
    This is why I think Donald “Israel First” Trump as been HUGELY successful (for Israel).

  2. With fractional reserve lending, more debt is created than real wealth, so of course it can never be paid off.

    But we will not be debt slaves – either most of us will be dead or living in a new and better system. Really are no other possible outcomes (unless highly advanced/powerful aliens/gods/demons//whatever step in in a deus ex machina scenario to keep people alive in a farm/labor camp scenario).

  3. Sorry, but between the idiot Trump supporters, the America is the Greatest Nation of All Time™ “sports fans”, and the Politically Correct™ fake liberals who smear anyone who criticizes the neo-con Zionists running (ruining) the country as racist Antisemites™ and anyone who does not believe the mainstream media as Conspiracy Theorists™, the USA is getting exactly what it deserves right now.

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