Did US torpedo the entire global economy to stop China’s rise?


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By Kevin Barrett

This is very interesting news that Israel is now saying that US intelligence warned them in November about a potentially catastrophic pandemic in Wuhan, China, and apparently other US allies were also warned in November.

This confirms what ABC News reported earlier this week and, of course, the Trump administration denied it. You’re not supposed to believe anything until it’s been denied maybe twice or three times. So we’ll have to wait for a couple more denials before we can be sure that this is true.

But assuming it is—and we’ve got these different sources now telling us that this is true—this is quite mind-blowing, because China did not become aware of this problem until December 31st. So if US intelligence knew that there was a potentially catastrophic pandemic developing in Wuhan, China, in November, it means US intelligence knows what’s happening in Wuhan, China, better than the Chinese do. And the only reason that that would be the case would be if the US had planted the virus there.

US notified Israel about coronavirus in mid-November: Israeli TV

US notified Israel about coronavirus in mid-November: Israeli TV

US intelligence agencies gave Israel an advance warning of an emerging coronavirus outbreak in mid-November, according to a report.

Now that sounds like an outrageous hypothesis, but it’s really not if we understand how geopolitics operates, how covert operations take place. And if we understand the complete lack of normal morality and ethics among people who are in charge of foreign policies we understand why it is far more probable than not that US intelligence was indeed behind this, although given that the Israelis are pointing their fingers at the Americans, maybe the Israelis were involved too and want to offload some of the blame—who knows. Certainly the attack on Iran would implicate the Israelis.

In any case, the US desperately needs to stop the rise of China to number one world power status. To do that it has to slow down Chinese economic growth considerably, which has been in double-digits for almost 40 years.

The only way to do that would be to torpedo the entire global economy and find a way to try to break the global supply chains so that the economy would become less globalized and individual countries would be looking elsewhere rather than to China for their goods, to get infrastructure through such projects as Belt and Road and so on.

If history continues on the trajectory that it was on before the coronavirus, the Chinese are going to rule the world within a decade or two. There’s no question about that. And that is absolutely unacceptable to the American decision-makers. They had to find some way to bust up the globalized economy and in particular to try to strike at China. This appears to be what they’ve done.

Now, they’re saying that they’re going to steal China’s investments in US treasuries to the tune of trillions and trillions of dollars as supposed compensation for the virus.

So the US propaganda push among the extreme anti-China crowd here in the United States is to blame China. The push is to use this as an excuse to destroy China’s economic leverage by stealing Chinese investments in US treasuries and to attempt to de-globalize the world.

All of this points straight at the usual suspects. The same people who did 9/11 in order to launch their war on Islamic civilization as the beginning of the clash of civilizations, now realize that the civilization that is the most threatening to their continued hegemony in the world is Chinese civilization.

This is the first strike of World War III as the US is preemptively striking China not so much with the virus itself but with the massive publicity and the historical effect that will happen due to this virus, as they can smear China, as they can try to convince other countries to stop trading so much with China, and as they attempt to de-globalize the world economy so that they can freeze the world the way it is, where the US still has the vast preponderance of military power.


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  1. You’re right, the US bioattack on China, as Whitney Webb suggests, would have not only been designed to kill the globalized economy, but also to push the US to adopt dystopian “Chinese” hi-tech social control techniques, which the US psychopath leaders think will be necessary to overcome the Chinese challenge.

  2. Interesting point about the US threatening to hold onto the Chinese share of US treasury bonds. If ever the Chinese were to sell the entire amount of US treasury bonds back to the US it would cause the US currency to collapse. So maybe the US repossessing the bonds is a way to prevent this. It knew China had it by the balls in regards to this. It would have been another nail in the coffin for the US, and China has been selling back it US treasury bonds over the last few years as has Russia. The covid-19 scam has always been abut economic damage to China. Even Trump has been saying that he wants manufacturing industry to return to the US.What a good way to do it by releasing a virus and blaming the Chinese. Somehow I don’t think it will have the effect or end result the puppet masters had in mind and it may yet blow-back on them. One can only hope so.

  3. The Red Scare and Yellow Peril department never sleeps across the Atlantic. US are losing markets no doubt. This is very destructive for EU as well, hardly it can survive this crisis, especially when Covid outbreak was in sync with Brexit (as if it was planned). Silk road investments, Russian-Chinese cooperation are all at stake here. But US are really digging their graves with false flags like this. How can US maintain alliances if they continues on such path, that is to see, as most nations stupidity is eternal. The Sinophobia is already staggering by so many western pundits and “analysts”.

  4. The sad part about the western world is that the birth rate is very low and the population is very old {if compared to the rest of the world). Considering that people on retirement contribute “less” to the economy according to some economists, results in a big chunk of western governments revenues go to retirees on social security and medic-aid. We saw that governments are struggling to pay out benefits and are trying to put a cap on payouts we saw the “Gillets Jaunes” movement in France for example. The COV-19 is a great way for some of these governments to kill off a good chunk of that segment of the population. The US government’s social security program is going to be completely bankrupt by 2024 if nothing is done. Destroying the economies of certain countries competing with or opposed to US Hegemony at the same time makes the strategy a win win for those taking those immoral decisions to release the virus while at the same time blaming China for their immoral deeds.

  5. The same people that made China an industrial power while de-industrializing the “west” now regret doing so?

    While a less globalized world would be a good thing, this is not the way to go about it (closing down all foreign US military presence beyond liaison and getting rid of the central banks is what is needed). Oh, and removing the occupation of Palestine would also do much to improve the global situation.

  6. COV-19 was introduced to Wuhan during the military games and to Iran and Iraq via the funeral of assassinated General Soleimani (coffin was poisoned with COV-19 virusbefore shipping to Iran) and General which were held with millions of mourners who spread it to their towns and provinces on their return. The assassination was viewed as a stupid move but the reason behind it was the spreading of the COV-19 to achieve what the sanctions, pressure and threats couldn’t achieve. This is why we saw the number of high level of Iranian officials who contracted the COV-19 as they were at the funeral….

  7. “China did not become aware if this problem until December 31st.” You might want to try and raise your game a little bit Mr. Barrett.

  8. Where were all these hypocritical “patriots” when China was receiving most favored nation status and entry into the WTO, signing trade agreements, closing down American manufacturing for the slave wages of China? What’s changed? Brzezinski’s Eurasian trade zone has come to fruition, along with gold-backed yuan and rubles ready to knock king dollar off its exalted perch.

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