Coronavirus War = Techno-Tyranny!


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

As I wrote in a forthcoming article for Crescent International:

Though the pandemic has devastated the US economy overall, some have profited. As small local retailers have been forcibly shuttered, the biggest conglomerates have scooped up their market share. CNBC reports that “Analysts see stocks like Amazon and Walmart continuing to benefit from the coronavirus pandemic.” Additionally, the medical-surveillance-industrial-complex is booming.

RT reported April 10: “Apple and Google debut Bluetooth-based contact-tracing platform to combat Covid-19…and end privacy?” The new smartphone app will trace all Americans’ movements and hand the data to the government, ostensibly so that people can be notified if they cross the path of someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

The plan for total government surveillance of the American people, using the pandemic as a convenient excuse, is exactly what the National Security State has been demanding. The FOIA-released document “Chinese Tech Landscape Overview,” produced by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), essentially argues that the only way the US can contain the rise of China is to institute an even more draconian surveillance state than the one the Chinese are building.

The document states that in order to “maintain a technological advantage in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other associated technologies related to national security and defense” the US will need to institute mass surveillance on a herculean scale and feed all the data to AI-driven supercomputers.

“Having streets carpeted with cameras is good infrastructure,” the document tells us. It also calls for the elimination of cash, so that all buying and selling can be watched in real time by corporate-government fused AI systems. (Conveniently, the pandemic has cast cash as “dirty.”) Private automobiles, the document says, must also be eliminated.

In short, the coronavirus pandemic has provided a perfect excuse, under the cover of a “national emergency,” to shunt aside privacy concerns and enter an Orwellian total surveillance nightmare.

As all of the above observations suggest, the tiny, parasitic billionaire oligarchy that rules America is getting exactly what it wants thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Is that a coincidence?

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  1. Now you see why so many in Britain bitterly oppose Trump’s mooted trade deal as it would force us to accept all the toxic US ‘food’ crap that is banned here, from chlorinated chicken to high fructose corn syrup, and steroid fed beef. Every time me or my sister has been to the US, the ‘food’ has made us ill, most likely allergic reactions to all the additives we have never had in our bodies before because they are totally banned everywhere in Europe.

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