Breaking: Russian GRU Col. Vladimir Kvachkov Exposes Coronavirus NWO Agenda


“The first attempt to remove our rights was on September 11, 2001.”

Is Col. Kvachkov right that the coronavirus crisis was orchestrated by the same behind-the-scenes powers who did 9/11?

If it’s really about depopulation, it may have backfired.

I think he’s right about the economic analysis, but wrong about the claim that there is no pandemic and only a few hundred are dying each day. (This video was presumably recorded a while ago.)


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  1. Thanks Andy for your clarifications. I can’t help but to realize the horrific parallels that are taking place here in US, seems to be the same method wash, rinse & repeat to me that RKM has been surreptitiously using with an adage of wring dry the economy, the assets, the whole nine yard this time!

  2. This guy looks and sounds like the real deal. In fact you could almost take him for an American, except that America has changed so much, that an American like this would be coming from outer space or maybe some forgotten corner like Marfa TX.

  3. Thank you Dr. Barrett. I have a question. It concerns Kvachkov stating that this is not a pandemic. Is it possible that this bio weapon has been released in various locations and countries systematically so as to appear to be spreading only through person to person contact, surface and airborne contact? The reason I ask is that suddenly meat packing plants hundreds of miles separate start having massive blooms at relatively the same time. Only the packing plants. Is this weapon being released daily?

  4. Trump is the perfect fool in this staged production, to be titled, The pandemic of 2020. It will be easy to blame the bungler and his staff of fools for the mishandling of ‘the pandemic’, diverting attention from the planned destruction of the world as we know it. Col. Kvachkov is right about ridding ourselves of these behind the scenes parasites, who are ultimately COWARDS. One could say that parasites who attack their hosts are suicidal, but we don’t want to wait for that to happen. About the number of deaths. They dare not try to destroy us all at once (the MSM is now constantly talking about the next round of COVID 19 to begin in the fall or winter), but in stages lest we in vast numbers unite against them, which I hope happens.

  5. I found this interview very refreshing, even amusing. The colonel gives an analysis that is so simple yet profound, and one that would be greeted by howls of outrage in the West. You see, we are never allowed here to look at the Big Picture nor ever connect any dots. We are sort of born to be eternal victims of one crisis after another interpreted by front men/fall guy “leaders” like our Con man-in-Chief o demand of us daily if we’re going to believe him or those lying eyes and ears of ours? The circus goes on.

  6. Bravo GRU Col. Kvachkov! Thank you Kevin! Yes to the question, he knows the Zionist vultures love to feed off of wealth, Fear, Blood, Pain, influence, subversion, and death for gain. Another video from the Colonel on the topics of 9/11 nukes, Sampson option, Mossad operations, Jewish ritual sacrifice by the numbers, would be right on target as well, I imagine.

    BDS 2020

  7. All in all a very intriguing interview specially coming from an RF military authority which reveals ever so blatantly the zionist elements’ attempt to push the nefarious agendas of NWO to the world. The only question I have for Dr. Barrett is what’s the good ol’ general mean by saying at the very end, “Until we’re able to get rid of our internal parasites who rule over us, we won’t be able to tackle other parasites.” Is that a reference to domestic RF i.e. the remnants of Bolshevik parasites or a plural form as in the parasites faced by human race?

    • He wants to say that it is impossible to become strong as a unified country, when the 5th column (and we call them neo-liberals. Though, it may be not the right description) has still its roots deep, since Yeltsin times. You can’t direct all your efforts to fight external enemies, while you have people behind your back who can shoot you. The traitors. Probably, he was talking about such names like Nemtsov (shot dead at the bridge), Chubais, Khodorkovski, Navalny, the daughter of Sobchak and many many others.

    • If you read Kvachkov’s bio, you may see: he was arrested, blamed for so-called attempt to kill Chubais (Chubais feels well nowadays, since 1990s. Was seen at Bilderberg club meetings). We know about Kvachkov, but not so deep. Maybe i need to look deeper into his activity.

    • Jim,
      In fact, the network has a lot of information about Colonel Kvachkov. Yes, you can call him a patriot, but with an extremist bias. It is now he calmed down and realized that the old methods will not work. He was preparing a coup of power. Yes, he openly accused the oligarchs of robbing the country, saying that the Jews occupied the power and wealth of the country. But his methods were too radical. In fact, it was a guerrilla war within the country. A smart analyst (they didn’t take fools at the GRU), but he himself gave the authorities a reason to imprison themselves. You can treat him differently. Now nothing is heard of him. He writes books as far as I know.
      I think that Chubais would not have been saved by an armored Mercedes if Kvachkov really wanted to kill him.

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