Intel Drop: How do you know you found a paid liar, listen for their tales of “seasonal flu”

    Credit: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

    By the Senior Editor

    In case you forgot, let me mention a name:

    Jeffrey Epstein  (try to remember why he is dead and what former CIA fixer, now Trump’s attorney general, put him where we all know he would be murdered to silence him?

    Do the math.  One third die, two thirds get better.  Where do these other numbers come from?

    Note: All of us, and I am sure about the “all” are showing wear and tear from what I will be declaring a false flag terror attack on the US known as ‘the pandemic.’

    Of my own failures, I had been exchanging emails with a troll…something I do out of boredom, without reading them carefully.  I copy Ian on things as he gets bored as well, stuck in the house in Millum, being forced to watch sea gulls all day in the Irish Sea.

    Getting to the point, what I failed to notice was the use of language that reflected, not just a non-English speaker or weak secondary language English speaker but the undertones of Yiddish/Hebrew as well along with the extremely poor manners.

    Point to Ian for seeing what I taught him but was too lazy myself to pick up.  

    VT: CV19 can’t be referred to as a pandemic.  It isn’t like “the flu” because “the flu” as we are now hearing of it, mind you none of us had it or existed on the same planet the imaginary flu did, isn’t real.  It is a disinformation meme to cover for a series of biological terror attacks on the US and other nations.

    All Americans are allowed to know and see is the lockdown and the disinformation that floods their internet.  We are being beaten down to accept utter crap only Trump voters would normally accept.

    If you don’t think this is a plan, perhaps “the plan,” you aren’t paying attention.

    If you think the lockdowns are a joke, you may well be right, at least now.  Trump sabotaged them, they can’t work, not with so many infected and, as we are beginning to grasp, an engineered virus that lives in the air and on surfaces ten times longer than we are being told. (surmised, not proven, in fact it will never be proven, which in today’s world means “probably true”)

    VT is closely monitored by Israeli Hasbara trolls, many of them fat Haifa housewives who get paid per comment they manage to get published. Within 2 minutes of this article being published, this comment appeared. Just one of hundreds of comments and emails we are currently being deluged with every week that are laughably blatant as they are all obviously written from the same script/talking points. As you can see, they are trying very hard to spread the notion that CV19 is really the flu and trying to persuade people to disobey the lockdown. If this happens, it will be a disaster and will multiply the death toll manyfold. So remember, ANYONE who tells you it’s just the flu is either an Israeli stooge or a hopeless moron who has been duped by them, the former outweigh the latter usually, so never trust anyone who dares to say CV19 is the flu or encourages you to break quarantine.

    If we admit the lockdown failed, let us not be fooled by those underrating COVID 19.  The nurses, first responders, doctors and the unspoken hundreds of thousands doing the “scut work” are not lying.  This isn’t a war it is worse.  I am a Vietnam War combat vet and the kids working in the hospitals today are seeing far more combat stress than any Marine saw in Vietnam, and let us add, that means a hundred times more than anyone saw in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The lockdown would have worked in February with a sane White House.

    Did Trump screw up?  Yes. Is he responsible for the well over 50,000 dead?  NO.  Only for most of them.  It it obvious that the White House was involved from day one, the attack on China and Iran, seeing Italy and Spain and then bringing it home.

    Was it Pompeo and Esper alone or was Trump read in?

    CV19 cannot exist naturally and there is no evidence to the contrary.  There would have been a long list of interim natural steps to get where we are now.  They never happened.

    Imagine Henry Ford, going straight from the Model T to the…excuse the fail here but I can’t think of a Ford product I might like.

    Google, Facebook and an army of fakes is trying to sell the “seasonal flu” as the Black Death.  It is going on now, you may have it and think you have a mild case of COVID 19.  Hell, you might well have both.

    One phrase has busted them.

    “No worse than the seasonal flu”

    Thus far we know for certain that this is no remote possibility COVID 19 developed naturally.  We also know that an army of lab assistants and grad students have been tasked by “them” to discuss how it could have happened, in the world of flying pigs.

    Another army has been mobilized, all sent the same talking points, all of which include:

    “No worse than the seasonal flu.”

    This started us looking and, lo and behold, we did find a fake pandemic after all.  It turned out that the “seasonal flu” was, in fact, not only the “same” as the seasonal flu but, in reality, about 1% as fatal as claimed by the Trump CDC.

    That’s why there was no pandemic seasonal flu with 80,000 dead like the CDC NOW claims because it never happened.  Hey, expect the CDC numbers of influenza deaths to go through the roof as we pass the magic 58,000 number, making COVID 19 the biggest killer of Americans since World War II. (the magic VIETNAM number)

    Ask your doctor, or any healthcare professional in your family if they remember a seasonal flu last year.  No tents, no makeshift hospitals, no shortage of PPE, not because we were all busy watching TV but rather because it just didn’t happen.

    You can remember a few months can’t you?  Don’t we have a seasonal flu now?  It doesn’t kill anyone this year either.  The whole thing is fake.

    Working with those who are responsible for creating COVID 19, and we have irrefutable proof of this, is, according to high level sources, a group within the Pentagon closely aligned with a disgraced mercenary/contractor group from the “W” Bush era.

    They say:

    • lots of different strains of CV19
    • some strains with modifications for race and ethnicity
    • certain countries, regions of the US targeted
    • think “anthrax” and “DC sniper”
    • think “the biggest insider trading/short selling/pump and dump in history”
    • $2.7 trillion stolen from US taxpayers, $20 trillion stolen from the economy
    • think economic ‘re-scaling,’ power through piracy
    • CV19 is “the new world order,” you just don’t know it yet

    To understand COVID 19 and the real fake pandemic, not COVID but rather the fake “seasonal flu,” we will first study one of many lessons in disinformation.  Randomly, we choose MH17.

    Back in 2015, VT began investigating the shoot down of MH 17 by two Ukrainian pilots.  We had previously been working with the Malaysian government on the disappearance of MH370, a deal cut for our Swiss/UAE firm by Thomas Mattingly, since murdered.

    As soon as we began, Google Corporation cleansed the internet of all specifications on the SU 25 aircraft and replaced them with fake limitation placing the absolute ceiling of the aircraft at 22,000 feet.  From March 12, 2015, Russia Today:

    RT:Though the preliminary results of the investigation into the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine won’t be known until July new theories of what happened appear every day. One claim is that the Boeing was brought down by an SU-25 fighter jet. But its chief designer has now told German media that’s impossible, because it can’t fly high enough. What do you make of that?

    Gordon Duff: The claim that it was an SU-25 is unsupportable. Since 2010, NATO has begun using electronic countermeasure pods. They are designed by Raytheon and BAE Systems. When attached to an aircraft, an SU-27, an SU-29 maybe even an F-15, these allow the backscattering – that is when you use radar, and this is what was said the radar identified as two SU-25 aircraft. Well these pods that attach to any plane can make a plane look like an SU-25 when it’s not an SU-25 or a flock of birds or anything else. It’s a new version of poor man’s stealth…It’s called radar spoofing, so with radar spoofing anyone who says they have identified an aircraft by radar is trying to mislead people because that’s no longer a reliable way of dealing with things.

    If I could go on with the SU-25, the claimed service ceiling is based on the oxygen’s supply in the aircraft. Now there is a claim that this plane will only work to 22,000 feet. At the end of the WWII a German ME-262 would fly at 40,000 feet. A P-51 Mustang propeller plane flew at 44,000 feet. The SU-25 was developed as an analogue of the A-10 Thunderbolt, an American attack plane. The planes have almost identical performance except that the SU-25 is faster and more powerful. The A-10 Thunderbolt has a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. The US estimates the absolute ceiling, which is a different term, of the SU-25. And we don’t know whether the SU-25 was involved at all, we are only taking people’s word and people we don’t trust. But the absolute ceiling for the plane is 52,000 feet.

    READ MORE: Could SU-25 fighter jet down a Boeing? Former pilots speak out on MH17 claims

    RT:Do you agree with the statement that “many more factors indicate that the Boeing 777 was hit by a ground-to-air missile that was launched from a Buk missile system”? How much technical expertise would it take to fire a Buk launcher?

    GD: We’ve looked at this. I had an investigating team, examiners, which included aircraft investigation experts from the US including from the FAA, the FBI and from the Air Line Pilots Association. I also had one of our air traffic and air operational officers…with the Central Intelligence Agency look at this. And one of the things we settled is that in the middle of the day if this were a Buk missile the contrail would have been seen for 50 miles. The contrail itself would have been photographed by thousands of people; it would have been on Instagram, Twitter, all over YouTube. And no one saw it. You can’t fire a missile and on a flat area in a middle of the day leaving a smoke trail into the air and having everyone not see it. There is no reliable information supporting that it was a Buk missile fired by anyone. And then additionally we have a limited amount of information that NATO and the Dutch investigators have released, forensic information, and that is contradicted by other experts that have looked at things. We don’t have reliable information to deal with but the least possible thing, the one thing we can write off immediately – it wasn’t a ground-to-air missile because you simply can’t fire a missile in the middle of the day without thousands and thousands of people seeing it and filming it with camera phones.

    OK, let us be clear, there never was an interview.  This was taken from a live broadcast made on RT which included me but also a number of Russian SU 25 pilots who flew combat missions in Afghanistan using this plane at over 45,000 feet.

    The show was buried, its findings buried, nobody heard from any of us again and this was the last time I was on RT.  Surprise, Surprise.

    A few days ago, I read that the CDC, not controlled by a Trump political operative, claims that 80,000 Americans died of the “seasonal flu” last year and “up to 89 million were afflicted.”

    The flu season is about 6 weeks long.  There was no shortage of hospital beds, no quarantines, no shortages of masks and gloves, no lists of dead, no numbers given, in fact no discussions at all.  Why?

    Our investigations show that the real figure is between 2000 and 6000, not 80,000.  Moreover, using the 6000 figure means the CDC was pushing the numbers.

    Look at COVID numbers.  Based on what we are seeing, my little town (little until the summer people come) will have lost maybe a dozen dead.  If it weren’t for the feigned secrecy of the “pandemic,” we would know who died but we can’t for “security reasons.”

    You can’t kill ten people in a little town, this is more than died in World War II, without someone noticing.  The COVID dead are secret.  The influenza dead, which would have been a higher number, were NOT secret, they just never existed.

    Straining a point?  Perhaps.

    Think of Boston or Sandy Hook, be a “Fetzer” if you have to.  Where did 80,000 dead people go?  Why didn’t anyone see them?

    Is it the excuse that they are all old people?

    Is it the fake “morbidity” excuse?  Do you smoke?  Are you overweight?  Ever had cancer (which is about a zillion people in the US)?  Then you are “morbid” and if you die, it isn’t important because you are on a list which means you must have done something wrong.

    The average age here of COVID patients is 35.

    Other things to ask…

    How many times have you tried to find out why people die and got nothing but bullshit?

    The doctors and nurses that are dying are in their 30s and 40s.

    Is this only one disease?  Ah, now we may be getting somewhere.

    Why do so many die in New York and Detroit but no place else?

    Why do entire senior living facilities in the US and UK get virtually wiped out?

    Why are there no stats, no information, no names, nothing we can use to decide if this is terrorism?

    The answer is simple.

    …because it is



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    1. There is an actual influenza virus, but due to vaccinations it rarely kills anyone that isn’t old, already ill with something else or both. In the past, people used to drop like flies every winter from the flu due to inadequate housing, lack of heating, poor diet etc. However, as you say, flu deaths in more recent times are often actually deaths by other causes that were only exacerbated by the Flu, pneumonia and pleurisy primarily, but also things you would think were more benign like sepsis and bacterial infections. I truly hope that one of the eventual silver linings of this CV19 pandemic turns out to be the realisation by the US people that the great majority of them are only 1 hospital bill away from losing everything so they finally force the govt to create a universal healthcare system like just about every other developed nation. Even the worst Trumpists must be starting to understand why Obamacare was a good thing now this pandemic is raping the country, or at least one would hope so.

    2. The reason no one remembers the “seasonal flu” is that it is both mundane and consistent in its effects.

    3. All the deaths here are 70+. No under 30s have died. Did we get a different one? The front line medics dint wear proper PPE, masks or full haz suits as they did in China but NONE died. Are we down under in the same boat here? Where did our lil old virus come from? Italy, USA? Not China, story is we got it from Italy or US.
      Some ones playing games..not good.

      • I know its bad in many places, I know it was developed as a weapon not formed in some mysterious ‘bat soup’ in a Wuhan market. There must be differnt versions.

      • “There must be differnt versions.” – qfrealist

        Even if only one strain was released (unlikely based on preliminary evidence), there will be many strains by now unless a way has been found to halt mutation (highly unlikely).

    4. repeat: watch the entire video…you know the one….see the real science, how insanely deadly COVID is, a thousand times worse than flu…worse than most cancers

    5. “The nurses, first responders, doctors and the unspoken hundreds of thousands doing the “scut work” are not lying. This isn’t a war it is worse.” – GD

      But why COVID-19 is only a crisis in some places and not others is something that needs investigation. Why does an 85-bed VA hospital only have 5 COVID-19 patients (a figure I got from someone I have personally known since high school who works there)? Of course, in this case it could be as simple as the hospital administration deliberately turning away potential COVID-19 patients so as to have less real work to do.

      Have to disagree about COVID-19 being worse than war, at least if idiocy such as General Haig sending wave after wave of men loaded with full gear walking upright into German machine gun and artillery fields of fire (if all the wounded from the first day of the Somme offensive had been laid side by side along the battle front, there would have been less than a foot between each man for 18 miles).

      • “COVID is worse than cancer” – GD

        Not disagreeing (this is a case where a question is just that – a desire for more information), but there does seem to be “the fog of war*” present where no one has the full picture as of yet. A parallel would be 9/11/2001, where analysis by a clear head on 9/12/2001 would reveal that parts of the government story were lies, but would lack the (high certainty) answers we have now as to what really happened.

        So is COVID-19 really a worse disease in some places than others (e.g., different strains and/or environmental factors), is there a major difference in how potentially infected and sick persons are being treated by locale (i.e., admitted to hospitals for treatment or being sent home to die), or are we just receiving different ratios of truth/lie from different government bodies and NGOs?

        *War is appropriate for a bio-weapon deliberately released on certain populations.

    6. In America, yes, Gordon. Undoubtedly. And it’s a sorry state of affairs when the world’s richest nation has to seek vital medical equipment from China and other places after years of under-funding– or just outright robbery; but Sweden seems to be bucking this trend (in terms of sickness and death– while putting paid to the ‘5G causes it all’ freaks’ theories), and people are still pretty much free to congregate as they please.
      This is the part I find puzzling.

    7. in many states, 20 percent of health care workers are sick. we thought this was heavily reported until the Trump crackdown order went out

    8. @ Gordon Duff,
      wieder ein hochbrisanter Artikel VT ist nicht zu toppen. Der Mord MH-17 , hier werden wir in die Irre geführt mit voller Absicht. Versuchen Sie mal die Seite : target=
      auf zurufen. Ebola, WHO, Bill Gates, MH-17 Connections ( 07.11.2014 ) dort wird Ihnen gezeigt : A sinister
      plot worthy of Hollywood.

      @ Ian GreenheIgh,
      Gute Antwort – für Adeian2Mil. 18 Grüsse an VT Werner

    9. The dissonant and chaotic symphony of today’s published and broadcast media crashes into the conscious mind as though listening to Wagner in a hall with deplorable acoustics; the intent of the producers.

    10. I googled deaths from seasonal flu in USA and see it does say 41,000 2012 and 80,000 2019
      Deaths of children for it only 150 or so. .
      I agree if flu season only 6 weeks where was the panic for that last winter?
      Where are the numbers to see of 2000 to 6000 deaths?

    11. Another great article Gordon. I too agree with you in regards to the inflated ‘seasonal flu’ numbers. If the numbers were that high then how come we have never had a lockdown and overflowing hospitals. It is to put fear into people to get flu shots, which I never get, to help big pharma with its profit grab and government grants. I can understand less knowledgeable people can be easily duped into thinking covid is fake, but it’s not. And yes it was lab produced bio weapon not a natural occurring virus. In the early stages of the virus outbreak we were told because it’s a virus there is no cure. If it was bacterial it could be easily destroyed but viruses are harder to kill. Now we are told a cure maybe coming soon?

    12. He who has ears will hear. Having a brain will think. I often see debate in the Russian segment of the Internet on the topic of 5g, coronavirus, chipization of the population, etc. In most cases, this is just a concussion of air and nerves. There is no desire to argue with that category of people who simply scratch their tongues. I call it: the tales of the Wuhan Forest (similar to Sherwood). Therefore, with some of my real friends, I never talk about toxic topics. I’m fed up with it.
      Gordon, thank you for the article. I like your language in it and the way you express.

      • All transceivers have peak power only in certain modes. At the time of connection. For example, everyone should know that our cell phone is the most dangerous, so to speak, at the time of dialing. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not immediately lean the phone against your ear when answering the call. Then the frequency is aligned and the background becomes normal. So is 5G. It is no different from the previous ones. And if the block hangs on a lamppost, then it does not present any danger, except to fall on someone’s head.

      • “And if the block hangs on a lamppost, then it does not present any danger, except to fall on someone’s head.” – Andy Armavir (Russia)

        Structural evaluation of attachment as well as induced loads (e.g., wind load), along with other things such as power requirements are part of the engineering that most municipalities in the USA are requiring before allowing local 5G receivers/transmitters to be attached to public infrastructure.

    13. Adrian:
      Tell us what it is about 5g that scares you. There is, in absolute fact, nothing whatsoever unique and different within 5g that did not exist a decade ago.
      Learn about radio signals and bandwidth.
      There is no such thing as “5g,” it is a marketing term. It is NOT a technical term. The two characters, the “5” and the “g” have no significance other than advertising.
      For instance, Dodge makes a car called a Demon. You can possess a Demon but a Demon cannot posses you.
      Same same.

      • There is no evidence, it’s all part of a fearmongering psyop. The other reason for demonising 5G is the massive lead the Chinese have in telecomms and mobile computing today.

      • Indeed, this is all accurate and I also was trained in broadcasting. We worked with microwaves all the time for outside broadcasts via satellite uplink etc. My dad worked with radar for many years. We live in an electronic smog and 5G will make next to no difference to that.

    14. I believe that 20-80,000 average annual death number for the flu, that is being accepted as fact, is the trap that blinds very intelligent people and lulls one into thinking that this Cofefe-19 is really no worse than the flu. I see three groups of people making this ‘pandemic’ worse; you have those paid to misinform, you have the dim ever-Trumpers and you have normally decent folks who are duped, many with superior intelligence, working the numbers they are given (without realizing the impossibility?) and they come to the conclusion that world is overreacting and honestly reading it as similar to the flu. The latter group is really the most dangerous. These people will never see their side as corruptible the believe in the lone gunman theory and the 19 Muslim terrorist lead by OBL. These people represent US.

    15. No, no more true that your nonsense about the Falklands, when you failed to mention you’re in Argentina and humiliated yourself by trying to defend the evil military junta that used to throw mothers with babes in arms out of helicopters into the South Atlantic and ‘disappeared’ hundreds of thousands of innocent Argentines. Like I said, you’re probably part paid troll, part moron. Doesn’t work at VT though as we are professionals in this field and spot your type a mile away. You should hang your head in shame for trying to spread these lunatic conspiracy theories about CV19 at a time when hundreds of thousands around the world are dead or dying. Just like you show zero respect for all those poor Argentine families who were destroyed by the Junta, now you show no respect for your fellow human beings as they suffer and die. I hope your little bag of shekels salves your conscience. If this were the junta days, and you tried this crap, you’d be on your knees in a torture cell or on a one-way flight into the Atlantic.

    16. Why? It’s a Microsoft patent for a blockchain as used by cryptocurrency systems. Of course, you’re referring to the blatant conspiracy theory lie that it is to do with Bill Gates and some nefarious nanotechnology. You keep making an utter fool of yourself to the point where it is now clear you are either a Trump-level moron or a paid troll, perhaps a little of both. Stop wasting our time with your constant nonsense.

    17. Even the public forces against Trump are controlled. The range of narrative by MSM out there is fake pandemic, like the flu to bat virus, natural or created in Wuhan, and accidentally released. No media are calling it a bioweapon, and more to the point, no one is saying it’s a bioweapon created in the US with government support. At least with blaming China, you get to play off an enemy. What will the next wave of “patriotic” bumper stickers proclaim? It seems these shenanigans have been around at least since the neocon takeover with Cheney/Rumsfeld, and probably longer, but that’s certainly when they got emboldened. And if goes beyond which party is in power in DC. Eight years of Bush-the-lesser and we got Gulf War II, Afghanistan; Obama,… Afghanistan continued, Maidan Coup, the murder of Gadhafi, the sanctioned destruction of Yemen, ISIS, the overthrow of Assad; Trump,… Afghanistan and Syria continued, US embassy move to Jerusalem, trade war, bio war with China. You’ve identified rogue US military command and CIA infiltrators, complicit media. This all goes back directly to corrupt and compromised government; all three branches.

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