Pigs in Uniform: NYPD’s ‘Fat Asshole Squad’ Beats Bystander in COVID Arrest (nasty video)


Note: One of our editors, we won’t say who, spent 2 very very long years as a cop back in the 1970s.  VT is generally supportive of police who are, by and large, better than average folks except in departments that are totally corrupt.

This wasn’t NYPD.  It seems to be now.

If you can’t wear a real uniform and keep your waist under 36 inches, you need to find another job, perhaps eating contests.

RT/Moscow: The run-in reportedly began when officers were trying to break up a gathering of people in the East Village on Saturday, which is prohibited under current lockdown measures in the city.

The video shows police tussling with a suspect while onlookers ask aloud what they did. A man then approaches the incident, and the officer tells him to keep his stance while brandishing his taser.

“What you flexing for? Don’t flex,” the officer warns the man, who is off camera. After the man appears to continue approaching, the officer brings him to the ground and proceeds to strike him in the face several times.

The officer then yells at the gathered grows, cursing, and saying, “That’s right!” This policeman, along with many of the others at the scene, are not wearing protective masks, something that has typically been required of law enforcement.

“It started out as a social distancing enforcement,” Commissioner Dermot Shea on Sunday. “I am aware of the video that’s out there.”

The commissioner added that the incident is being investigated by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, and one of the officers has been placed on modified duty.

The witness who took the viral video, Daquan Owens, has disputed officers’ claims that people were not social distancing.

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“They were social distancing,” Owens told The Gothamist about the incident on Sunday. “The girl was standing by the phone booth, the guy was sitting on a milk crate. When the cops pulled up she said he’s not doing anything. They grabbed her and started tussling with her. Then the guy on the milk crate got mad and started yelling at police.”

The second man who was tackled to the ground in the video was charged with assault of a police officer, menacing and resisting arrest.

Cops claim he took a “fighting stance” against the officer pointing a taser at him.

The other two arrests to come out of the incident included charges for disorderly conduct, pot possession, obstruction, and criminal possession of a weapon, as a 22-year-old woman taken into custody was reportedly carrying a stun gun on her person.


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  1. In all fairness to the NYPD Patrick Lynch, the PBA Union Head, called on the Marxist Mayor and the Police Commissioner to not order police to enforce the “social distancing” guidelines.

    New Yorker’s are beginning to wake up to the Orwellian horror that is descending upon all of us across this nation over what is clearly some international black ops.

    At some point the military will have to make the same decision. Will a military coup be necessary?

  2. Considering how many US people are allowed to carry firearms, or with easy access to acquire one, the US cops are still a pretty decent category. Excessive violence types or shoot-to-kill types of police officers are probably not made for the job, and are a disgrace of their superior’s psychological evaluation. Though Covid circumstances have turned many countries into Gestapo mode, there are still far more lethal things and viruses out there like Hepatitis, alcohol, directed famines, directed farmaceutical and economic sanctions, military black ops etc. Getting out of the constant war-mode would decrease the (need for) police brutality, only US government is not interested.

    • The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe. Not one American gun owner who is not in assault mode has a chance against a bad cop. We are all vulnerable to a man on a mission. Cops are probably the last target.

  3. The good news, at least for the assaulted, is, they weren’t murdered. They hit the lottery, and a sharp lawyer has already been retained, likely recommended by Al Sharpton. Pay off will come at tax payer expense. The law that shields police from personal liability needs to be revoked. Same to be said of the law that protects big pharma from vaccine damage claims. Do that and both police brutality incidents and the number of contaminated vaccines on the market will decrease in number. If not I’m going to market a power lawn mower, with out shielding, that expels the blades at 10k rpms.

  4. The guys guarding the biolabs would dust these fat slobs off; unfortunately you are not dealing with amateurs…

  5. It appears as if that windbag DeBlasio’s police force is just as confrontational as Bloomberg’s was. “Social distancing trumps civil rights…good to know.

    • They hate DeBlasio with a passion Edward, pretty soon they will be walking into stores and helping themselves to merchandise and the days proceeds and New Yorkers will be handing them free coffee and bagels on the way out…

  6. They act like gangsters. And monkeys. 10 cops at 1 person. Alas, such things sometimes happen in Russia, too.
    By the way, is it normal for a US cop to wear a beard? Just interesting, ’cause here they must have faces shaved.

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