The Venezuelan military has been placed on heightened alert after foiling a raid by US-backed mercenaries.

…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor …and PressTV, Tehran

Trump and Goudreau (Trump’s private security instead of Secret Service…covering his pedophile ass)

[ Editor’s Note:

Trump has always used private security, first from the Gambino crime family that supplied his concrete and later from the Kosher Nostra and his Bayrock Partners.

Trump turned to private security as he began to lose control, Trump and his buddy Epstein, running little girls in and out of Mara Lago and the kiddie rape properties in New York.

Now the people Trump used to haul his 12 year old dates were hired to murder the President of Venezuela.  Funny.

… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … May 04, 2020




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  1. I had quickly assumed that the government wanted to screen the Russian company from sanctions so stepped out in front, and also have more control over its loans equity security as the US has shown it will just snatch anything of Venezuela’s to give to Guido to spend so the US is not out of pocket for any of the mayhem down here. Notice how we never see any more stories about the suffering people down there. Gosh, they must be doing just fine, right? Or maybe the media has been bullied away from those stories.

  2. So, why is Rosneft selling its Venezuelan oil projects? VT ran the story: “Putin Defeat? In Response to US Coup Attempt, Rosneft-Venezuela is Sold to Mystery Russian Government Company.” If the state-owned company supports Venezuela like Crimea, Donbass, or Syria got support, Venezuela stands to improve, not worsen.

  3. I was laughing loud with Harry, when I remembered, there was no US embassy in Libya, either…

  4. American mercs were caught trying to rob a Haitian bank just last year. I don’t know why these jokers thought they could do better against Venezuela…

  5. GREAT pictures of Trump’s suggesting (proving!?) his incestual relations with Ivanka !!!

  6. I do wonder what the pick ax was for. Trump branded Maduro a criminal and publicly offered 15 mil to grab him. The naivete kinda reminds me of Nixon, DEA , drug money and the synchronistic reinstallation of the Spanish monarch who accidentally killed his older brother, Franco always kept New Grenada loyal. We have 7 bases in Columbia, you cannot get a lighter or water bottle on a flight, but all Americans and Europeans can have as much cocaine as they want. The original gold rush since the first Coca Cola. Noriega hid in the Vatican Embassy, I guess they were just being nice.

  7. Hmm… Who brings their military ID on a clandestine operation? And, the trail leads right back to Trump. Something fishy about this, kinda like the fireproof passport on 9/11.

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