Trump denies Washington role in Venezuelan ‘invasion’ after 2 US mercenaries nabbed in botched assassination plan

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: First off, let me put a bullet in the use of the invasion word, which we used yesterday when referencing the initial news reports. It was not an invasion, but an “incursion” of a theoretical covert operation team, a kangaroo one.

VT can safely say that the Pentagon had nothing to do with it. Even the worst of the West Point grads would never have had anything to do with this rag tag throwaway crew.

We do not see a shred of the talent necessary to have attempted to pull off a presidential kidnapping stunt, even though team leader Luke Denman says their initial objective was to secure an airport from which to extricate Maduro.

That would indicate that a real team of SEAL level professionals would have already been in country to make the Maduro snatch. But no SEAL team operation would ever have been risked with these yoyos involved.

Jordan Goudreau’s head was in the clouds, in a situation totally beyond his skill set, as noticed quickly by some of his merc trainers in Puerto Rico. The Venezuelan army deserters were untrained and underfed. Even the bomb sniffing dogs being trained were underfed.

You just can’t make this stuff up, but our top witness was the leader of the band of fools Luke Denman’s video confession today. I won’t spoil your watching the video, but in it Denman admits seeing the contract signed with the US puppet Juan Guaidó and Jordan Goudreau for the 300 man invasion from Columbia in 2019 that also failed miserably.

Would Guaidó have tried to run an operation like this in the middle of a dicey re-election campaign for Trump, without Trump’s knowing what was going on, when Guaidó owes his existence to him?

What could Trump’s motivation be for such a hair-brained scam? All I can think of is a diversion from his tragic Covid management, by dreaming of Maduro in chains being delivered back to him to scoop the news, and claiming he did it all with the help of a few great Americans and of course money stolen from the Venezuelan people to fund it.

How much of all the millions turned over to Guaido do you think he had to share with the current US regime facilitators? When do you think we will ever see an accounting for all the Venezuelan accounts snatched?

Only a Democratic victory would open that door, and Biden having a good Secret Service detail. We will wait and see what Congress does about this when they are so distracted. I fear not much.

As for the Trump regime, Pompeo gave us a hint with his statement that all US tools would be made available to get the two Americans back, who are headed for trial soon.

Such an operation would entail killing any Venezuelans necessary to complete the mission. If Trump had nothing to do with it, then why would the US pledge to bail out these two apparently rogue operators who were not serving their country, but mercenaries trying to make a quick buck? Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … May 06, 2020

Kidnapping Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and bringing him to the US was the objective of a failed incursion into the country, one of the two captured US mercenaries said in an interrogation tape released by state TV.


Two employees of Florida-based security firm, Silvercorp, have been detained by Venezuelan forces in connection with the failed invasion.

The only instructions he received before Sunday’s botched operation was to take control of the airport in order to facilitate the transfer of Maduro to the US, Luke Denman, one of the detained Americans, said in the footage.

Denman also claimed that there was a good payout waiting for him following the successful completion of the risky mission. “I expected anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000,” he said.

Maduro announced on Wednesday that Denman and fellow Silvercorp employee, Airan Berry, will go on trial in Venezuela. Caracas will also be demanding Washington extradite Silvercorp boss, Jordan Goudreau, as he was the one who allegedly coordinated the actions of the mercenaries.

In his comments after the broadcast of the interrogation tape, Maduro insisted that “Donald Trump is the direct chief of this invasion.”

Washington has made little secret of its desire to see Venezuela’s socialist president removed from power. It has been actively supporting opposition figure Juan Guaido, who declared himself ‘interim president’ in January 2019, and it even offered a reward of $15 million for any information leading to Maduro’s arrest.

However, Trump was quick to deny any involvement by the US administration in the failed Venezuelan incursion.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged that the White House would use “every tool” in order to bring the two Americans – who used to serve in US special operations forces – back home.

Denman and Berry, along with 11 other ‘foreign mercenaries’, were arrested by Venezuelan security forces on Monday as they were intercepted while allegedly trying to reach the country’s shore by speedboat.


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  1. Putin helped lead to less corrupt oligarchs in Russia (some even ran to “Israel”), more churches in Russia, less “moderate” terrorists in Syria (including those formerly on the “Israel”-occupied Golan Heights), less “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine (who were backed by Nuland, Soros, Kolomoisky, and other “tribe” members), more people understanding that corporations pour thousands of times more money into US electrons than Russia gets accused of, and less people believing Zionist warmongering like “Assad gassed people for no reason.”

    So no, Nik, actual warfare shows that Zionism’s cousin, Bolshevik Communism is still not coming back to Russia and Putin is not the Zionists’ friend. And if you think RT “points in favor of Trump 24/7,” try watching any segment with Lee Camp, Mohammad Marandi, or John Kiriakou, or listen to Kiriakou’s show on Radio Sputnik. Do you really think the guy who blew the whistle on Bush’s torture program, then got jailed by Obama would back Trump…?

  2. The Sadistic murder of Gaddafi worked out so well, I’d hate to see a repeat of the depravity they
    are more than capable and willing to committing. Guaido is just another US whore. We don’t have
    any sovereignty why should anybody else.

  3. @ Cindy Maier,
    ich frage mich oft, warum ist der Guaido noch nicht verhaftet? hier zeigt sich der Irrsinn sehr deutlich. Man stelle sich nur vor, dieser Depp stürzt Venezuela in einem Bürgerkrieg.Der Mann gehört schon lange in Haft genommen. Amerika muss sich neu erfinden.Oder ihr werdet mit dem Planeten untergehen. Mit Gruß

  4. Can’t help but think that this operation was designed to fail. Who would benefit from that? Certainly not Trump or Pompeo. This was meant to be a distraction from what is really coming down, a total reset of the global economy under the cover of a pandemic, maybe a few weeks from now when the derivatives market collapses, small businesses go bankrupt, and we devolve to feudalism in the USA.

  5. Spot on with your note Jim. This leaves many questions unanswered. It beggers belief that official US military would have had direct involvement as it was a sloppy job, but on the other hand the MO of the CIA and the US government, whenever a operation has been compromised, is always to deny their involvement in it and to deny the existence of those captured by saying “we don’t know who these people are or why they are there?”. So like David said someone is missing from the picture ( or puzzle). And as you pointed out Pompom says he will do everything in his power to get those 2 back suggests that someone in the government knew what was going on. And of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is the case despite the protests of denial by the US govt. They may deny deny deny all they like but we here know they aren’t fooling us, we know and understand that the US govt badly wants to replace Maduro with Guaido. So it is entirely plausible that the someone in the CIA or Pentagon or even PomPom himself knew that this operation was going to take place. With the levels of electronic surveillance that goes from the likes of the NSA, CIA and the DoD cyber operations rooms it is not possible that some electronic traffic from the electronic eavesdropping capabilities that all these agencies possess that someone heard about it whilst it was been planned as well as when it was taking place. Of course this information is all classified and compartmentalized and probably will never get out but that’s what VT is good for and that is having contacts inside that help fill in the detail about these operations. What a monumental cock-up and again this shows the desperation of the US government to overthrow Maduro and how it still is an on-going interest in terms of US foreign policy. When will the US learn? It seems it never learns at all.

    • Thanks for this Cindy. The other anomaly is that with the Venezuelan government knowing that the operation was ongoing, having penetrated it (probably with agents posing as deserters), that US Intel was on to the project and they would have aborted it to save the embarrassment of looking like the Three Stooges.

    • We would be guessing now. Was an airport needed to extricate the kidnap team with Maduro, or was it to bring the team in, as again, I can’t imagine this crew of having any chance of getting through Maduro’s security team and living to tell the tale. It appears that Maduro was clued in as to what was going on and just waiting to snatch these guys up with they began the execution of their fantasy. These are the kind of idiots that due to “connections” they have, they can pick up a quick $50 to $100K once a year for the rest of their lives doing some “wet work” as it is called in certain circles, and be members of the exclusive club. You can see it in how Goudreau cleaned himself up, even bought a suit or two, and did his company video featuring himself as the new James Bond, (remember he claimed to be operating in 50 countries). We are aware of no one really in the business that would do something this stupid, certainly not Eric Prince. These guys were a dream come true for a sting operation. One of the arrested guys was probably a counter intel guy, which is why the team was not shot up by the Venezuelans, as they were a PR grand prize.

    • and such a delightfully cooperative interrogation, all that was missing was a couple of beers

  6. One can only hope that this person is given a safe space, and no one asks any questions that would hurt his feelings.

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