SitRep: Syria and the War

the M4 in Idlib

Bassam Abu Sharif for VT Palestine

– Erdogan reveals with his actions the secret of his interest in cooperation with Israel against Syria, its people and its army.

It is time to drive Turkey and the American army out of Syria.

– Syria is on the threshold of a major battle with the Corona, ending the battle in Idlib and controlling the M4 road. The Iraqi-Syrian border strip, and the Jordanian-Syrian ribbon are required targets.

What is happening on the Syrian scene?  Crystal clear matters …. Turkey is cooperating with Israel, exchanging intel and services, and using facilities, as well as disguised, distorted and disrupted electronic devices to facilitate Israel’s raids east of Aleppo, and the countryside of Aleppo and Homs.

This was evidenced by the recent Israeli raids east of Aleppo, which destroyed Syrian ammunition and weapons stores, and targeted important leadership and research centers, and Erdogan recruits with money and coercion Syrian youth from the refugee camps to send them to Libya to fight and kill their Arab brothers there under the Turkish flag, and claims that the displaced refuse to return to Syria while he prevents them from doing so.

Washington, in agreement with Erdogan and Qasd, launches four thousand former fighters from ISIS, and a majority of mercenaries recruited for three hundred dollars a month to open fronts against Iraq, and against Syria to control the border strip between Iraq and Syria, and the border strip between Jordan and Syria (to secure the movement of forces to and from al-Tanf), and tightening the grip on the oil fields looted by Washington.

This front requires a special kind of planning and preparation, special large-scale operations that eliminate a complete elimination of mercenaries. The American army must taste eastern fire, and Turkey must Be compelled to withdraw from Syria.

Any reason for delaying launching such combat tactics to impose full Syrian sovereignty on Syrian soil, and opening the doors to summon all those who for one reason or another left for the Turkish, Jordanian and Iraqi lands, and those who do not return within a limited period of time shall be investigated for not returning to their homes and villages.

The time has come to unify the tribes, lead their militants against the colonial presence and the links between the Arab tribes whose lands stretch from Iraq to Jordan and Syria constitute a significant force, and an authentic Arab nationalism.

Of course, these operations must be studied with the Russian army, and the factor of sovereignty, the liberation of the country, and the expulsion of the occupiers will surely be a factor that pushes the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance on Syrian soil to aim at an effective weight capable of adjusting the balance of power, repelling the American-Israeli raids, and expelling the occupiers.

And if Washington is using Iraqi Kurdistan as a base for its new forces, militias, and training camps, then devastating special operations strikes will force it to leave and withdraw to Iraqi Kurdistan, we believe that Iraqi Kurdistan will turn into a battlefield between the occupiers and the people of Iraq.

And in order for any human being to remain, the resistance axis must have in mind that Washington and Tel Aviv have basic goals, namely annexing the West Bank and destroying Hezbollah in Lebanon, and therefore the stone of rest in the offensive defense operations of the resistance axis must consist of a program of special operations carefully aimed at a Tel Aviv, the fox and the heart Washington … It is an enemy who does not understand unless you break his leg, hand, or knocks his neck.

Bassam Abu Sharif (Arabic: بسام أبو شريف‎; born 1946) is a former senior adviser to Yasser Arafat and leading cadre of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). He was previously a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).[1]

A Marxist and an admirer of Mao Zedong and Che Guevara, Abu Sharif, then a member of the PFLP, was dubbed the “face of terror” by Time Magazine for his role in the Dawson’s Field hijackings in 1970, when the PFLP hijacked Pan Am, Swissair, and TWA flights and blew them up in the Jordanian desert, triggering King Hussein’s expulsion of the PLO from Jordan, which became known as Black September.[citation needed] A fourth pair of hijackers on an El Al flight were overpowered by security guards and passengers.


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  1. It’s a sad story. Syria must refuse all future ceasefire requests. There’s no benefit there. Unless the SAA is so depleted that it needs a break. Which is not a good look.

  2. Syria has to balance weapons or food and medicine. The men of Syria will be noted in the history books if they can find a way to win this one. If only Russia and Persia would fully commit. After all they are fighting an ancient adversary. Whether they realize it or not. Syria fights for it’s life. It seems like the Kurds are misled and easily distracted from a purpose, too bad for them. And ISIS is back in play only to be out despoted by Covid19. A twenty volume history this one.

  3. Syria and the Syrian Army need to ensure the Arab Tribes of East & NE Syria together with the Tribes along the Border with Jordan and those centered around Deir Ezzor are brought together with the Army, with Hezbollah and with the Russian and Syrian Air Forces and Iran’s and Russia’s Military Advisers so to ensure that all nests of vipers are cleansed from the lands of Syria forever in an organized and concerted action or series of actions, whether those vipers be American or British or Israeli or Turk.

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