Discredited Doctor (banned on VT) and Sham ‘Science’ are the Stars of CV ‘Fakeumentery’- PLANDEMIC!


Note: VT investigated Judy’s claims after two VT contributors, perhaps out of curiosity, featured her content.  VT’s private affiliate does background checks and psychological profiles for a dozen nation state clients.

We found Judy to be ‘less than compelling’ and her methodologies and assertions to be ‘grossly unsound’ and notified editorial staff accordingly.

Mikovits is not the only one and is far from the worst.

Also note that it was VT that has led the forefront in calling for an international tribunal into the creation of COVID 19 as a bio-weapon.


Daily Beast: Dr. Judy Mikovits is portrayed as a science genius in a conspiracy film about the coronavirus—but her own research history is dubious and the video is full of bizarre claims.

Millions of Americans have been exposed to “Plandemic,” a 22-minute conspiracy theory documentary about the coronavirus that racked up millions of views on Facebook and YouTube before it was banned from both sites.

In the video, controversial scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits, a close associate of anti-vaccine activists, weaves an elaborate tale alleging a government conspiracy to create the coronavirus, with Anthony Fauci as a kind of murderous puppetmaster behind it all. Along the way, she claims that masks “activate” the virus, and that she was imprisoned as part of a cover-up.

Plandemic” has already become a major success for its creator, New-Age producer Mikki Willis.

The video has been endorsed by actress Kirstie Allie, popular Southern comedian Darren Knight, and MMA stars Tito Ortiz and Alex Reid. The hashtag #Plandemic became a trending topic on Twitter, as people praised the video—or complained of friends and relatives who had been duped by it. As of Thursday, Mikovits’s book slamming Fauci, Plague of Corruption, was the #1 book on the Amazon bestseller charts.

But experts say the allegations Mikovits lays out in the interview with Willis don’t stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

“She’s basically latched onto the anti-Fauci stuff, and came up with this story that sounds really dubious,” said Dr. David Gorski, a surgical oncologist who blogs about medical disinformation and has dubbed Mikovits a “COVID-19” grifter.

That hasn’t stopped “Plandemic” from becoming a social media hit, embraced by QAnon conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccine groups and various conservative activists. Versions of “Plandemic” were among the top social media results for search terms like “Fauci” and “COVID-19” on Wednesday and Thursday, with three versions of the video engaged with more than 8.4 million times on Facebook alone, according to social media analytics site BuzzSumo.  read more:



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  1. Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor (our words are in print for all to see, that is, until they may be removed)

    Did I ignore your clandestine revelations in regards to my lawyers, information not available to common citizens – I thanked you for sharing that insiders information. Your slanderous mode of attack is more of a concern to me at the moment, but will end when when this exchange ends (now).

    Your comment; “Clearly you have no conscience at all”, the next time you are face to face with your image in a mirror, repeat those words out loud and know they are a true description of yourself.

    “So don’t try to infer I’m somehow racist when you are clearly” etc;

    that statement of yours tells me I’ve stumbled into a mindless exchange with someone that I know not their agenda or understanding to respect, not accept, but allow others to their own thoughts and opinions.

    I did not say NSS10ppm is a known cure for COVID-19, but it is a proven cure for novel pathogens as stated in my comment, reference to a factual unclassified document. Cures can have a long list of applications as NSS10ppm has, and reported even to a US Congressional Committee, which you (may) have in knowledge of; suppressed knowledge at that.

    Remember the next time you see your face in a mirror, your words apply to you; “Shame on you, such bald face lies etc.

    I had as much of this insane conversation and state in conclusion; “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall sit your free”. I thank you for clearing my understanding of my lawyers as I stated in a the previous comment.

    I pray for all humanity, that the evils that have now been released will do no more damage that God Himself allows. Rain falls on the just and unjust alike. Thank you for the information you shared. No thanks for the needless slander. No further comments from me or visit to the truth and honest reporting of VT. Thanks/NM

  2. Ian Greenhaigh, Managing Editor: “Well done you win today’s prize for ‘most obvious’ paid troll.

    ‘most obvious’; please share with us the source of your making your attack on Victor.

    Are you not aware of the reality of lying District Attorneys (not the Assistant) by the way. The DA told these two infamous lies in the NYC Queens County Municipal Court, 1964 :

    “He is like a white racist in Mississippi. Taking laws into his own hand. He also said; blood will flow in the streets of New York”. I had turned to walk away from a staged police riot, a common tactic used by New York Finest City Police Department to break up demonstrations.

    My two outstanding and remarkable defense lawyers Mark Lane and Percy Sutton did not raise an objection to this act of perjury on the part of the leading DA of Queens County, trying a Civil/Human Rights case in a court of law. I was sentenced to 60 days to run concurrently, imprisoned at Harts Island where unclaimed bodies were buried in Potter’s Field.

    I, was a member of NYC Congress Of Racial Equality. Described in the New York Times as; “bearded, beret wearing, loud talking, Negro, Nicasio Martinez, living in Bronx, NYC. The reporter I refused his direct invitation for an interview on the parlor floor of the courthouse, obviously had the last words, just added on to defame those of us who defy the will of the evil elite ilk. Judy Mikovits will continue to stand to face the evil dragons that have all but succeeded in destroying more than one nation with the COVID-19 calculated scam. I am thankful when free speech is honored, an unpopular voice.

    • Oh dear, you really need to try harder to pull the wool over our eyes. Lane and Sutton, two traitors who worked for Israel to damage the US, it’s Negro population especially. Lane was key to helping the Israelis get away with the JFK murder, Sutton has long been Israel’s ‘best Negro friend’ in the US.

      Mikovits also works for the same people – the pro-Israel lobby within the US and her shameful lies about Covid-19 prove that the virus is also the work of US traitors on behalf of Israel. This was obvious anyways as the only media outlet even close to the mainstream who will support Mikovits is the notorious Zionist propaganda rag based in NYC – The Jewish Voice.

      So, either admit you’re a gullible fool who has been thoroughly duped by Zionist criminals who consider you to be a sub-human monkey or even worse, are well aware of the truth and are being paid to spread your lies onto the few remaining honest and truthful sites like VT.

  3. I used to love VT and had lot of respect for Mr. Duff and Mr. Greenhalgh. But with regards to health science not so much anymore. Science is not a religion or a belief, and questions need answers not personal attacks. Vaccination is not the same as immunization. More children have been killed by vaccination than by non vaccination as studies have shown. Health sciences have been manipulated to prevent curative therapies to be “approved”. I may be called here a paid troll, but like me there are many unpaid trolls that are awakening already.

    • [gullible fool – hardly] [why do you, in your secure position need to resort to slander]
      Ian Greenhaigh, Managing Editor:

      So, either admit you’re a gullible fool who has been thoroughly duped by Zionist criminals who consider you to be a sub-human monkey or even worse, are well aware of the truth and are being paid to spread your lies onto the few remaining honest and truthful sites like VT.

      ‘gullible fool’ – thoroughly duped – sub human monkey – or even worse – being paid to spread your lies onto the few remaining honest and truthful sites like VT.

      When our exchange of comments cease, that will end my once appreciation of VT, the second read of my early morning truth search. You have (maybe) provided me some information that has been rapidly revealed in these late 81 years of living in world of rotting apple pie. Many things that is being said, and attacks being on the persons who (once) came hear to read news by former (or present) clandestine notables – I am now more deeply shocked of your attack on one, like myself, who was expelled in the 1st quarter of my senior high school year, only now to experience the same behavior at the hands of the distinguish Managing Editor of VT. This speaks volumes, to one, who was an honor guard in elementary school, carrying in the flag during assembly day. You have exposed your lack of faith in humble (and humbled) citizens born and raised in the once great nation state New York City 13 June 1938.

      As I was told I had been expelled from Morris HS, Bronx, NYC based on a lying substitute teacher, the message in my not so silent brain was; “I will make it without school”, just 6 bitter words that I’ve lived by to this day, and keep me in the struggle, even after this encounter – thanks.

      As to a cure for novel virus pathogens, NSS10ppm I post the following captured declassified posted information, which I have no doubt will be attacked, not well received. At great risk I have exercised speaking personal, lived, truths – Oh! I now understand why Mark Lane and Percy Sutton didn’t raise an objection while I was seated in the elevated witness stand in 1964 – thanks again, you have done me a great honor, as it seems these remaining minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, the Creator of us all – will guide and inspire evils to be exposed to the light of day, even to such as a common citizen who justice did not serve in honor or truth.

      Now this the nutritional known cure for ‘novel virus pathogens’ (NSS10ppm)
      Captured screenshot would not post, so I type this not being able to put up the screen shot:

      Unclassified information; report was given to Congress:
      2009 DOD Funded Study Finds Nano Silver Inhibits Ebola Virus
      Novel Nanotechnology-Based Antiviral Agents:
      Silver nanoparticle neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses
      Applied Biotechnology Branch
      711th Human Performance Wing
      Air Force Research Laboratory
      Funding: DTRA (proposal #4.10036_07-AHB) & JSTO/DTRA-NRC
      Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (contract #F49620-02-C-0015)

    • So, you ignore the fact that your lawyers were Zionist stooges and instead blather on about irrelevant things. Clearly you have no conscience at all, Sutton is the ADL’s favourite black person and as you should be well aware, the ADL is an organisation founded with the express purpose of getting a black man killed. So don’t try to infer I’m somehow racist when you are clearly, like Sutton, a race traitor. Then you post an absolutely insane notion about a bullshit cure for CV19. Shame on you, such bald faced lies, particularly disgusting when thousands of your fellow New Yrokers are dying all around you. You’re as bad as Trump and his ‘inject yourself with bleach’ idiocy.

    • As official heath advisor to the government of Ghana, I arranged for tests of nano-silver for Ebola patients.

      real world results were…non-existent

      I now believe nano-silver to be a scam though it is supported by people who are known to me.

      I don’t feel like attacking them now but I feel disappointed.

  4. Well done you win today’s prize for most obvious paid troll.

    Mikovits hasn’t been a doctor for almost a decade now, she was thrown out of the profession in disgrace after stealing cells and manipulating research data in order to push her anti-vaxx lies.

    Interesting that you chose to omit this most important fact from your diatribe.

  5. Sadly, there is no vaccine to protect normal people from morons such as you. Or maybe you’re a paid troll?

  6. sound tough – but not honest or intelligent. This is alarming when I considered you both. I am extremely concerned at the idea that anything could be put in my body without consent. What will be next? That we need to accept our arm being replaced with a bionic and heat resistant one to keep our job? That is presuming we are left alive when this flu vaccine program currently in place is done with us. I have seen the people flu vaccines injure with my own eyes.

  7. Gordon – Not so, flu vaccines are being made mandatory for anyone wanting to study at university or visit elderly relatives etc. in Australia. Even though everyone admits there are serious risks and that they rarely work. My father, an MD, stopped prescribing much of anything—other than diet and exercise—after he saw the results of the widespread vaccination of the US population for Swine Flu in the 70’s. Just one example: a close friend of our family—with 5 children—was paralysed for 6 months. I am getting weary of VT’s ad hominem attacks on anyone who exposes corruption in the medical and vaccine arena. You admit the whole world is corrupt so why wouldn’t the vaccine industry be the same? Insulting people might make you sound toug

  8. The line between freedom of speech, and saying anything you want to whomever you want, is the resulting harm.
    If a person is verbally assaulting another in close physical proximity, and the receiver strikes with a fist, that person is not guilty of physical assault. It is goading.
    Likewise, if a person makes a false report that results in harm to an innocent person, the 1rst amendment does not apply. I can write FU on a traffic ticket and send it to the court house, but I cannot write physical threats, or engage in false report, such as the trend “swatting” has displayed.
    Mikovits is causing harm , the same as the president. “They did it too” is not a defense entertained by any court or reasonable person. ” If we apply an eye for an eye, the entire world would be blind” – Ghandi
    If she simply explained with science her rebuttal, without suggestion or insinuation resulting in “encouraging actions that result in harm’, she would be fine. In military terms, you can say “I do not think there are snipers waiting in the canyon”, but if you encourage others to enter without knowing , based on incorrect intel, you are causing unnecessary risk. Seeking or offering opinion is not “encouraging”, until actions are suggested. It is a grey area and why all publications have editors. Editorial choices are not violations of 1st amendment.

    • …then there’s that other issue…that she sounds like a fucking idiot…

  9. I watched the documentary and read the Daily Beast article. Both leave me with many questions. Dr Mikovits obviously has a chip on her shoulder if her harassment and false jailing claims are credible. The Beast leads you to believe she was let off do to corruption within the process and company making the claim she took confidential/propitiatory information. It is strange that the maleficent, deranged, and slanderous lies that the orange occupant is allowed to spew do not get the same treatment on YouTube and Facebook. Dr Mikovits may have the same motives as Trump (money/power/revenge) but I believe she is due her 1st amendment rights.

    • Good catch. The Beast is MSM. It is always embarrassing, to a degree, when they agree with us.

      They have some very good staff but they are, at key times, obviously a Mossad front. (for certain)

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