COVID, the Math (Don’t read this, we aren’t kidding…pass it up)


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Current figures show closed case fatalities down to 21 percent, based on wider testing, now over 2% (Trump lying), which gives us a higher base of infected that are much less ill.  Originally, beginning of March, it was 36%.

These are the numbers kept from you.  Without a new, effective treatment, and there are none, hydroxyshit is a useless poison at what was believed to be needed levels, rates will end up between 16 and 12 percent.

Let’s take the high number.  We have 95,000 dead.

We have 1,550,294 infected.  Of those, 448,384 are ‘resolved’ as cured or dead.

This leaves us 1,106,930 actively engaged with COVID.  21% of those will die.

This gives us 232,455 currently dying with COVID.

This gives us, then, 324,436 of those currently infected, as dead or dying, but “dead.”

The CDC lists (their figure is very low) 13,284 new cases yesterday.  Of those, 2,790 will die.  Remember, Trump said 6000 a day would die in June.  We think the number will be a third of that but who needs statistics and science.

Thus, each day we add between 2000 and 3000 dead to the list which is not at 324,436.

If you are an optimist and you believe new cases are less serious you can multiply these figures by .75.

If you believe a new treatment will be found, take that to .68 but there is, thus far, no support for this.

If I were to show you how the curves intersect, the 500k number is realistic.

Here is one more.  The figure for influenza, intended to make you feel better by thinking 80,000 people could die and not impact your life in any way, meaning nobody you know will die, was grossly inflated by orders of Trump.

Real figures are times .1 or less, more like .078 or less than 10,000.  All CDC figures are without any reference source whatsoever.

Don’t send this around.





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  1. Excess deaths reported may be a key to understanding what’s happening.

    It seems CV is being used as a cover for huge numbers of excess deaths worldwide. Even after listing CV as the COD for just about everything and using tests that find even fruits and goats ‘positive’ for CV, they can’t come up with enough numbers to cover all the excess deaths. Over 24,000 excess deaths in NYC 3/11-5/2 and only 18,879 were supposedly CV, even with their grossly inflated numbers. What is really killing all these people?

    Has worldwide eugenics begun in earnest? Will the next wave they’re forecasting be even more brutal? Is it something being introduced into water supplies that can be avoided by the inner circle? Perhaps something that changes the bio-engineered CV into something deadly?

  2. The Birthday Problem was brought up by an author here the other day announcing the 9-11 book. The odds of 2 people having the same birthday during the year of 366 days is 100% when you have a set of 367 people, but it is 50% when the number is 23 people. It reaches 99.9% when the number of people reaches 70.
    Numbers when applied to people are often counterintuitive. My simple approach is, what are the odds one person in your vicinity has the virus, and what are the odds that person uses the same stores you do ? Caution and limited trips are the best defense.

  3. All I can add, here in Utard, US of A, Corona,it’s really not a thing. By the numbers. (Just to clarify 10,000 is the us total annual death rate for Influenza?) As you are aware, I am not the sharpest tool but I am querulous. At any rate I just had to look…, having read the book.
    These numbers suck! This is having a huge impact on any hope I can visit my aged in-laws and mom back east (Minnesota) any time soon. We have missed significant events. 90th birthdays, re-unions,vacations and on and on. We live out of state from most relatives, which is unusual for most Utahan’s, but I can say, many here are not seeing COVID-19 as anything more than the flu- maybe a new strain without a vaccine but (we Utards) see vaccines as being at best 30% effective. And many (most) don’t buy into vaccines. We were one of the last states to allow fluoride. So All I am saying is there are a lot of folks who don’t fit the too dumb to live stereo-type who are actually too dumb to live – – in your estimation, and that is kind of a problem. Social media is showing how significantly we can not hear each other. There is so much to learn and understand but so many reasons not to trust, if you understand anything about Power you allready know what that means.

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