COVID a US Bioweapon? Kevin Barrett on Kalima Horra with George Galloway


Former British parliamentarian George Galloway hosts Kevin Barrett for an uncensored discussion of the possibility that elements of the US Deep State created and deployed COVID-19 as a biological weapon. The motives: Stop China’s rapid economic growth even if it requires crippling the globalized economy; accelerate the transition to authoritarianism and hypersurveillance in the West; and target Iran’s leadership in the bargain. Full show:


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  1. Great interview Mr. Barrett. Do you have any comments on the seemingly pro-vaccine, pro-Bill Gates, pro-lockdown stance that VT has taken recently?

  2. It’s bioweapon SO obvious just look at the genetic add ons to it. These done with CRISPR tech. Natural mutations impossible not in a million years. Note ALL add ons make it more lethal more contagious faster replicating…did nature insert 4 HIV insertions?
    Did nature combine SARS with Covid? Did nature have it hide symptoms for 14 days while still highly contagious? That’s the really killer pandemic inducing feature they added to it.
    What are chances ALL mutations go direction of added lethality? You would think coun toss each mutation if natural one might make less lethal another more but this is so obviously made in lab to be super contagious and lethal via SARS suffocating victims with inflammatory fluids as immune system goes hyper active.
    (Not pneuomia or influenza)
    Also it is “designer” type, made to target certain races or ethnicities (chinese first one, Persian the second attack on Iran around March 1…Iranian attack super deadly it wip f out a dozen high officials first week dropped on Qom home of underground nuke base)
    Because lab engineered it’s not least bit stable, mutates rapidly it lost its ability to target certain populations, went “roque” started killing everyone in it’s path (this the bioweapin dropped on IRan, the Wuhan iberelatively weak…it was experiment to see if they really could freeze Chinese economy…it worked, they decided to hit Iran with another, this is what ran through Europe back to USA. What goes around comes around eh. Every single thing Trump and Pompeo say or do based in their knowledge they are themselves evil as hell is and it’s their fault world is as it is but can never never admit and cling to natural virus lie and China did it all coverup lie. Prove me wrong eh or prove me right
    evidence coincidence motive who benefits dates timing especially genome structure of viruses deployed prove me right so far it’s always way worse than anyone can imagine.

    • There are no HIV insertions, no combination of SARS and COVID-19, this is just speculation by people who claim to have appropriate credentials but also hold some extremely strange views on DNA and medicine.

      Neither is it designed to target certain races, it is a chimera virus, which means it mutates naturally.

      All they did to create COVID-19 was to take a Horseshoe bat virus from Wuhan and modify it very slightly so it would bind to the ACE2 in human cells.

    • The conjecture about HIV “insertions” seems, thus far, to be not just false, but a hoax.

  3. It accomplished too many goals. Had to be natural. The bumblers in the US “Intelligence” community couldn’t possibly have pulled off such an effective operation.

    • Bunglers were top scientists in biowespon labs using CRISPR genetic copy and paste nanotechnology. Including designer traits where they collect thousands of DNA samples of a population they want to target and morph the biiweapon to attack only them was what made it “deployable” to generals and the evil asswipes and is also what went wrong as it didn’t work after a couple weeks jumping from victim to victim what’s left is roque bioweapin kills everything human if it can

  4. Nice job Kevin. There are far more than two or three ‘coincidences” leading to that conclusion.
    Correlation may not be causation, but it is reason for further investigation.

  5. Abbott awards $295 million to MTX for contact tracing of Texas

    RINO startup gets virtual no bid contract for fascist enforcement

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