Sacha Stone: Failed Musician Turned Esoteric Fraudster(with rebuttal)


Rebuttal by Sacha Stone:

Gordon, I have admired you and your work for years, and too that of your broader community of experts and truth pundits.

I am an open book, and have situated myself purposefully thus throughout my own incredibly complex efforts at truth, disclosure and remedy, for over two decades. Which begs the question, how can even the worst gutter journalism get facts so utterly wrong. (I do know the answer)

Hoaxter Research epitomizes the worst in moronic and twisted ‘investigative journalism’, and should never be sanctioned or cut & pasted by any respected news source. VT is a seminal platform in our times, and can do a lot better.

I understand the complexity of navigating info, disinfo and double disinfo. We all have to surf this white noise in the pursuit of truth.

I have taken so many poisoned arrows over recent years, mostly from own-side sniping, that I’ve become accustomed to the body blows.

If however, the International Tribunal and its very real efforts at apprehending pedophilia, trafficking and weaponisation of the Biosphere, should suffer loss or injury as a result of franchised cut & paste smears, I will absolutely instruct my lawyers in the US to deal with it head-on. I’m in no mood to permit further harm against good colleagues and volunteers or to subvert the earnest attention of hundreds of thousands of our good advocates and supporters.

Editor’s note:  Sacha is right to the extent VT didn’t write this and we have not verified the information.  VT doesn’t have editorial policies, which are dangerous, and in this spirit we are providing both sides.

On my own, with such huge enemies around us, there are bigger targets.  VT does give them the attention they deserve.g

Is Sacha Stone the new Kevin Annett? A journey down the rabbit-hole

It seemed straightforward enough at first. A kind reader drew our attention to a video which included the illegally published images of RD’s children.

The video was linked to a “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse”, which in turn is a project of something called the “International Tribunal for Natural Justice“, ITNJ for short.

As it turns out this is actually the project of a person called Sacha Stone, aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, born in the former Rhodesia in 1966, and now spending his time between Bali and London.

Sacha/Simon is both a failed rock musician and the founder of the rather grand-sounding organisation “Humanitad“, which describes itself as

…an international non-governmental, non-profit, self-funding organisation committed to the promotion of interfaith and intercultural tolerance and fellowship between all nations and faiths”. According to the Humanitad website, it achieves that “through global arts and cultural exposition, education and the facilitation of coherent and progressive exchange amongst international leadership.

Got all that? Right, well.

Humanitad’s director for “Institutional and Constitutional Law” appears to go by the name (you might wish to take a deep breath here) “Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, the Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclough; GCStJ, LLB, DipCrim (Melb.), BEd, DipEd (Monash), DJuris, PhD (Columbia), GradDipLaw (ANU); Barrister-at-Law, constitutional lawyer; son of: Sir John Francis Colclough Walsh of Brannagh, The Duke de Ronceray and The Hon Marie Bridget Colclough Walsh of Brannagh”.

Oh, and he’s also “Regent of the Royal House of Anjou, Marquis de Segre, Count de Bauge et de Fontevrault, Viscount de Fontevrault and Baron de Beaufort”.

Incidentally, he earned his PhD from Columbia all right, but perhaps not the Columbia University you’re thinking of—it was in fact “Columbia Pacific University”, an unaccredited mail-order diploma institution located in Hawaii, for those lacking sufficient academic wall ornamentation.

Our Australian readers might be familiar with Sir John, about whom more later.

Meanwhile, back to you, Sacha/Simon

A blog called Riddled describes him thus:

[Sacha] rebranded himself as Messiah of the New Age when his would-be rock-star career went tits-up in 2003. Since then he has been claiming credit for United Nations initiatives, bolstering his pose as an independent peace negotiator by photobombing meetings of ambassadors, and promoting a portfolio of New-Agey companies like Humanitad, the Natural Justice Academy, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, New Earth Nation, New Earth University… all about Childhood’s-End / Age-of-Aquarius / Cosmic-Consciousness Global Transformation, and the appropriation of indigenous cultures. There may well be Spirit Quests and Sweat Lodges involved, and one expects his sites to use Papyrus font throughout. His logos are modelled on Mandalas but come across as half Spirograph doodle and half Biohazard pictogram.

Sacha Stone Immortalis and New Earth Nation 2018-03-26

Oh, did we forget to mention that Sacha hawks something called “Immortalis”, a proprietary snake oil product which he claims will extend human life by hundreds of years. Shades of Abe’s raw hemp juice!

According to the Humanitad website,

The Immortalis Klotho Protocol, as it is now coined, will be dispensed for the next two to three years within a measured and strictly limited client-base in various nations. We will be studying its effects upon divergent genomes, amongst people enjoying different lifestyles, dietary configurations and set within differing environmental conditions. Humanitad will oversight these surveys in league with the Immortalis team and Dr Ruggiero’s team in Arizona, and we will publish the findings as appropriate, whilst seeking to engender a new conversation in the biological sciences. A conversation which hopefully begins with placating all cynics and skeptics by leaning in toward the wisdom of the great Socrates, wherein he acknowledged that ‘the only thing I know for certain is that I know nothing at all’.

But wait! That’s not all!

According to the good folks at Riddled,

Stone is such a caricature of the prototypal New Age grifter that it can only be deliberate, much as Nigerian-Prince scammers try to be obvious about it, so they don’t waste time on people who retain a vestigial sense of skepticism. Did you ever in your puff see such a perfect perisher?

The Star-Child Paradigm Shift adorns a foundation of libertarian / far-right Sovereign Citizen movement, in which we each become our own nation — united by Natural Justice and the “Spirit of the Law”– to escape outmoded tax regimeslegal jurisdictions. You can learn more about Stone than you probably desire from this useful profile, including his fondness for Kenyan-Obama Truther trumpery. Who could possibly have predicted that a white refugee from what is now Zimbabwe would prove to be a colossal racist gobshite? Then there’s the Elders-of-Zion antisemitism.

Despite feeling as though we’d leapt down a never-ending spiralling rabbit hole to nowhere, we began to feel we were getting a picture of Sacha/Simon.

And now, back to the ITNJ (remember that?), which apparently is scheduled to hold a three-day hearing in London next month on the topic of (what else?) Satanic ritual abuse and child trafficking.

Take a wild guess who the presiding judge will be at this shindig? Go on, just guess.

If you guessed “Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, the Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclough” you win a lifetime supply of Immortalis Klotho (and that’s saying something, if all Sacha’s claims are to be believed). (Travel to Bali and accommodation not included, sorry.)

Even more interesting, “confirmed witnesses” include our old friends Lee Cant, Fiona Barnett, and Cathy O’Brien.

Who’s funding it?

And what would any conspiraloon event be without its own crowdfunding page? Here’s the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse page, which has amassed $18,000 on its way to its goal of $120,000.

According to the page, contributors could be in for some pretty spectacular rewards, if they dig deeply enough into their pockets. Here are just a few: ITNJ rewards 2018-03-26 1

ITNJ rewards 2018-03-26 2ITNJ rewards 2018-03-26 3

An hour on Skype with Sir John Walsh of Brannagh?! Wahey! Sign us up!

There’s more—so much more!—but we really feel ourselves slipping into Never-Never Land at this point.

Let’s just say we didn’t even begin to touch on Sacha/Simon’s interactions with SRA-claimant cum cult leader Teal Swan, nor his interviews on Mel Ve’s Conscious Consumer Network, nor with his expedition into the land of free energy using the unusually named QT-pi generator (could Hoaxgirl have a new competitor?).

Our verdict on Sacha/Simon?


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  1. Having attended the Indonesian Seatings of the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponization of the Biosphere while attending the World Health Summit in Bali June 19-25, 2019 I can honestly say that I have a first-hand view of the ITNJ, New Earth Haven and Sacha Stone.
    Sacha faces head-on many dark areas of humanity and seeks to expose and remedy them through right action. Satanic Ritual Abuse is one of them. The man you deride in this article is not the man I personally know.

    This “tits-up” tantalizer trash piece is so off-the-mark I can only conclude that Duff himself is out to protect the Pedos. I honestly can see no other reason that a man like Stone would be so royally dragged through the mud. He must be RIGHT over the target and Duff has obviously sanctioned the Henchmen in. The rabid malice that takes a dagger to Stone’s logos seems very much out of place in Veteran’s Today Land and I have always admired Gordon Duff, until now.

    Sacha Stone works tirelessly on behalf of humankind and is an exemplary of making his activism look painless, changing the Status Quo is difficult enough without further slander from those one would ordinarily deem allies? Yet sadly in this case, it is ALL LIES.

    Thank god Stone has the mettle to withstand this slanderous drivel, many would have hung up their hat and walked away, so steep is the pitch of this black-goo snitch.

    Mr. Duff, you would do well to rectify this smear across your publication and issue an apology on behalf of all those who come forward at their own peril to decry the horrors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, or am I to believe that you are indeed “serving the clandestine community?”

  2. There lots of divergent threads in the tapestry covering up the absorption of Palestine by Political Zionism.

  3. Rather have Rhodesian hippy new age white guy everyone hates as US president than senile pedophile war criminals like Trump Biden or Hillary.
    Satanic ritual survivors who witnessed beheading child sacrifices in a church of Satan and then sex orgies with the corpses like Fiona Barnett did,. And CIA mind controlled sex slaves since a child like Cathy O’Brien servicing president Bush and others are very real and to make fun and disgrace the organizations that give to them a voice at a large conference is by association also making fun and disgracing those SRA and CIA victims for choosing to reveal their horrible history publically at this easily new age hippy conference.
    Nice bullshit smear piece of mockery about Sasha Stone in other words. And who cares. Nobody better to pick on you can think of?

    • Oh dear, you really have a head full of lies. Hilary is no paedophile,neither is Biden. Cathy O’Brien is a nutcase, which you would know if you read her book.

  4. Humankind is at the dawning of the age of the Aquarius where knowledge hierarchy will be shifting from conical top down that ended in year 2000 to nearly flat individual base awareness owing itself to plethora of information available. The dirty secrets held by vermin like Sacha Stone will be revealed sooner rather later thanks to light workers of VT.

    • RDS is a VT board member who often showcases S. Stone on his website and acts as Chief Counsel of ITNJ. It must be a counter intel play within a Kabuki theater production.

  5. Do they offer a ‘Platinum Citizen Sponsor’ slot in which you can get somebody bumped off, get the Tee shirt, and not have your name mentioned in the free DVD set?

    BDS 2020

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