Russia in Syria: Deterring the West Through Advanced (latest/highest) Mig 29s

Fake reports of Haftar's air force debunked as US and Israel face challenge to air superiority over Syria for the first time


By Nahed al Husaini, Bureau Chief VT Damascus

Note: The MIG 29 Fulcrum, a smaller and better designed version of the F 15, has been a nagging issue with the West with every effort made to play down its capabilities.  The Fulcrum has limited range but in its newest iteration, it belittles the F16-F18 in the versions Israel is currently using.

The Fulcrum is the ultimate dogfighter and a pilots plane.  With the advanced radar of the Russian version, available only to Syria and India, Syria can down any plane entering its airspace and Syria has pilots who are more than capable.

For this reason, Russia has provided the Syrian army with advanced war fighters (Mig 29).
Syrian.  From Zee News, India:

Russia delivered a batch of Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 combat aircraft to Syria on May 30, 2020, to counter the threat posed by Israel’s F-16 Fighting Falcons. The MiG-29 fighters, the most advanced versions of the legendary jets, were handed over to the Syrian Arab Air Force at the Hmeimim base in Lattakia.

“In the framework of military and technical cooperation between Russia and Syria, the Russian side handed over the second batch of advanced and modernized MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria, during a ceremony at Hmeimim base. As of June 1, 2020, Syrian pilots will begin to carry out missions on those planes in Syrian airspace,” Syrian news agency SANA quoted a senior military officer as saying.

Russian news agency Avia.Pro claimed that with the MiG-29s in its arsenal, Syrian forces will be able to tackle and even get the better of Israel’s F-16 Fighting Falcons. According to Avia.Pro the MiG-29s supplied to Syria have better combat capabilities than the F-16s operated by Israel both of which are single-seater jets.

In the midst of the events taking place in Syria and the region, Russian-Syrian military cooperation is witnessing a remarkable escalation through multi-faceted strategic steps attached to an accelerated step in decisions and implementation.

According to a Syrian military source, the Syrian Arab Army receives a batch of advanced and modernized MiG-29 warplanes. These planes are more effective than their previous generation, they carried out their flight from the Hmeimim base to their areas of concentration in the Syrian military airports, “the source explained,” starting from the first of next June, the Syrian pilots will begin carrying out the scheduled shifts of these planes in the Syrian airspace.

Strategic military expert Major General Dr. Mohamed Abbas says, “The nature of conflicts and wars taking place in the region and regional and global challenges in the face of terrorism and energy security issues in the world require the Russian and Syrian leaders to seek high-level coordination, which supports the coalition against terrorism in the first place and supports the confrontation of the global hegemonic forces that seek to control Power and wealth transmission lines.

“On the other hand, the acceleration of Russian-Syrian cooperation at this stage indicates the level of threats, challenges and dangers facing the world in the eastern Mediterranean region, specifically in Syria, which means that the region is threatened by more risks of escalation and all countries of the region must rise in the level of performance, coordination and cooperation. The strategy in the framework of achieving geopolitical goals in the region and facing challenges.

“This support not only achieves a balance of deterrence, but also gives new added value to the ability of the Syrian armed forces to confront terrorism and gives fire and accuracy superiority in the course of the fiery influence, and the ability to flexibility, maneuverability and skill, and possessing the fiery initiative and the offensive initiative, which guarantees effective positive defense.” When we have such advanced aircraft operating in the Syrian geography, it means that we are reaching a sophisticated level that enables us to improve performance in order to face the dangers, especially American alternative terrorism represented by terrorist groups and organizations spread over the Syrian geography from the “Al Qaeda” and the “Al Nusra” front terrorists and others, thus achieving internal stability. It will enable us to raise the ability to confront the unjust blockade of the Syrian people. ”
Nana Lancaster Field Reporter


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  1. In the first place MiG-29 is not a version of F-15, or any other Western fighter aircraft.
    It would’ve been helpful to know the level of upgrade these planes are, there are several levels of upgrades, with the MiG-29SMT the top of the line upgrade. It has increased internal fuel capacity, in-flight refueling, the latest electronics, weapons systems,, in shortevery

    • every shortcoming the 29 had was corrected, and improved.
      New more efficient, and powerful engines, (that don’t smoke) these are 4++ gen.
      Former world record holder for fastest fighter aircraft ever., until MiG-31 took the top spot, it’s still second fastest.
      Syria needs only permission to enter Lebanese airspace, and IDF has a problem.

  2. Is Antifa as fake as ISIS, or what? Everything else is fake. The goddamned news media are useless.

    • I’m sure your Russian Air Force train the Syrian Pilots comprehensively for each particular Aircraft the Syrian Air Force acquires.

    • Plenty of pilots for this type aircraft. A Russian training upgrade, and logging hours to gain experience. Syrians have proven to be quick on the uptake. I think these are
      MiG-29SM versions.
      MiG-29SMT has increased internal fuel capacity, Russia keeps these for itself. 4++ gen. IDF, and USAF has serious problems. Bigger problems when they forget these MiG’s have mid, and long range radars, superior electronics, weapons. Limited range shouldn’t be an issue for Syria, and are accustomed to this. MiG-21 is the same way. Like all Russian fighters the 21 is fast and a great dogfighter.

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