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Do not turn away from your mouth the Book of this law, but meditate on it day and night, to observe and put into practice all that is written on it; in this way you will bring your path to a successful end and you will succeed ”.
Book of Joshua – Holy Bible

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

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«At what point does it not be about detaining a man who is face-down with handcuffs, not posing any threat, to an intentional will to cause bodily harm? And if that results in death, every prosecutor in America will show that that is first-degree murder».

In 32 years of judicial reporting I wrote about hundreds of murders of various kinds and I’m agree with the lawyer Benjamin Crump, the family attorney of the African American George Floyd who pronounced that sentence regarding the brutal killing of the 46 year old affected by dead color below the knee of a policeman in Minneapolis.

Because of this crime, too absurd and impudent to be just a racist gesture by a policeman which may hide an intricate plot, many cities in the United States have become the scene of an urban guerrilla war between protesters who have set fire to and vandalized shops and the police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

The protests were fueled by the African American movement “Black Lives Matter” which, as recalled by the social psychologist Preston James on the American site of geopolitics and military intelligence VT already in 2016, «it is secretly supported by George Soros but in reality it is driven by Intel resources». Gospa News has investigate this interesting and disturbing information …

The lawyer Crump therefore claims that the murderer policeman, incriminated for voluntary second degree murder, should be accused of first degree crime in reference to the premeditated will to kill for the interminable 9 minutes that kept the victim helpless locked with one knee on the neck.

Could the action of the expert and ruthless agent, already known for other episodes of violence, have been deliberate within a plot to trigger protests against President Donald Trump in view of the 2019 elections?

Is this another conspiracy after that of the pandemic triggered by a laboratory virus as also stated by the former head of British intelligence MI6? Other facts seem to support this hypothesis…

The man who drove a tanker against the crowd of demonstrators in Minneapolis is a former soldier originary from Ukraine, alleged Central Intelligence Agency mercenary as reported by Jim Dean on VT.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests

A former CIA director praised the Deep State for orchestrating UkraineGate, triggered by two CIA whistleblowers who proved useless for an impeachment against Trump but useful to his opponent Joe Biden to weaken the skeletons in his closet on the management of the coup in Kiev in 2014 , after which Barack Obama’s vice president took over the reform of the Ukrainian police and army.

Trump has reported the presence of Antifa among the protesters, an anti-fascist formation often a partner of the Black Lives Matter, expressing his intention to declare it a terrorist organization.

The Corriere newspaper claims that it is not possible because, as explained by the New York Times, the US does not have a law against internal terrorism (such as that for the Red Brigades in Italy). But an FBI investigation mentioned in an American investigative journalist’s book showed Antifa’s links with ISIS and AL QAEDA leaders.

The Antifa also acts with the same methods used by the self-styled pacifist protesters of the “Clenched Fist OTPOR” of the CANVAS center in Belgrade, which boasted on its official website for organizing the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (2004 and 2014) also financed by the mondialist and europeist plutarch George Soros who controlled many MEPs.

On its official website, CANVAS supports the riots over the death of Floyd of the Black Lives Matter who was sustained by the Democratic Alliance, a fundraising body created by Soros and other supporters of the US Democrats.

The Open Society tycoon of New York a few months ago had allocated a 5.1 million dollar PAC for the DEM candidate for the 2019 presidential election which turned out to be Biden, leader of the coup in Ukraine from which the civil war arose of the Russian-backed Donbass rich in gas fields. Here are all the details in a suspected Deep State plot.

The statements in support of the violent rioters of the political influence group National Endowment for Democracy, inspiring the protests in Kiev, do nothing but confirm this hypothesis…


«We think that [Chauvin] had intent, based on not the one minute, two minute, but over eight minutes, almost nine minutes he kept his knee in a man’s neck that was begging and pleading for breath» adds Crump eloquently summarizing the dynamics of a murder that an independent and official autopsy later attributed to suffocation asphyxiation for the action carried out by the policeman Derek Chauvin during the arrest.

The victim George Floyd and the policeman Derek Chauvin while he is killing him

His gesture, on Monday 25 May, lasted so long as to end up in live social media for the most terrible, disturbing and suspicious Reality of terror after that of Brenton Tarrant. We do not mention the young Australian of Israeli origin who filmed his massacre in the Muslim mosques of Christchurch on March 15, 2019.

To keep a man handcuffed and agonizing under one knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, however, showing off his cynical and haughty face towards the stunned passers-by’s smartphones it is not enough to be evil, it is not enough to have the will to kill you must also be able to really do it thanks to a special training…


Tarrant, trained by the Mossads in Syria according to the president of the Auckland mosque and intelligence sources cited by Gospa News in the article a year ago, has already partially repented, admitted his guilt and thus sets off towards the gradual process of mitigation of his responsibilities, thanks to the eventual semi-infirmity, which could allow him in about ten years, when the attention of the victims’ relatives will have fallen, to go out of jail to collect the prize that someone has certainly promised him.

Chauvin could follow the example, even if he was found guilty of the worst possible charge, that is, not only voluntary but also aforethought murder in relation to the fact that he knew well the victim with whom he had worked in a night club, because the state of Minnesota has abolished the death penalty since 1911.

But if indeed America’s most disputed policeman were involved in a sinister intrigue he would still have to be careful not to end up like Lee Harvey Oswald, the US military and criminal, believed to be the only person responsible for the assassination of the President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy from three official investigations of the FBI and that of the Warren Commission, however judged posthumous because killed by Jack Ruby, the CIA mercenary who died in prison 4 years after pulmonary embolism, perhaps for the first tests of some bacteriological weapon …

WUHAN-GATES – 11. HIV INSIDE SARS-2: Dangerous Experiments, Scientists Dead & Spies’ Ring in Canada, China and US

In this premise there is no conspiracy reinterpretation of the tragedy that sparked hell in Minnesota and many other North American states for an urban guerrilla war that could become civil war at any moment. There is simply the narrative of conspiracies already occurred 57 years ago in the US and last year in Australia, another country of the Five Eyes, the intelligence agreement of the Anglo-Saxon countries.

After the epidemic caused by a laboratory virus as shown by Gospa News in a dossier of 21 reports, here is the pandemic of violence that has also shaken London where a demonstration by activists of Black Lives Matter ended with 21 arrests. BLM is the international movement of the African-American community that makes propaganda against racism towards black people, however, sometimes using the same violence that claims to want to denounce and fight in society.

All of this therefore appears to be another perfect storm ahead of the November presidential elections…


The National Endowment for Democracy, a soft-power group mostly known for splashing government dollars on pro-US influence campaigns overseas to enforce regime change, has endorsed protests against police brutality at home.

«May the present crisis lead to the realization of the ideals that animate our democracy, and may this give hope to those in other countries who share our commitment to freedom and human dignity. Such a movement is needed not just for the sake of our own country, but for the benefit of brave people on the frontlines of democratic struggles around the world» repoted Russia Today.

In a statement on Friday, the NED came out in support of the protests against the police killing of unarmed black man George Floyd, which, while originally peaceful, spiralled into violence, wrecking havoc across dozens of US cities.

One of the fires set by the protesters in Minneapolis and posted on Twitter by Mark Vancleave

«The group, along with other US-based “NGOs” supported the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine and later funneled millions of freedom dollars to the country ahead of the 2014 anti-Russian coup that brought down Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovych» according to RT, we see below why is this important…

The NED, founded in 1983, has courted controversy for using its US government allocated resources for encouraging regime change in countries that refuse to toe Washington’s line, like  Russia and China. The group, sponsored by the US Congress, is backed by both Republican and Democratic parties. So may be evaluated a perfect Deep State expression!

US President Donald Trump, after taking refuge for the weekend in the White House bunker, Monday 1st June, the Pentecost Monday public holiday for the Evangelical Christians, left the official residence on foot to head towards nearby Saint John Epyscopal Church , slightly damaged by the protests, protected by a massive escort of dozens of agents and targeted by the screams of the crowd of demonstrators who had just before been charged by the police to remove them from Lafayette Square.

American President Donald Trump shows the Bible in front of St. John’s church a few steps from the White House

Trump waved the Holy Bible thus invoking the protection of the Most High but he would also do well to remember the old proverb: “God looks at my friends due to I look at my enemies”.

If the killing of a convict like George Floyd with convictions for armed robbery behind him is shaking Washington is not only because it follows other episodes of violence committed by the US police which represents the sixth cause of death of the US both for whites than for blacks (more at risk because more likely to violent crimes according to the statistics of the studies of Philippe Rushton and Interpol) but above all because the murderer was arrested only after 4 days of protests

It is therefore evident that there was a short circuit between the Minnesota police, intelligence services, the Department of Justice and the National Security Department if the judicial authority took 96 hours before triggering the handcuffs on the wrists of the terrible crime’s author, which immediately revealed itself in the eyes of anyone who had seen the shocking footage.

It is therefore evident that someone either did not inform President Trump in time or advised him badly: suggesting that he let the cumbersome justice take its slow course before the blatant and unheard-of violence of a fierce policeman who had already already killed in the past. Together with other agents, he shot 16 bullets at the Latin American Wayne Reyes, who however had threatened the police with a shotgun.

Chauvin faces 40 years in prison on charges of second-degree (voluntary) murder, which however the victim’s defense would like to become first-degree, or aggravated by premeditation or cruelty in killing. The three policemen who assisted the murder unarmed Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, already laid off, were indicted by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison for aiding and abetting with the crime. Some of them already had specific precedents of complaints of violence as reported by ItaliaStarMagazine.

But focusing too much on their predisposition to violence prevents framing it as the fundamental piece of n alleged conspiracy, like the detonating fuse of a social bomb to heighten American racial rivalries, like the indication of a Deep State conspiracy masterfully orchestrated as only experienced intelligence men would know how and how they did it in Kiev during the February 2014 coup.


It is news to be taken with due caution because there is no official version yet. But the first rumors are absolutely disturbing especially for those who, like Gospa News, analyzed all the protagonists who planned the Orange Revolution in the Soviet Union former country to remove it from the influence of Russia of President Vladimir Putin and bring it under that of the European Union, apparently, and that of the North American Democratic Party, in reality.

The US-funded coup of President Barack Obama initiated the police and army reform project followed by his deputy Joe Biden (today running for the White House) while the company of his son Hunt (and the John Kerry Secretary of State’s godson ) collected millions of dollars from Burisma, the main Ukrainian energy company with extraction licenses in the Donbass contested in the civil war between the coup government and the pro-Russian republics of Doneck and Lugansk.

UKRAINEGATE: an investigative “memo” accuses Joe Biden and John Kerry too. Reopened the inquiry

A key role in the Orange Revolution was played, through the Ukrainian company Renassaince International, by the naturalized American financier George Soros, champion of globalism and Europeanism to the point of becoming an occult plutarch of the European Union through the control of dozens of faithful MEPs, filed in a study for its Open Society foundation in New York.

In the intrigues between Washington and Kiev, the Tel Aviv Zionist Weapons Lobby also entered. While Israel Weapons Industries (IWI), one of the world leaders in the production of small arms, is making a profit on this trade, it has not been a big problem to get a supply of Tavor, the competing semi-automatic assault rifle of the Kalashnikov, to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion, one of the most ferocious and bloody armed components in the Donbass conflict.

IWI also collaborates with the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) which offers degrees in Public Administration, Emergency Management and Homeland Security. All the students do seminars in Israel followed by experts, among whom there are likely also Mossad officials, the notorious Israeli secret services, excellent allies of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Why, then, is it surprising that the former military man who, driving a tanker on Sunday, May 31, tried to run over the crowd demonstrating in Minneapolis on the 35W highway is originally from Ukraine? Bogdan Vechirko, 35, caused no casualties but was assaulted and beaten by a group of demonstrators until the special forces who arrested him intervened.

The tanker swooped over the crowd in Minneapolis

«The media is saying he is Russian but our records show he went to high school in Minneapolis and is part of the anti-Russian Ukrainian community there, from which he was recruited to return to Ukraine by the CIA» wrote Jim W. Dean, managing editor of VT, an American site of geopolitics and military intelligence managed by Marines of the Vietnam war.

Some photographs of the boy in uniform have also been published along with the news that a person with his name made a donation of $ 100 for the 2016 Trump election campaign. A first immediate association of ideas would make it easy to identify him as a supected white supremacist enemy of the protesters and friend of the radical conservative GOP of the Republican Party that supports the current president.

Bogdan Vechirko, 35, a former Ukrainian military man
But as we explained in the premise this is an absolute contradiction since the revolutionary plan in Ukraine – culminating with the shots of mercenary snipers on the crowd that caused more than one hundred deaths in Maidan square according to the same scheme that the CIA used in Caracas in 2002 in Venezuela – was developed under the direction of the Obama administration.
So even this extreme gesture could only be an episode of “false-flag” to heighten the tensions between the demonstrators and Trump himself orchestrated by that part of the US and NATO intelligence hostile to him. As the other multiple very suspicious connections seem to confirm.

UKRAINEGATE, CIA-DEEP STATE’S PLOT AGAINST TRUMP with two whistleblowers and Italian ties

In a previous article on the Covid-19 emergency in Italy we saw some links between Government’s advisors and the American consultancy firm McKinsey highlighting its role in the training of CIA management and its substantial funding received from the Bill Gates foundation, main donor of Obama and of the Democratic Party.

Before we wrote about a former CIA director of the Dem area who publicly thanked the Deep State for the UkraineGate, which cost an Impeachment procedure against Trump, and therefore implicitly confirmed the existence of this occult potentate of finance, Freemasonry and military intelligence.


«We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out of state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region» Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted on Saturday.

The Minnesota Attorney General Ellison found himself in great embarrassment because his son on Twitter openly supported the Antifa action, thus confirming their role in vandalism and in clashes with the police that instead of the left-wing American media (The Nation ) would have denied thanks to FBI sources.

«We are facing an act of domestic terrorism. The president has the right to defend his country and protect his nation. We cannot allow peaceful protests to be manipulated by professional anarchists and antifa groupS» said Trump, stating that he was willing to declare this group of left-wing extremists as a terrorist organization that has earned a broad description, almost an incensation, from the main Italian newspaper.

«The Antifa are mainly dressed in black, often have a covered face, do not like the police force – which they consider an authoritarian symbol – and come from different political backgrounds: radical left, anarchist groups and even Black Bloc, a group that in the States United emerged in Seattle in 1999, during protests against the World Trade Organization conference» wrote the Corriere without daring the slightest censorship of these crimes..

«Today they fight against authoritarian leaders, homophobia, racism and xenophobia, in turn joining other groups such as Black Lives Matter or Occupy, but only for common causes. They do not refuse the use of violence because they believe that if racist or fascist groups were left free to organize themselves, violence against the most marginalized communities would result anyway».

A Portland Antifa militia in warfare equipment

«Last June, Ngo himself was attacked by antifa while covering their confrontation with the far-right Proud Boys group, and suffered a brain injury» told American network.

«During today’s events, there were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers – the police said in a statement after Ngo’s injury – There were also reports of pepper spray and bear spray being used by people in the crowd. There were reports of individuals throwing ‘milkshakes’ with a substance mixed in that was similar to a quick-drying cement».

«In addition to the street hooliganism that we see over and over on the streets of America, this movement also has a political ideology that is agitating for a violent political revolution» Ngo added.

This purpose is clearly highlighted in activists’ slogans and writings, the urban guerrilla in Black-Bloc suits, the faces hidden by helmets similar to those of the military, the double-flag emblem imprinted on t-shirts and other gadgets resold on the internet, the sophisticated and ingenious methods of offense, the use of fire as a weapon, the gradual escalation of violence recall all the methodologies of another international fighting organization.

HONG KONG: US-CANVAS MOLOTOV’ PACIFISTS: campus and subway burning, man set on fire, lawmaker stabbed

We refer to the activists of Belgrade of the “clenched fist Otpor” who hiding under the peaceful denomination of CANVAS (Center for non-violent actions and strategies applied) have fomented the revolution of the Cedars in Lebanon, that of the Roses in Georgia, that of the Umbrellas in Hong Kong and the Orange one in Ukraine, as they themselves advertised on the official website despite the spilled blood.

In the reports relating to the recent revolutions in Lebanon and Iraq and the violent clashes in China we have retraced their actions that are believed to have been supported by the CIA since the demonstrations in Serbia against Slobodan Milosevic for a more energetic than ethnic-democratic guerrilla war, aimed at the blockade (successful) of the SouthStream gas pipeline that would have connected the Russian deposits to Bulgaria, the Balkans and Italy, putting in crisis the trade of LNG (liquefied natural gas), more expensive because it is exported to Europe by the USA with tankers.


Among the supporters of CANVAS there has always been the US government agency USAID, considered the financial arm of the CIA for regime-change missions abroad. It is therefore evident that with a view to an internal struggle in US and NATO intelligence, some agents hostile to the Trump administration may have replicated the strategies already used abroad in their own country, as the GreatGameIndia investigative website also claims, citing a very interesting FBI investigation.

USAID is one of the agencies that financed the Syrian rebels in the civil war against President Bashar Al Assad which, as shown by an exclusive document published by Gospa News, had been planned by the CIA against his father since 1983.

Al Nusra Qaedist terrorists in Idlib in a tent with the Usaid brand (United States Agency fort International Development), the American government agency

Our other investigations into the jihadist groups connected with ISIS and Al Qaeda have revealed the close links with Turkey’s MIT intelligence (NATO country) and with the CIA that provided radical Islamic extremists with the powerful anti-tank rockets TOW.

In this context, the revelation made by Edward Klein, former editor of the New York Times Magazine in his latest book All Out War, becomes enlightening in relation to an FBI investigation that discovered the collusion of Antifa American anarchists with ISIS and Al-Qaeda. (read more)


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – original italian version





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  1. There is a big difference between humility and humiliation. There is nothing threatening about kneeling. Kneeling is generally a sign of respect. Colin Kaepernick famously invested kneeling with a somber meaning, a reminder of how far we still have to go to realize the high ideal of equal protection under the law. Science tells us our amygdalae activate as soon as our brains spot deviations from routine, social norms, and in-group tendencies. We want to know what’s happening and why. We need to know if the deviation poses a threat to us or our group. Behavioral experiments have found that high-power people (say, the president or members of the numerical majority) are more likely to misinterpret nonverbal behavior. The experience of having power makes us less accurate in reading suffering on the faces of strangers. This is the empathy deficit of people in power, one found in many kinds of studies.

    It is thus not surprising that many white people misread the meaning of “taking the knee” and fail to see the respect, concern, and even vulnerability inherent in kneeling. Of course, it is also the case that some white people may want to see black people terrorized by police and politically disenfranchised. Any effort by African Americans, no matter how deferential, to raise these issues will incite anger from those who benefit—emotionally or materially—from America’s all too real racial hierarchy.

  2. First they brought the matter to pogroms, and then they arranged a shameful circus with getting on their knees, apologizing to the blacks – what nonsense! Kneeling is a gesture of humiliation. What kind of idiots made this up? I’m not talking about the police and the military on their knees. This is a terrible shame for the uniform. And most importantly, it’s just a stupid gesture that doesn’t solve anything. No one has any remorse. And it won’t. And in general-why repent of something that did not commit? And this mayor of Minneapolis, in terrible sobs at the Golden coffin… What the hell is a soap opera? Is American society crazy? Mass psychosis? I’m shocked by you guys…

  3. What does this mean? Who actually benefits from civil unrest and division?
    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — Menahem Begin, 6th Prime Minister of Israel’s speech to the Knesset (24 June 1982) – Quoted in “Begin and the Beasts” Amnon Kapeliouk, in The New Statesman (25 June 1982)

  4. I am curious if Bogan Verichko is in jail now.
    I think his mission was to head for the police lines, and blow up truck there and kill lots of police I horrible false flag to really ignite riots and get the police super angry and most of country to turn against the protestors.
    In video his horn is sounding lloud, to be clearing the protestors out of way…he had a mission to blow up truck when it gets to police line at other end of bridge. Who hired this guy would be good to find out to get to bottom of this mess.
    Also ANTIFA most likely fully infiltrated, compromised and 90% undercover FBI agents, same thing they do with American communist party….the remaining 10% could be assasinated or suicided but they need them to make ANTIFA “legitimate” so they can use the name and their “mystic” or their various psyops.
    ISIS and AlQueda also terrorist orgnizations created funded trained and do dirty work for CIA US state dept

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