Intel Drop: Trump’s Presidency, such as it was, ended some weeks ago, then things got worse, much worse

    Did Biden oil the "very long ramp" at West Point?

    when the censors don't get to airbrush Trump...

    VT has an initial diagnosis, after conferring with real medical specialists. Trump has had either a stroke, most likely, Parkinson’s Disease or has a brain tumor.

    Insider access has given us a real look at the Trump White House, now a carnival act with Trump the dancing bear

    His West Point speech had inexorable signs, the shuffle down the ramp and the incident where he uses a second hand to steady a drinking glass.  From the Guardian:

    “Donald Trump attempted to solidify his bond with the US army on Saturday, delivering the graduation speech to cadets at the United States Military Academy and boasting of a “colossal” $2tn rebuilding of American martial might.

    Trump’s West Point speech was studiously vapid, with only a modicum of partisan boasting. But the political setting crackled with civil-military tension.

    When all else fails – and that has happened a lot – the president has embraced the flag and hugged the military. But these days the military is not hugging back. It stands to attention as duty demands, but as inertly as Old Glory, the banner which Trump has taken to fondling at public events.

    The president likes to refer to the soldiers around him as “my generals” and “my military”. The possessive pronoun always jarred with the spirit of civ-mil rectitude, even before it became evident how literally Trump interpreted it.

    Saturday’s ceremony at West Point was the embodiment of the president’s approach. More than a thousand cadets from the class of 2020 were called back from their homes to the campus, 50 miles north of New York City, despite the coronavirus pandemic, so Trump could give a televised speech.

    Fifteen cadets tested positive. The rest had to quarantine for two weeks. The whole show was widely disparaged as stage dressing for Trump’s re-election campaign, days after the president crossed a line in the exploitation of military leaders as props.”

    VT has strong evidence (proof) Trump has been pushed aside and others are running the country, others we didn’t elect and whose capabilities, even while supposedly “fully functional,” aren’t up to this task or any other.  Imagine Barr and Mueller running the country? Hell, it would be up in flames.

    Wait a minute, it is.

    The neurological issues alone don’t preclude the presidency but with the other symptoms, processing deterioration in what was never the “brightest bulb in the pack,” and extreme emotional instability, meaning not only is Trump calling for military to overthrow the constitution, he is going further, way further.

    48 hours ago, I took a call from a Trump advisor (top advisor) who didn’t want to make the call but was forced to for reasons best left unstated. Not a nice call. “They” (which includes Barr and Pompeo, Esper as well) think he is nuts and have walled off Trump from his religious nutso friends like the one that buzzed him up into doing the bleach thing. From the Guardian:

    “The leader of the most prominent group in the US peddling potentially lethal industrial bleach as a “miracle cure” for coronavirus wrote to Donald Trump at the White House this week.

    In his letter, Mark Grenon told Trump that chlorine dioxide – a powerful bleach used in industrial processes such as textile manufacturing that can have fatal side-effects when drunk – is “a wonderful detox that can kill 99% of the pathogens in the body”. He added that it ‘can rid the body of Covid-19’.

    A few days after Grenon dispatched his letter, Trump went on national TV at his daily coronavirus briefing at the White House on Thursday and promoted the idea that disinfectant could be used as a treatment for the virus. To the astonishment of medical experts, the US president said that disinfectant ‘knocks it out in a minute. One minute!’”

    Trump was spoken of as addled, then the call abruptly ended.

    Is this good news or bad news?  From what we are told, the military is “holding the fort” at the Pentagon but who they hell are they?  Anyone know any of them anymore?

    Anyway, back to Trump and the current Twitter frenzy.

    The pattern of accusations Trump has orchestrated against Biden quite probably means he fears dementia and is very aware of his deterioration.  The problem is, by our estimation, that Trump actually doesn’t notice he has been pushed aside.

    Trump can still fire everyone around him but Trump is terrified of Barr.  Why?

    You know, Trump was, and had been for some time, the consummate “fastest mouth in the West.” No more. He is confused, bumbling, has no filter, continually misspeaks and has lost the confidence of the American military.

    We put this down to the White House gossip machine, which the military has a strong tie to, as does VT and other media. The reports are that Trump is falling apart physically for sure, and is half the foul mouthed idiot he was in 2016. Catch this from Twitter:


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    1. Hallo Forum,
      heute lasst ihr es aber richtig krachen. So wie ich im moment Amerika wahr nehme, zeigt es nichts
      gutes. Auch erkenne ich keine Verbesserung, für die Lage der Nation. Grüsse

    2. Drops of household bleach cures the lethal heart worm in dog puppies, that’s what – cheap – Alaskans do, a heart worm cure at the vets is very expensive.

      MMS / chlorine dioxide is the industrial variety of house cleaner bleach and when taking drops of it is an equally cheap and effective bug killer discovered by an american in Africa against malaria because he was in the middle of nowhere.

      • Except that there is a difference between bleach and chlorine dioxide !

        Chlorine dioxide = ClO2
        Bleach = NaClo (sodium hypochlorite)

    3. David, check out the McCollum Memo. You know how Trump (and Obama, etc.) use sanctions and military provocations to try escalating regime change wars? FDR did the same thing. His choices might have been different with the Internet and alternative media available, but for all we know, FDR could be hitting VT with FARA.

      • There is no evidence that FDR ever saw that memo. FDR is probably the most slandered and defamed POTUS there has ever been. Yet if it were not for FDR, Americans would still be shuffling along in rags asking ‘brother, can you spare a dime’ while mooching from soup kitchen queue to flophouse.

    4. We all know you despise Trump. You’ve got the goods on him murdering a young girl, etc., etc.. And BTW, I am not saying that any of that is not true. Could very well be. But you also provide very little in terms of real alternatives. You’re an inside player as you’ve mentioned numerous times across many different shows. What really happened with Epstein? Where is he now? Surely you’ve got some inside intel on that. We know he’s not dead.

      Are you willing to back Biden and his soon-to-be presidential candidate as veep?

      Well if you’re not, then you’d better get crackin’ if you don’t to see the utter fall of the west.

      Maybe it’s above your pay grade. You’ve established your contempt for Trump a while ago and you’ve been nothing but consistent.

      So, how do we pump the brakes on what’s taking place?

    5. No, you are displaying your ignorance and arrogance by not bothering to check the facts yourself. Chlorine dioxide is very widely used in industry, mainly to bleach wood pulp. So it is in fact you, who are misleading people. Well done.

    6. ‘The president likes to refer to the soldiers around him as “my generals” and “my military”. The possessive pronoun always jarred with the spirit of civ-mil rectitude, even before it became evident how literally Trump interpreted it.’

      This is all out there for us all to see and maybe subconsciously for many it settles in and feels normal or at least acceptable. BUT. This is a very important observation that every American must be able to understand and be jarred into the realization that those are the words of a mad man.

      HUMPING the Flag in public (probably worse in private- who am I to judge) is strange and unbecoming. This is done to imprint a message in your brain. It is a form of mind control – Trump loves America – who else would molest a flag on national TV!

      When all else fails – and that has happened a lot – the president has embraced the flag and hugged the military. But these days the military is not hugging back. It stands to attention as duty demands, but as inertly as Old Glory, the banner which Trump has taken to fondling at public events.

      This is why I keep coming back to VT. Incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and compelling writing from people in professions I would prefer did not have to exist. Writings from souls who have been scared on a massive scale and find the wherewithal (I am lead to believe) to keep ‘fighting the good fight’

    7. OK so you got that out in the air. I just want to caution even a ‘puppet’ at the level of POTUS can do as much damage as the proverbial “bull in a china shop”. And I have to salute many of the youth in the streets wiether they know it or not, they are, in the moment risking more than most vets sign up for these days. “Keep it classy San Diago”

      • In the current USA, a competent president would only serve as a Judas goat – at least with Trump more of the people are now aware that they are frogs being slowly boiled.

    8. I am not associated with VT, any more than FDR, but I can arrive at a reasonable conclusion that FDR would have loved VT. And Eleanor might have even posted on it.

    9. Trump will be reelected for 1 simple reason,,,US law enforcement and US military are cowards sitting back and waiting for voters to remove a proven traitor who has stolen TRILLIONS via FED induced financial corruption! You should all be ashamed,,, a bunch of young protestors have more pride, integrity and BALLZ,,,than all you VETS!!!

      • No, it’s because the Neocon-Zionists will simply rig the election again. Why not, they got away with it in 2016…

      • When your dumb young assholes can show how they have done something other than show up at 23:55 O’Clock asking for handouts….

    10. The impeachment effectively gave the senate gargoyles and Barr the upper hand. From there it is just a tightening squeeze. They will grab everything they can. They were not seduced by loyalism, they seized as opportunity.
      Trump as the catalyst, is in the stage of the painful quickened waning toward irrelevance. The body demonstrates what the mind has gone through. Barr hasn’t been defending Trump, but his own position, and the backstage looting by growling gargoyles with ink pens.

    11. 1) I was very disappointed in that VT did not cover the Catholic Archbishop Igano’s letter to Pres Trump, claiming that the unrest in the streets is caused by Freemasons, you are acting just like the main stream media, a complete media blackout.
      2) Not one mention about the anniversary (8th June 67) of the murderous attack on the USS Liberty, the most decorated ship in the US Navy for a single action, DUH!!
      At least the crowd over at discussed it.

      • Why should VT bother itself to cover a nonsense letter from a member of a paedophile cult about a non-existent conspiracy sent to a man with such bad dementia he probably wouldn’t be able to read the letter? How is any of this newsworthy?

        VT has given extensive and in-depth coverage to the USS Liberty incident. Perhaps you are too lazy to bother to use the search facility?

        Obviously, you are not discerning enough to be able to differentiate between a bullshit site like Trunews and an actual media outlet of value.

      • But Ian, what about George Soros and ANTIFA and HILLARY! HAHA just kidding…..when people bring any of these up, you just know it’s not worth it!
        Fuckfacevonclownsticks walk down the ramp resembled my old friend Tom after he had his stroke.

      • Fuckfacevonclownsticks … Hilarious! I may have to appropriate that one for my own usage. Cheers Mike!

      • 3) VT, why don’t you cover that 12th june it was Day of Russia? Even Burj Khaliph sky scraper was coloured in Russian flag!
        4) VT, why don’t you start covering the 75th Victory Day in WW2 Parade in Moscow? The troops are already training!
        5)VT, why the White House is still White? It is not tolerant and it is racism. It must be black now.
        Etc…. Etc…
        ; )

      • I’m planning to cover the victory parade. To ignore it would be to disrespect tens of millions of brave young men and women who gave their lives for their countries, or rather, to protect their homes andfamilies. There are no politics in a trench or on a battlefield, just death and suffering.

      • Ian, that was just little irony. But i’ll be very glad to read it from you. I know you are a diamond in the history branch )

      • Oh of course, I recognised the irony. I’m looking forward to the parade as I’m sure they will put on a good show and as you know, I always enjoy historical displays, regardless of the nation.

      • Dear Froggie: Trunews is a hoax/fake news site run by zionists. That you would use them for coverage of the USS liberty is curious. Please don’t compare us to them but then, it seems, you lack discernment.

        I do like the one where the churchie fuck “warns” trump about Freemasons. This is a fucking joke, right?

      • And btw, the Birthday Problem, has been discussed here also, in that 99% of probability of being on the same date of the year whether birth or anything else is reached at 70 samples.
        Not 365. So, worth a repeat from the article which actually was talking about 9/11 and how one scientist was led along into the questioning of it and the pursuit.
        I study time full time, and correlation does not determine causation, however, it does not eliminate it either. In this case, multiple other correlations would be needed to finger the “masons”, who are nothing but a blame point for Catholics just as Antifa is for Trump. So, what else do you have ?

      • Perhaps , it is feared by some, that knowledge of what a mortar board is, should be relayed to all those who graduate. And wear the stupid hat.
        A tradition that would beg further questions about the vaticans role in society today. It is weird they do not go there.

      • Ian,
        That name came from Jon Stewart (daily show) years ago… Stewart always had a special kind of hate for that clown..
        Have a blessed day!

    12. Trump looks like someone who is afraid that he will fall and break a hip. He appears to be very unsteady and must stare at his feet in order to descend the ramp, which is really not on that much of a decline. He is using the person on his left to steady him. He definitely does not feel comfortable in his ability to walk down the ramp. Is he dizzy, shaky, not seeing clearly…..?

    13. Total political and managerial impotence. No one listens to him and he is not actually the President. A useless Chairman. State governors tell him to go to hell, police officers are busy washing the feet of African-Americans and terminate their employment, the national guards are dancing Macarena, the population is kissing the shoes of blacks and breaking monuments, robbing stores and organizing Autonomous republics like in Seattle (they will be taken by storm as in the events of 1993 in Texas in Waco?).
      The king is naked…
      He probably already knows that there is nothing he can do. He was declared a total boycott. And how else to treat a man who has clothed the whole country in rags of shame and anarchy…
      If the Soviet Union was alive and the United States did not fall asleep in the narcotic bliss of the cold war winner, this would not have happened.
      They must always remember that life is a huge supermarket and entertainment complex. But in the end, you have to pay for everything. Cash registers are always located at the exit…

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