Blockbuster Bolton Revelations: Trump Bribed by China, OK’d Khashoggi Killing in Ivanka Ploy…more

Trump pleaded with China’s Xi to help re-election effort President urged Xi to build concentration camps for Muslims


Trump told the Chinese that if they helped get him elected, he would serve more than two terms so he could look out for their interests in the US…if only we were making this up

Then he buried the CIA report that said MBS ordered the murder of Washington Post columnist Khashoggi in a deal to cover Ivanka’s use of private email servers

but that ain’t nuttin’…

[ Editor’s Note: VT was right once again, predicting that he would use every opportunity that the office of President provided to enrich himself and his family. He is desperate now as a Democratic sweep of the White house and the Senate would leave him totally exposed to Congressional investigations into everything he and his family did.]


Guardian: Donald Trump was willing to halt criminal investigations to “give personal favors to dictators he liked”, according to a new book written by his former national security adviser John Bolton.

Mike Pompeo on Trump: “He’s so full of shit”

In his memoir, due to be published later this month, Bolton reports that Trump pleaded with China’s President Xi Jinping to help him get re-elected by buying more US agricultural products, according to accounts of his forthcoming memoir.

In his pursuit of a good personal relationship with Xi, Trump is described as brushing aside human rights issues, even providing encouragement to the communist leader to continue to build concentration camps for China’s Muslim Uighur population.

In his book, which Trump’s justice department has attempted to stop being published, Bolton argues the House impeachment inquiry should have ranged much further than just Trump’s efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government for his own political gain.

According to excerpts published by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Washington Post, Bolton describes a pattern of corruption in which Trump routinely attempts to use the leverage of US power on other countries to his own personal ends.

“The pattern looked like obstruction of justice as a way of life, which we couldn’t accept,” Bolton writes, adding that he took his concerns to the attorney general, William Barr.

The anecdote involving Xi is particularly damaging for Trump in the run-up to an election in which he is trying to position himself as tough on China, and his opponent, Joe Biden, as being in Beijing’s pocket.  read more…

1. Trump pleaded with China to help win the 2020 election

According to the excerpt of Bolton’s book published by the Wall Street Journal, Trump asked China to use its economic power to help him win a second election.

In one instance, Trump and President Xi Jinping were discussing hostility to China in the US. “Trump then, stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming US presidential election, alluding to China’s economic capability and pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win,” Bolton writes.

“He stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome. I would print Trump’s exact words, but the government’s prepublication review process has decided otherwise.”

2. Trump suggested he was open to serving more than two terms

In another eye-opening exchange published in the Wall Street Journal, Trump also seems to support Xi’s idea of eliminating presidential term limits. “Xi said he wanted to work with Trump for six more years, and Trump replied that people were saying that the two-term constitutional limit on presidents should be repealed for him,” Bolton writes. “Xi said the US had too many elections, because he didn’t want to switch away from Trump, who nodded approvingly.”

3. Trump offered favors to dictators

Bolton’s book reportedly details cases where Trump tried to kill criminal investigations as favors to dictators. One incident published in the Washington Post includes a 2018 discussion with the Turkish president, Recep Erdoğan. Bolton says Erdoğan gave Trump a memo claiming that a Turkish firm under investigation in the US was innocent. “Trump then told Erdoğan he would take care of things, explaining that the southern district prosecutors were not his people, but were Obama people, a problem that would be fixed when they were replaced by his people.”

4. Trump praised Xi for China’s internment camps

According to Bolton, Trump was also approving when Xi defended China’s internment of Uighur Muslims in detention camps. “According to our interpreter,” Bolton writes, “Trump said that Xi should go ahead with building the camps, which Trump thought was exactly the right thing to do.”

According to leaked Communist party documents published in November, at least 1 million Uighur Muslims are detained in the camps.

read more…


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  1. Can you say “full-scale atomic implosion”? The whole house of cards is coming tumbling down on the US. Russia, China and the rest of the world need to just sit and watch, eat some popcorn and enjoy the show!

  2. “Uighur Muslims in detention camps. “According to our interpreter,” ” well sack the interpreter for lying….So called inernment camps ARENT to ERASE Muslims. So if you have terrorists killing your people you have to put up with it and thank the CIA? so as not to get a reprimand from Washington.

    • 1 Million Uyghur Muslims in internment camps are not terrorists. You must be confused with reality or another ignorant neocon propagandist who thinks every Muslim is another terrorist. If there are terrorists among that population they are not the majority. Just like any world population with separatists would not have the majority of its population being terrorists, since most people just want to live there lives. To think otherwise that the majority of any religion, ethnicity, or world population are terrorists is to be another mouthpiece of neocon propaganda, stated in order to delegitimize entire peoples so they can have there rights take away and be treated as collateral damage. If China truly had problems with separatists perhaps they shouldn’t be interning 1 million Uyghur’s in camps and placing them in unsanitary conditions where they have to poop in buckets, just one of many ‘reconditioning’ of the Minds of the Uyghur by the PRC to the native Muslim population by ENFORCING THEM TO BE DOMESTICATED LIKE SAVAGES. This theft of Uyghur land is just another contrived idea by the PRC to populate the Xinjiang province by flooding it with ethnic Han for manufacturing purposes and stealing the resources from the province for the PRC communist agenda. This idea of paid mercenaries from the US’s CIA sending them into China is nothing new. Most major nation-states support terrorists of some kind against each other. Everyone knows for every terrorist and or mercenary, they maintain their credibility with there native populations BECAUSE of the sins of their respective nation-states infringement on the rights of its native population, NOT JUST US/UK/ISRAEL/RUSSIA/CHINA/etc. sponsoring terrorist mercenaries.

    • You obviously know nothing about those camps, they are nothing like you describe, no-one is pooping in a bucket or kept in unsanitary conditions, most who attend those camps are allowed to go home at night. China is saving the Uighurs from two very evil influences – the CIA and Islam. The CIA have used the Islamic preachers among the Uighurs to create a terrorist organisation and those same Islamic preachers have kept the Uighurs in a medieval living state for a long time, so China is doing a very humane and noble thing by breaking the brainwashing of young Uighurs by these Islamic preachers of hate, while simultaneously bringing Xinjiang into the 21st century, improving everyone’s lives, Muslim or otherwise. Mankind will never be all it can be while it still has the millstone of religion around it’s neck so all rational people should applaud China for it’s bold endeavour in undoing the mind control of religion. Once the Chinese have perfected the deprogramming techniques, the rest of the world should adopt them as it would be for the immense betterment of the whole of mankind if religion were to die out, who needs medieval cults that seek to mind control people in the modern age? No-one other than the clergy and preachers who run the scam known as religion, so the sooner religion is destroyed, the better.

    • Friends and contacts og mine both in Bêijing and in other parts of China have walked around asking both local Chinese-speaking (Huí) moslims and iterant Xinjiang Turkestani salesmen in Central and Northern China about discrimination and incampements. They all know about the allegations and mostly reject the notion that those camps and dormitories are “concentration camps”.
      Please note that walled enclosures do not indicate prison camps. Rather they are features of Central Asian and Northern Chinese architecture for the last two millennia.

  3. Meh. Trump has never been a deep thinker, spurting ideas off the top of his head, changing his mind the next day. Oh yeah, and a narcissist and self-serving. The media will make a big deal about the book. His supporters will keep supporting him.

    • And Trump’s opponents will also lend more credence to John “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” Bolton. Both results are bad for we the people.

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