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The juicy stuff first:

Thirty three American cities are currently targeted by, and we are oversimplifying, police/Mossad/Freemason gangs who are organizing protests, counter-protests, staging looting and shaking down business owners.  They have already made millions.

These same groups, we are told, were responsible for a bio-terror attack on the US that has now led to 120,000 dead and the unusual nature of the spread and re-spread of COVID 19.  COVID 19 is a bio-terror weapon developed in USAID funded programs but in its final form at the University of North Carolina by scientists normally employed in “special projects” developing “vaccines” for diseases that are being created in secret US labs around the world.

Today, however, we are going to stay domestic and deal with other issues.

It is clearly recognized across the US, business and political leaders, the military, academics, that a criminal cabal working through Donald Trump, their “dancing bear,” has taken over the US.  To an extent, the issue of “Israeli trained/controlled police” is a real one though this is not a “Jewish issue” nor does it really involve Israel.

VT knows some of the groups that trained US police, some are owned by longtime friends, former IDF in Cyprus, who are quite decent.  They didn’t do it and didn’t turn down the money.

Here is what actually happened.  The MEGA group, the billionaires (yes, many are Jewish) who openly fund the Deep State (some are blackmailed/coerced into funding like Epstein’s ‘sponsor’-name withheld), working with the current Israeli “diplomatic corps,” seeded with Kosher Nostra thugs and spies, now run about 30% of the police departments in the US, particularly New York.

They do this through special units, all with different names, who have consulate handlers.  All are partnered with organized crime, human traffickers and the narcotics cabals.  These units run crime in America’s “challenged” neighborhoods and the police who work with them, members of these units and other police to run death squads for them, have brought us to where we are today.

These groups have been caught firebombing and looting, particularly in Minneapolis where VT has overwhelming evidence of how foreign intelligence operatives controlling special units have ramped up fake protest violence.  From a highly classified report, partially redacted:

It is another very complex deep cover FF Gladio-style terror op developed years ago and rolled out as part of the Gladio Covid bio-terror attack by the Z’s, the company and Pentagon.
Numerous deeply compartmented teams were involved and deployed with little to no cross-talk. 100s more smaller type fake ops are now being deployed to divide and conquer America.  The media, all of it, is involved at every level.
Highest quality computer enhanced video morphing was deployed. The cops were new (not cops) the perp was a company man? The op was rolled out in 33 cities (note the Kaballistic/high Freemasony COL number 33).
Three teams of undercover were deployed and bricks trucked in for photo ops and added conflict and confusion among researchers. Team 1 given hammers to bust out windows; team 2 tossed slow burning kerosene incendiaries in while Team 3 induced local youth and intellectually challenged to loot goods by doing it first and putting into expensive cars and pickups and there is video evidence of all of this.
Police stood down for many hours to let their brothers deploy this Intel op. 
All the fake stories are just part of the complex misinformation ops deployed to tweak researchers and keep them guessing wrong in many different directions forever.
1. pre-planning of this complex FF terror Op for 33 cities involving up to ten teams all compartmented; many group constructed, contracts signed, payment promised, strong confidentiality agreements included and promises for more such work for the rest of their lives
2. op deployed
3. misinformation cross-talk ops deployed to spread confusion; involves a number of misinformation teams intersecting with paid media assets
Let’s now take a moment to talk about Jade Helm 20, better known as the Pentagon’s new plaything, the “Boogaloo Boys.”
During the late 70s, the Pentagon turned to two directions, Freemasonry and ultra-nationalists for their “fall back” strategy against communism.
Soon, the terrorists trained under Gladio by the Pentagon and their camps in Gaddafi’s Libya (some of us were around then for this, no, there weren’t Irish in Libya, it was all US Special Forces, Phoenix-Gladio) were deployed against European governments. 
They kidnapped and murdered Italian PM Aldo Moro and set off bombs across Europe for two decades including the “disco” bombing that was blamed on Gaddafi, which led to Reagan’s attack on Libya. They also staged the Lockerbie bombing.
They were also the Red Brigades as they are now, and always have been al Qaeda, and the targets were worldwide, first destroy the Soviet Union, then loot the Middle East, then take down the United States.
We will stop here.  How have they done so far?


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  1. When Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff was head of DHS he mandated that all police forces be trained by Israel. Police chiefs are flown to Israel on all expense paid trips by the ADL. Welcome to Palestine.

  2. You are on top of it! …Qom, Iran was the target, Wuhan the experiment.
    Both deathlab engineered viruses deployed without vaccines or antidote at the ready, very stupid!
    But, both designed to target specific human genome types, the Chinese in Wuhan, the Persian in Qom.
    This “designer” feature “in lieu” of a vaccine or antidote was the argument to convince to deploy into Wuhan, then Qom.
    It’s not a natural virus that just happened to pop up in the no1 Chinese industrial city or the home of umpenetrable Iranian underground nuclear base.

    I will shift abit in the idea the US is under a Bioweapon attack from a group that is enforcing a “well planned” operation.
    Rather it is a grand fiasco from a group of self righteous know it all fucking idiot bastards trusting the word of their demonic death lab scientists that there is no worry, the shit we make will not go outside of the population it is created to kill specifically….
    At the time of Qom attack (early February) There was no real fear of the Wuhan epidemic coming back into the USA, and it looked like it was OK to dose city of Iran nuclear base (in retaliation for the missle attack on US airbase.
    So that’s what happened “unfortunate” only real excuse for the guilty, in that lab engineered bioweapons inherently unstable and will mutate very rapidly as they jump from victim to victim and pretty soon those clever nanotech CRISPR edits started to go “rogue” and kill all humans in path, although still seems to favor much more the killing of dark skinned black haired people over white skinned.
    Good thing to have hope for is that the bioweaponed virus will mutate into being non lethal….but could go other way easily and become worse!

    Other hope on subject of riots and protestors, is that no gun battles have erupted! There is unspoken law just not to start shooting (Kent State or Attica) as nowadays both sides armed to the teeth and it is MAD mutually assured destruction to begin any gun or sniper battles.

    About Seattle (my hometown but now in Minsk Belarus)
    It seems to me the Capitol Hill free of police zone is just that and it’s not about ANTIFA or an armed standoff with police or FBI. It’s not another Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or the black panthers holding patty Hearst “hostage”, i
    It’s mainly that the people in that neighborhood feel much safer without police “protection”, and in fact need to protect themselves from the police!
    So the police agree, the mayor, the governor agree this is true, those guys need no police and do not want any either…the police do more harm than good so forget about it eh who really cares if they have police “protection” or not.
    However if armed Trumptards like the proud boys show up, the Seattle police will defend the protestors!!
    If Trump sends in federal trooips like he threatened to (the marines? Would they go?) Then the governor wll order the Washington national guard in to defend the city and state civilian population and stand down the feds.

    • What about that report a couple weeks back that a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 exists, and was given to Trump back in November?

    • which is why Trump wants to hold rally’s where those who attend may well die. Do remember, COVID kills the obese and Trump weighs 350 pounds or more. We are the same age but if his claim of being 6’4″ is correct, I can easily guess his weight. His chest is around a 52, his waist about 58 and his behind about 58 as well. I run 44-36 with a normal ‘white guy who runs’ butt and come in at about 230. His body mass is 40% more than mine, I look like a bean pole next to him. He might well weigh 400. He is grossly obese and without a vaccine, he would be ‘highest risk’ for COVID.

  3. I’m no more of a Bolshevik than was Franklin Roosevelt. Gordon can speak for himself, but I came of age in the 1960s when we had this little thingy called the Vietnam War. Gordon served, to his credit, I became a Special Education teacher instead.

    I just want a fair deal for American workers like my paper mill working dad had, instead of being conned by the likes of Trump and his Zionist gangster buddies. I hate it that banksters like Treasury’s Mnuchin and the Fed’s Powel are ripping off the USA and lining their pockets with our money. It sure looks like fascism to me, not that I’m calling you an f-ing fascist, mind you.

  4. You are totally right, Gordon. COVID-19 was a bioweapon that was originally directed at China and Iran. Through Europe it has come to the USA and has demolished our economy, except for the 1% who have made out like bandits with Treasury’s Mnuchin and the Fed’s Powell making off with close to $7 trillion and putting it on our tab.

    The proles are in the streets and they know they’ve been conned. They have no jobs and will soon be starving. What do they have to lose if they bring it all down? More power to them.

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