VT Cop Sense: George Floyd Arrest a Proven Fake, Floyd Murdered in Cop-Mob Hit


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The story below, excerpted from the NY Times, tells about Cup Foods, owned supposedly by a Palestinian who was forced by obscure laws to turn Floyd in for his role in a “one bill only that no longer exists” counterfeit ring.

We have waited weeks and the evidence, the counterfeit $20 (who counterfeits $20s when kids buy ice cream with C notes?) has never been seen. Nobody has it, it disappeared and no one has asked for it but us, and we have asked for it over and over.

It doesn’t exist.

More still, when Floyd was murdered by 4 hit men dressed as police, his body was searched. No money was found, certainly no counterfeit money yet Floyd was supposedly murdered for his involvement in a counterfeiting ring.

Did he have more counterfeit money in his car?  Did they search his house?  What was found there?  Did they find more counterfeit money?  Did they find drugs?  Who searched his house?

Did they search his house?  Who issued the warrant?  If there was no search, why?

Was the Secret Service informed?  If so, when and by whom?  What agents were assigned from which field office?

When the counterfeit bill was turned in by the killers, who was the detective assigned to investigate the counterfeiting?

Who were the detectives that investigated the killing?  Who did the original autopsy?

Now, of course, we know that Floyd and one of his killers, Chauvin, knew each other and worked together, supposedly at a Hispanic/Mexican “club.”  What else did they do together?

Was Chauvin a counterfeiter also?

Was Chauvin’s home searched? Were his devices seized and if/when, what was found on them?  Who did he talk to before going to meet Floyd in front of Cup Foods where Chauvin and 3 other hitmen murdered Floyd and seem to have forgotten to file any paperwork that would have supported arresting or even questioning Floyd.

Where is the statement from the unnamed 17 year old employee at Cup Foods?  It is not reasonable to think there is no video of Floyd supposedly passing a $20 but why is that video, which seems to not exist and never to have existed, off the planet?

Why has no one asked about it?

Has anyone entered the store and photographed, looked for cameras or asked other employees about who owns the store and what else is going on there?

…from the NY Times:

NY Times: Ever since George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers on May 25 after a grocery store reported that he had used a counterfeit $20 there, Muslim Americans have been asking why the store’s workers called the cops in the first place.

Like many grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods, Cup Foods is owned and largely staffed by an immigrant Muslim family, and the police call has prompted some to see racist motives.

Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, the Palestinian-American owner of Cup Foods, the grocery store, was away when a 17-year-old worker made the call. A statement from the store referred to a “state policy that requires stores” to notify the police about counterfeit bills and Mr. Abumayyaleh described the practice as “standard protocol” for businesses. He vowed that his store will no longer do so “until the police stop killing innocent people.”

For many small-business owners in low-income neighborhoods, the decision to not call the cops is not so easy. The problem isn’t that you will subject yourself to more crime without the police. It’s that the authorities often force the business owners to operate almost as an arm of the police. If they refuse, they risk being shut down by the city through nuisance abatement laws.


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