By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is no question, Bolton is a liar, he always has been.  Trump needed a liar, one with a history of supporting fake intelligence as Bolton had done when he helped the Israel-o-cons destroy Iraq under the fake presidency of George W Bush, another president who, like Trump, was never elected.

Both elections, according to exit polls, weren’t just impossible, they were clearly rigged.  During what little Trump recount was done, Wisconsin in particular, precincts voting at over 110% were found, nearly 100% Trump, many of them, and the reporting was quashed and watchdogs bought off by the Israel lobby.  It was like watching a slow-motion train wreck (as are most things nowadays).

Let’s look at what Bolton is saying so far.  He accuses Trump of playing up to Saudi Arabia, where Trump actually covers up the murder of Kashoggi by suppressing evidence (from the CIA).  This is a crime:

A person who learns of the crime after it is committed and helps the criminal to conceal it, or aids the criminal in escaping, or simply fails to report the crime, is known as an “accessory after the fact“.

Trump is guilty of complicity in the Khashoggi murder and the case is a slam dunk.

Bolton also accuses Trump of being paid off by China, loans, trademarks for Ivanka, business licenses and the same from Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  Where is Bolton lying?

Trump is working for, not Israel as such, but the ultra-nationalist apartheid party, the Likudists, which is made up of Bolsheviks primarily with strong ties to organized crime.  By “organized crime” we mean the Kosher Nostra, with its heart of Jewish-Ukrainian and Jewish Russian mob-lagarchs and their US partners who make up the MEGA group, the board of the ADL and the neocons.

Bolton was their “boy toy” all along and his attacks on Trump, for some very strange reason, leave out the primary criminal acts of Trump’s family business, selling the American military to act as an enforcer for the Kosher Nostra, ostensibly led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

In order to keep the weaklings and cowards of America’s Jewish community on board with mass murder, apartheid and global bullying, the US moved its embassy to Quds, an Arab city with NO native Jewish population and is backing Israel’s expansion into the West Bank, Golan and further, even into Iraq.

This was Bolton’s plan all along and he is the one that led Trump’s policies there, policies both still support, the primary policies of the Trump regime, which makes one wonder why the breakup between two worthless oxygen wasters, a mustache without a man and a haircut without a brain under it.

Yes, we know Trump can’t find Britain on a map or believes Venezuela and Finland are the same country, but who cares about that.  After all, as with so many wealthy and spoiled brats, particularly those who avoided Vietnam like Bush 43 and Trump, the harsh judgment of bad genes has defined their lives, addictions, personality disorders, early-onset dementia, and a streak of sadistic cruelty.

Bolton wasn’t Trump’s boy, he tried to make Trump his boy.  Trump had been the Kosher Nostra’s boy all along and Bolton wormed his way in, talentless hack he is, as Trump surrounded himself with morons and crybabies like Flynn.

and so it goes…


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  1. Once again…we look at the alternative…the DNC and their man Joe. I really don’t want to go back to the days of schools teaching 3rd graders that they don’t know what sex they are.

  2. @ Hey Forum,
    es ist immer eine große Freude, die Kommentare zu lesen welche ihr
    schreibt. Es ist immer die Wahrheit um Amerikaner zu verstehen, muss man
    sie lesen. Es ist und betrifft immer die Realität. Grüße an Euch.

  3. Putin appears to me to be one of the most honest politicians in the world today, and he’s right to defend his nation’s historical record. Yes, Hitler had designs to expand Germany eastward, but those plans may have been secondary to defending Europe from Bolshevism. I don’t believe it’s a secret that Stalin also had his eye’s on expanding the Bolshevik revolution into Europe. It’s also no secret that the USSR of the 1920’s through the 1940’s was a brutal regime, one which brutally targeted and assaulted Christianity within their realm. History belongs to the Victor’s so much so that the word is synonymous with Their-story.

    • @ joetv,
      Sie sehen es ganz Richtig Herr Putin ist wirklich der einzige Politiker den
      der Westen hat.
      Ich habe seinem Artikel gelesen, da stimmt jeder Satz welchen Er schreibt.
      Ich bin in dem Alter darum verstehe ich es sehr gut, ich bin noch Zeitzeuge.

  4. The pope gave to Spain what he gave to Spain, and he gave to Britain what he gave to Britain, I would ask any US person, do you think they have given up so willingly ? Gene gives a great deal of information, a small piece I can back up, that lends credence to the idea, that Nixon found out , when messing with the flow of drugs, a price will be exacted. Who knows, but the King of Spain did return with Nixons ousting, and the opium did flow from Afghanistan regardless of president. And members of SARs, should take a greater interest in the demolition of Columbus statues than they currently are , out of respect for their ancestors. The christians were not exactly the recruitment target of the revolution. They love fealty. They intuit the universe, and that is promptly usurped by a foreign power. Bolton is just one of em. Hiding behind a hairdo. When you don’t have good ideas, just give em something to talk about.

  5. …you should have kept going when you used W. and Trump in the same sentence….rich kids..and kids of rich kids..running the show….while dinosaurs like Kissinger are revered…kings and queens and princes and princesses WTF…who believes(thinks) in that stuff….this coming from a kid that couldn’t come up with the fifty cents it took to join the boy scouts…the best fifty cents that never got spent on me…just saying…

    • …instead of “stuff”…i meant to say shite…that was for you Ian, i have a brother in law in Scotland who clued me in on that word…it is way better than shit…hey, not to piss you off or anything, I’ll throw Gates into that mix…like what kind of philanthropist would make people pay for windows office?…here is a Gates story for you…i saw and heard him say it….i watched tons of his interviews…and the people that keep going on about the one where he says we can reduce the population with vaccines and what not are just stupid…but he did say in answer to how much has his initial investment of 10 billion in the vaccine industrial complex(VIC) has netted him, the answer was 20 fold…philanthropy with a profit…good gig if you can get it…maybe he rolls like old bob dylan when dylan said “I can’t help it if I am lucky”….the question that begs to be asked is, where did that 190 billion come from?…

  6. He isn’t, but Netanyahoowee IS one mean SOB with actually ZERO empathy towards anyone but himself. I doubt he even loves his wife and children. He is the Grand Master Satanic head that just refuses to admit defeat in ANYTHING; and not bothered one bit by ANY criticism from anyone else on or off planet. If God appeared before him; he would turn into Devil SATAN immediately and not give a flying frack about trying to kill God.

    • Trump fired Bolton Sept 12
      Could it be Bolton had instigated and set wheels in motion for the whole bioweapon attack on China thing and Trump found out
      The excuse for firing him because he messed up the NKorean talks a year earlier never made sense.
      Who else but Bolton would think its a good idea to spread a bioweapon virus into Chinas no1 industrial city to force it into quarantine and freeze economy knock it down a few notches….
      After Pompeo took over, everything is now directed at Iran, not so much China, since Trump is negotiating the trade agreements with China…..but Pompeo convinces Trump to go with it regardless if its Boltons plan and idea, and the argument if China goes well, we can then attack Iran with that virus the Israelis have that only kills Arabs (or Persians) so lets do it, and hit that underground nuclear base and their government with…Everything simply blamed on the Wuhan virus spreading around world.
      After the Iranian missle attack on US airbase the bioweapon attack on Iran was given the OK but no vaccine or antidoteavailable in case it spreads around world, however the bioweapon virus was made to target only Arabs or Persians so why not do it and they did it, around early February.
      Maybe Trump when evidence piles up a mile high that Trump and Pompeo did the bioweapon strikes on China and IRan, Trump will try and get out of it by blaming Bolton for it…

  7. “A person who learns of the crime after it is committed and helps the criminal to conceal it, or aids the criminal in escaping, or simply fails to report the crime, is known as an “accessory after the fact“.
    No question that under U.S. criminal justice system this is the case, but I’m wondering if it can be equally applied to a murder alleged to have happened in the embassy of a foreign power, located in third country?

    • yes it can

      since 2001 all acts of terrorism, and this is one, apply….meaning Trump is guilty of material aid to terrorists as well…

      gitmo the orange freak

    • The deceased was legally residing in the US. A member of the executive branch personally took action to cover up a murder of that person while he was visiting a foreign embassy.
      We did not need Bolton for this one. But as is the case with any of these types of cases, public support and political will to prosecute is the only blockage.

  8. So, Bolton is lying and Trump is expressing fake out-rage about these lies when in fact the lies are just cover for the ugly truth about Trump’s illegality… Did I get that right, Gordon? Talk about 6 dimensional chess. I didn’t know Trump was the Grand Master of that game.

    • Hi Tommy.
      As Mr. Duff points out, both of those fools are “Protectors of IsRealHell” and are merely controlled assets of Likudic Khazarian Mobsters and those two are not the only ones; Not by a long-shot!
      And isn’t it grand to have a genuine person connect the dots and string together the resultant pearls of wisdom so adroitly for our perusal?
      Thank you, Gordon Duff et al.

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