Carol and Scott on Press TV Debate: Why is Bennett pushing hoax upon hoax? (an Intel Drop)

    Scott and Carol go at each other's throats and, in the end, Scott starts to ramble a bit. Toward the end, a black and white cat walks by. A VT CLASSIC.


    Scroll down on the right side of the Trump picture for video controls on the PressTV Interview

    Scott Bennett’s rabid defense of everything Trump is not amusing. When I hear him say “our president” and cry for Trump and how people are plotting against him, I cringe.

    This is what is really going on:

    (CNN) At least five states Friday reported single-day records of Covid-19 cases, adding to the growing concern over case tally spikes that has sent many states backpedaling on their reopening plans.

    Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee and Utah all reported their highest-ever daily caseloads, according to their state’s health departments. And Florida, seen possibly as the next US epicenter, beat that record again Saturday with 9,585 cases.
    And it is not just those states seeing rising numbers. The national number of daily coronavirus case reports reached a new high Friday as well, at almost 40,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, and 32 states are seeing the number of new cases grow from the prior week.
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters Friday that “nothing has changed in the last week” and the surge was the result of a “test dump.”

    It sound demented except I believe in my heart that Scott is saying this because he has been “sent.”  Scott, however, is a know quantity, a good person and a respected colleague, despite the crazy shit he says.  As for the video, this is a debate and is certainly “good TV.”

    Of course DeSantis was caught faking data.

    Scott and Carol go at each other’s throats and, in the end, Scott starts to ramble a bit.  I do enjoy both of them.  Toward the end, a black and white cat walks by.  His name is Kipling.  That’s the best part.  As to the ‘master debaters…’…

    I’m married to one of them, Carol of course, but Scott is a good friend as well. Carol destroys Scott, who tends to hog the mike on Press TV for one simple reason, he is making up everything he says and then loses it blaming Carol for burning down statues.

    Some early notes for Scott, and do see the video (remember to scroll), about “co-morbidity.”

    COVID kills old people and fat people. If you are overweight and not so old, good luck with that. The answer? Take the time to improve diet and physical condition, quit smoking.

    As for Scott and “old people,” I am in my 70s and might suggest it is quite possible (extremely likely) I am more fit. Hanke, 82, is much more fit and can be scary as hell.

    Take your pulse, Scott. Mine is 46. Oh, the last thing you might want to try is hitting the track with Carol who can pile up 6 minute miles.

    My biggest question for Scott is whether he is also wearing a belt?

    Anyway, Scott starts losing it, after his rant on vaccines and autism (long proven hoax), Bill Gates and India (long proven hoax) and COVID immunity tales which only mean Scott doesn’t read. (COVID survivors don’t get immunity….ouch)

    I assure you, she hasn’t burned a single statue. We don’t have many confederates up here near the Arctic Circle.

    I know Scott as a smart guy and generally reasonable yet he looks like he has been sent with GOP/hoaxter “talking points.”

    My point with him afterwards was that simply lying and in this case dangerously so as his hoaxes cost lives, as we have seen where state after state, red states, are being locked down…Greg Abbot and Ron Desantis, two total moron governors, who really need to be in prison…

    The concern is this: Several writers who are my own friends have now started turning out almost identical material…and in both cases, and these are people you will all have heard of, their written material looks as though it were turned out by monkeys on typewriters.

    We just worked on a piece which originated on the Guardian (big UK paper)that has the FBI churning out COVID hoaxes, anti-vax hoaxes and smearing BLM leaders in a new COINTELPRO. It was an Adamas guy that started the first one for Hoover so many years ago, Fred Coward, looking for Commies and ending up getting everything else.

    From a slightly different direction, Andre Vltchek and I have been monitoring two sites that pay for articles but have no obvious form of income. Both are ostensibly clean except that they seem to be building an activist reputation (one has been around for years) and then embrace ‘New COINTELPRO’ hoaxes, the targets are usually Bill Gates or George Soros, anything to protect the real enemy.

    The result has been to make “us” a very lonely group as COVID denialists, anti-vaxxers and the anyone who discusses ‘antifa’ are, in fact, deeply compromised.

    You see, too many of “us” are financially unstable.  The anger that is needed for activism often comes from personal disasters and poverty for an educated and capable person can make one both hungry and dangerous.

    Books and lecture tours help but to sell books, one must embrace ideas that are unsound, or so I have come to accept.  I have been sitting on a several volume collection which I can put into print but have no place to store the books nobody wants to own (or read) and my garage (which is huge) is filled with crap already. old motorcycles, cars and a machine shop. (and huge bags of empty bottles and cans which can’t be returned)

    The issue with Scott is uncertain.  I don’t think he believes what he is saying.

    One must have an actual source for information or one tends to make crap up. With Carol, she is licensed as an RN (51 years) and has advanced degrees and teaches classes in infectious diseases. We also have kids who work in COVID ICU’s and get it all first hand, that and actually having a medical education.

    I tend to get information from having a large network of high level informants in Washington and around the world. I get my lies directly from the people who make them up in the first place.

    Let me also add this. VT has been accused, read Wikipedia, of being a Russian front.  We do have publishing agreements with RT and Sputnik, along with Press TV but we also have the same with the Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC.

    For the past months, perhaps a bit longer, we have found both RT and Sputnik, run by the same person, quite unpleasant, coddling ultra-nationalists and White Supremacists in both Europe and the US and censoring anything critical to Trump.

    They have become nearly useless as a news source and they were very good.  This is a serious disaster.  Their op-ed writers are a total joke, all of them mouthing the talking points of New COINTELPRO.

    Just imagine the sewage we discover in the MSM.

    And so it goes…


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    1. You’re right, Gordon, this is great TV! Carol, I don’t recall seeing you on TV before, not sure why, since you are a better-looking and more credible-sounding talking head than the rest of us VT regulars. Terrific job. That said, I think there are reasons to be skeptical of the whole mainstream medical paradigm, though maybe not to the extent Scott says. One of the few scientific facts that have been firmly established is that the beliefs and self-interest of the experimenter have a powerful influence on the outcome of the experiment. In a private-profit-driven health system, “knowledge” will be constructed almost entirely out of the pecuniary self-interest of those making the profits, including the doctors and scientists and corporations who fund them. Not all of this constructed “knowledge” will be wrong, but as a whole it will be profoundly distorted. So whenever you look at the data, you have to make a big adjustment for self-interest. If one side of the debate is well-funded and making or expecting huge profits and the other isn’t, the truth is probably much closer to the less-funded side than the data would seem to indicate.

      None of the doctors I trust the most, meaning the ones I know who have figured out the above and adjusted their perceptions accordingly, fully accepts the mainstream medical line on COVID. Listen to two of the more radical ones, Eric Beeth and Gary Kohls.

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