Ex-National security Republicans bailing out on Trump

The group will reportedly include "at least two dozen officials" who will publicly oppose Donald Trump’s re-election bid, suggesting that it would "endanger" US national security


Group of Republicans, Who Claim Trump is a ‘National Security Risk’, Set to Endorse Biden – Report

…from Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note The tom toms are drumming as various anti-Trump war parties begin to put their war paint on leading up to the Republican convention. The initial seeding for this move began with the 4-star generals coming out with Trump being a ‘Divider-in-Chief’.

That was followed by the ex-Defense department officials, and later the ex-Justice department ones calling for Attorney General Barr’s resignation. This is an unprecedented event in American political history since the Republicans and the VFW black legions tried their coup on Roosevelt that fizzled.

I sense a similar group of ex-Justice Department prosecutors might be doing something similar. Glenn Kirschner seems to be the point man on this effort now. Here is a sample, as he talks about what needs to be AFTER Trump loses, to put a wooden stake into the heart of the monster.

This is worth six minutes to watch. No former prosecutor, (30 years with army JAG and then a DC criminal prosecutor), has ever publicly mentioned what he does here. We have a ‘brotha of a different color’ here.

Kirschner just came onto my radar over the past week. He has a niche YouTube audience with 70K subscribers and is doing these almost daily, so I will be bringing some over. This is not a VT guy, yet, but he is a fellow traveler… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … June 24, 2020

According to the most recent survey by Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is currently leading over President Donald Trump in the run-up to the November election. However, there are still more than four months ahead of the national vote.

A number of Republicans who previously served as US national security officials under Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush are currently forming a coalition to publicly back Joe Biden in the upcoming election, anonymous sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The group will reportedly include “at least two dozen officials” who will publicly oppose Donald Trump’s re-election bid, suggesting that it would “endanger” US national security. According to the report, the initiative is co-authored by two former staffers in the George W. Bush administration: John Bellinger III, former legal adviser to the National Security Council and State Department, and Ken Wainstein, the 43rd president’s homeland security adviser.

Robert Blackwill, who served as US Ambassador to India from 2001 to 2003 and US National Security Council Deputy for Iraq from 2003 to 2004, is also reportedly expected to join the group. All three former officials have previously publicly opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy. Some other officials, not previously involved in national security matters, may also take part in the initiative, sources say.

The group’s public endorsement of Biden is expected to be announced in the upcoming weeks, possibly after the Democratic National Convention in August, when the former US vice president will be formally endorsed as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

There is yet another prominent group publicly voicing its opposition to Trump’s re-election, the Lincoln Project, a “political action committee” co-founded by George T. Conway III, the husband of Kellyanne Conway, who is Trump’s presidential counselor.


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  1. Even if Trump is indicted, there is much more to do, to regain trust in the DOJ.
    Revisiting 9/11, would be a decent start, and explaining the whereabouts of all the opium coming from Afghanistan.

    If he does not go to jail with Barr, there is no law. And if some people do not follow the law, there is no law. So, if the uprising scared a few people, go ahead and ask for more, because the people have had enough. Trump should be arrested along with Barr, immediately. Throw Mitch in solitary and start asking questions. That bird would sing too. There is either law or there is not Law. The onus of proof is upon US gov to prove there is a law.

    • I agree with everything stated, but let’s go ALL the way back to 1776. ALL “humans” are created equal why were woman given short shrift from the beginning? Black Men got ‘rights’ before White women, were is the ‘logic’ or ‘honesty’ in any of THAT mode of thought. And Stanton Friedman had gotten a 400+ pages from the NSA about Roswell UFO Crash with bodies and craft taken away; every single page was blackened out only the page #,s were shown. Not even Paperwork Name or Title.

    • Kirschner’s mention of the testimony where Trump lawyers were asked if Trump shot someone on the street could he not be prosecuted, and they said no, was quite telling. The game had been all along with the Trump gang was to turn the president into a Mafioso Don, by finishing the total rigging of the court system up to the Supreme Court, and the Justice Department to keep a lock on it all. And then if an angry public came after you you would have all of that taxpayer supported law enforcement to go after them, and the Israelis in reserve to do the real nasty stuff.

  2. I don’t mind this guy’s zeal for prosecuting Trump for high crimes, but while he’s on his soapbox of legal rectitude, I have to ask, where was he when all the banksters, hedge fund managers, and ratings agencies, who crashed the nation’s economy with their liar’s loans and bundled mortgage security fraud, were given not only a total pass on prosecution by then AG Eric Holder, but also a bailout, courtesy of the 110th US Congress, sporting democrat majorities in both the house and senate?

    • The makers and enforcers of the Law have opted not to participate in the Law. There is no Law.

    • Technically, we could say they are a lawless band of thugs and thieves, and it would be correct.
      Savages,.. that are hell bent on domination and special consideration protecting them from their own laws.

    • Edward, It is always a mistake when someone is leading a charge inside a community that historically does not do that, to then hit them with “where were you back when…?” He was probably a working prosecutor where he was not in a position to do so. You could say the same thing to all the seniors that get involved in a lot more volunteer work after they retire. So how would the benefit you, or anyone.

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