Blockbuster: Trump was told, He lied: US Intel confirms, Russian bounty paid for 3 Dead Marines in Afghanistan (SEALs Recovered the Cash)


The intelligence officials told the AP that Trump was briefed on the bounty matter earlier this year. Trump denied that, tweeting Sunday neither he nor Vice President Mike Pence had been briefed.  VT had it first…

[ Editor’s Note: We have another case here of interpreting the rules the way you want, and then denying jurisdiction when someone else attempts to do that with you, even when they are correct.

VT would look at this first in terms of what is the international law on the action. If US forces were used to attack a Russian column that was legally in Syria during its advance to reclaim Syrian oil well territory, then who is the illegal aggressor?

The Syrian coalition column was attacked by US air assets, including a C-130 gunship using US artillery that laid down devastating fire on the advancing Syrian and Russian allied forces.

This incident preceded Trump’s infamous statement, “We’re taking the oil, I like the oil”. The incident resulted in the largest loss of life for the Russian anti-terror forces which was met with glee by many in the US. What was not in these knuckleheads’ data banks is that, under international law, the Russians had the right to retaliate, just like Iran had with the Soleimani team assassinations.

The US military had its fingerprints all over supporting and in some cases actively participating in aiding and abetting terror attacks on Syria, and so has Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar, whose ex-Prime minister admitted on the Charlie Rose show, “We made some mistakes in the groups we supported”.

Trump of course is going to grab onto any story to divert from his fast sinking reelection fortunes, and which might take a chunk of the Republican elected politicians with him. Watch to see more of this as he goes lower.

With that the chances of another major false flag attack will increase, funded by those who will know they are not only headed out the door but into years of courtroom litigation which might include criminal charges… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … June 29, 2020


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  1. I remember the US military losing a couple pallets of cash….greenbacks…in Afganistan.

    What really sticks out to me is Hillary/Obama giving Stingers to the “good rebels” that turned out to be ISIS and Amb Stevens getting killed trying to get them back. We haven’t found those yet (except one that shot down a US Chinook). Keep digging in that cave.

  2. Another fake news from our beloved American “partners”.
    1. Taliban is in list of terrorist organisations in Russia.
    2. Again “highly-likely” style?
    3. The POTUS elections are near and heavy fake news artillery is in action?
    4. Where is the money? Name those who offered them. Name those talibs who took it and signed this “contract”. Who is that mythological pentagon person who “has the proof”.
    Dirty filthy pathetic scornful American political establishment liars.

    • I agree with you Andy and was thinking the same thing.
      First, this does not really seem to be the Russian way of doing things under Putin.
      Second, if Russia really wanted dead American soldiers or mercenaries, there are plenty to pick from in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine.
      Third, there is absolutely no need to outsource this revenge. Wagner group is more than capable of retaliation on its own; even against US special forces.

    • Talibs always can do their job in killing NATO forces without any money and request.
      How stupid the one must be to think that Russia can act so silly. If Russians plan smth.- no one will never know about that. In the best ex-KGB and GRU traditions. Traditions of fog war, that USA and BG have lost.

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