Blockbuster: Russia and China veto Syria border crossings that almost let ISIS build a nuke (Duff on Press TV


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    1. Syrian Children.

      This is why Syria is being cut off, robbed, sanctioned and attacked mercilessly by USA and Israel.

      None of the violence against Syria has ever made sense to me. As I was listening to you speak, Gordon, it struck me why.

      Refugee Children from my beloved Syria have become the prime assets in the Khazar human trafficking trade.

      It may be the entire reason for ISIS at this point.

      Thank you Gordon for your devotion to truth in Syria.

    2. Well said Gordon.
      When, if ever will we see our sainted media in both Europe and America finally tell the truth about Syria? What did the Ba’athist Government led by Bashar al Assad do that caused the international cabal to blow trillions of $$ in taxpayer funds in trying to remove them from power and shatter Syria into little pieces? Was and is Syria so much of a threat to Israel and/or Turkey with their nukes? What precisely did the Syrian People do to deserve what has been borne down upon them? Is an axis of resistance stretching from Tehran to Damascus and on to Beirut so threatening to BiBi and his cabal stretching from Riyadh to Las Vegas that they simply had to blow that axis apart?
      One day, and soon I hope, the real history of the War on Syria will be allowed to be told and related to ordinary people who tend to lap up the headlines allowing the details to others. Meanwhile I wish that someone would please tell me, a Citizen of Ireland and of the European Union why it is that our Governments in Europe first imposed murderously punishing Sanctions upon the People of Syria in 2011, renewed and extended in January 2012 and, although initially, supposed to be renewed each and every 6 months, now subject to renewal every 2 years with not even one Government of the 26 remaining courageous enough to say No! No more! We will not renew these Sanctions! ……. and not even one word of explanation given to us. the Citizens of Europe, as to why these Sanctions were renewed at end May with nary a whisper of their renewal in our media. I had hoped that with the departure of UK from the EU, the NATO-lite sheen on the EU might wither a little but it seems not just has the sheen now dimmed but rather has been burnished with not a word of explanation to European Citizens.
      I regard myself as being reasonably knowledgeable about EU & International affairs and about the War in Syria but it came as a complete shock to me to discover one month ago that the Syrian Sanctions had morphed from temporary, renewable every 6 months Sanctions into what are effectively, permanent Sanctions against Syria and her People at some point during the past 2 – 3 years but despite my searching the EU Councils’ website, I cannot find the basis for that change and nor can I find the date upon which the EU’s Foreign Ministers and/or Heads of State changed the basis of the Sanctions to 2-year-renewable Sanctions that are renewed in secret with never a word to EU Citizens, let alone to Irish Citizens here in Ireland as to how and why this had happened.
      I sincerely hope that VT and/or SouthFront might investigate this at some point.
      Meanwhile, I wish you well on your wonderful work!!

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