by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Note: It was nice to see the UN get the Soleimani assassination back in the news. But despite its solid legal basis, I can’t see any effect it will have on the Trump regime which is in full rogue unipolar ‘might makes right’ mode.

The structure of the UN is the problem, not the competence of its people. Simply put, it is an outdated organization, as it has no rules for punishing or sanctioning rogue members for illegal attacks and killings.

Israel has told the UN where it can shove its calls to end its occupation of Palestine. The US, being a much greater power, theoretically anyway, correctly thinks it can do the same, and does.

As for the UN to have any ‘shaming’ power over the US or Israel, you can forget that, despite the solid legal position that UN special rapporteur Ms. Callamard laid out, “The test for anticipatory self defense is very narrow…it must be a necessity that is ‘instant’, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation.”

Of course whacking a certified diplomat on the way to a diplomatic meeting with the President of Iraq to discuss a deescalation plan for the region is flagrantly illegal, but the US further convicted itself with its lying.

The initial Department of Defense statement omitted the word ‘imminent’, saying the strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attacks. The day after their statement, Trump flipped and stated the Iranian attacks were imminent, getting his lies mixed up.

Then the icing on the cake, as the US waited for the Iranian retaliation attack that it knew was coming, it did not launch a preemptive attack, nor make arrangements to have air defense for the US bases in Iraq. The personnel were sitting ducks when Iran made its perfectly legal retaliation attack.

VT’s latest information is that 80 US people were killed, and their deaths swept under the rug by a Trump regime that realized it was a completely bungled operation which then had to be covered up.

Last, the saddest part is, because the ex-Prime minister of Qatar openly admitted that the US coalition had spent $160 billion to balkanize Syria and that “mistakes were made in some of the groups supported”, i.e. terrorists, Iran had a right to retaliate against US and Israeli forces JD ]

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Could the Soleimani convoy killing burn Trump down?

– First published … July 07, 2020

Months after the U-S assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, Washington has failed to provide any evidence for its claim that he was a threat to the United States.

In a latest reaction to the killing, the United Nations says Soleimani’s assassination was a violation of international law and the UN charter. We have more in this report.


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  1. The international law is a machiavellian term introduced by the most powerful military nations, to be applied with local puppet or rogue governments. UN is but a mirror image of that.

  2. Jim,
    What happened to all of the injured US soldiers? Last I heard, it was 120 with traumatic head injuries.
    Seems kind of odd that an attack like that with that many injuries and no deaths? Where’s the Benghazi type hearings over this? I recall 45 said they were just a few soldiers suffering from head aches.

    • Our information is that most of the brain injuries were fatal. There is a long history of inconvenient military deaths being covered up. The number we have now is 80, from insider sources, not from a blog somewhere. One of the advantages we have over MSM as people on the inside know we will publish what others will not, and that is why we have a lot of friends on the inside. They know we have their backs.

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