MIKE HARRIS SHOW: Austin Steinbart a Man of Mystery and Intrigue

Mike Harris
Austin Steinbart

An Interview with the Curious and Very Interesting Mr. Austin Steinbart
Today’s episode is my first interview with Mr. Austin Steinbart, my purpose is the pursuit of the truth, not to debunk or discredit Mr. Steinbart, but instead to confirm and verify the claims he makes.

Yes, I have a position, and I find that Mr. Steinbart and I both share common goals about what is best for the USA and the American people. We both see the rampant corruption and lawlessness in the USA, and in particular, the corruption within our own government and institutions.

Neither he nor I want a revolution, but instead a purge of the institutional corruption of the American system, and reforms and strict enforcement that will prevent any future corruption.

On a personal note, I find Mr. Steinbart to be not merely highly intelligent, but very charming, well reasoned, with a great sense of humor. All in all Mr. Steinbart is a very likable young man. This is the first in a series of interviews to promote our common cause.


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  1. Mr Harris, your guest made a brief reference to a Constitutional Convention when talking about the Internet/data Bill of rights. I believe we do need such a Bill of rights, but I think the Constitutional Convention idea is unwise at the moment, as there is no possibility of a rational discourse right now.

  2. Your guest in a you tube video dated March 20, 2020 entitled “Who Is Q? (Pt. 1)” claims to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency. He confirms that DIA runs the q-anon psyop. Can VT confirm both of these points, however, I think the latter already has been confirmed. Q-anon appears to be working to get Trump reelected – at tax payer’s expense? Everything should be transparent to the public. A Congressional investigation may be warranted.

    Hopefully, Mr. Harris will have the guest back on for a follow up interview where these topics can be explored in greater detail.

  3. Austin Steinbart in a youtube video dated March 20, 2020 entitled Who Is Q? (Pt. 1) claims to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Can that be verified? He also confirms that q-anon is a psy-opp and that it is being operated buy the DIA. Hopefully you can bring him back and follow up on questions on that subject. If what he is saying is true I think there needs to be an immediate Congressional investigation of the q

  4. Correction: I made a mis-statement in that interview, that being I should have said CenturyLink as the company that purchased Level-3 Communication, not Comcast. Mea Culpa.

    My other mis-statement was I said $3-5 billion in opium traffic from Afghanistan, when a more accurate figure is $3-5 Trillion, not billion, again mea culpa.


  5. It is great to see Mike Harris is back. Looking forward to his future interviews. I don’t’ always agree with Mr. Harris but he has a great deal of interesting insights.

    As to this interview, I thought more background information was needed for the guest Austin Steinbart. What is Steinbart’s experience level – background – who does he work for? Does he have a job? What is his source of income or funding? In my opinion, he does not provide any new or unique information or insights. He may be good to have a conversation with over a round of beers but that’s about it.

    Steinbart seems to be promoting the qanon psyop. Mr. Harris should have questioned his guest more thoroughly on the qanon psyop (still waiting for the 150,000 unsealed indictments to be unsealed and to see Hillary in Guantanamo – JFK jr anyone?).

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  7. It is great to be back and look forward to a lot more to come, soon. We are in for the fight of our lives, and we cannot let the Marxist/Bolsheviks take down the USA like they did to Russia 100 years ago. The Main Stream Media is a pack of lying dogs, and not to be trusted. We cannot trust the Democrats at all, and we cannot trust many RINO Republican who are also dirty and fear exposure. The time is now to rise up and take back not just the country but every corrupt system and purge them until they are cleansed. It is time the US Government functioned to the benefit of the American people, not just the wealthy and special interests, All corruption must be purged and the perps punished, harshly, by any and every means necessary.

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