Granting asylum by western governments to terrorists is giving facilities to terrorism

[ Editor’s Note: VT has worked with the Association for defending victims of terrorism for many years, trying to put some sunlight on the history of Western terrorism against Iran, which to date has been done with total impunity, hiding behind sovereign immunity.

Of course, all nations that signed the UN charter had agreed not to terrorise each other, but that imperfect instrument has no tools for what punishments would be dealt out by the international community to maintain the credibility of the UN against rogue members.

Here we are years later, with the West engaged in a War on Terror, where it did not take too long for VT to discover that it was also a War of Terror. Why would any nation play both sides of the fence in such a way? One needs to look at the financial opportunities to be gained from the ensuing chaos and instability.

The bomber Kolahi Samadi was given safe haven in the Netherlands until he was murdered many years later

The ADVT event that their membership rally around is the infamous 1981 bombing of a large meeting of Parliament officials. The perpetrator was a Western supported actor, Kolahi Samandi, spirited out of the country to a soft landing in the Netherlands under a false identity for many years, until someone murdered him a few years ago.

When VT learned of the ADVT, they had 16,000 terror victims, 12,000 of them inflicted by the MKO terror group long supported by the US (civilian and military support) and Israel. We viewed this as more than five 9-11s, and yet there still has been no UN or ICC efforts to seek justice.

The bookend for this tragic story is the continuing Western, Gulf State and Israel aid for terrorism as a destabilization and regime change tool, where members engaged in such remain UN members in good standing.

Maybe it is time for people to wake up and realize that the UN is an outdated and compromised organization; and something new and much better is needed to replace it. What would that be? … Jim W. Dean ]

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The resting place for the Hafe-Tir terror attack

– First published … July 14, 2020

In an interview with the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism, Manouchehr Mottaki, former diplomat and Iranian foreign minister, in response to the question, what is your opinion in regard of granting asylum to a terrorist by Dutch government and the responsibility of this country towards the victims of the 28 June, 1981 terrorist crime?, emphasized on the responsibility of the Dutch government for granting asylum to the terrorist of the disastrous terrorist attack in 28 June, Mohammad Reza Kolahi.

Manouchehr Mottaki

Manouchehr Mottaki was born in 1953 in Bandar-e-Gaz, Golestan province. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he entered Islamic Consultative Assembly in first parliamentary elections and until 1984 was in various parts of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, including the leadership and the Foreign Policy Commission.

After the end of his term of office in parliament, he went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 1985 became Iran’s ambassador to Turkey. After four years in the embassy, ​​in 1989, he became the General Directorate of Western Europe branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the Deputy Minister of International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was appointed Iran’s ambassador to Japan in 1996, and in 1999 he became an adviser to the Iranian foreign minister on international affairs for two years. Manouchehr Mottaki has been the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 2005 to 2010.

The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism has played an important role in revealing the truth about terrorist groups

At the beginning of the interview, Manouchehr Mottaki thanked the Association for its deeds and said that the good actions of the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism in the past two decades has had very good effects and results and has revealed the true nature of those guising themselves behind pretexts such as human rights, democracy and the friendship with West to inflict disastrous damages on Iranian nation and martyred many of them. He continued, and I have witnessed the efforts of this Association toward the crimes of the Monafeqin organization [MKO] in Iran.

Americans act with expediency in regard to terrorism

Mottaki added that, some years ago, the Americans, because of some interests and calculations and some terrorist attacks and assassinations perpetrated by that group, enlisted them as a terrorist group, but later and because of their other interests, removed them from that list.

The Netherlands government has negative records in respecting human rights and international law

In another part of the interview about the illegal action of the Netherlands government in granting asylum to the terrorist criminal Mohammad Reza Kolahi, the former Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic said that unfortunately, the Netherlands has a negative history in terms of human rights, respect for the rights of nations and respect for international law.

The Netherlands government was the first country that sent chemical weapons to Saddam and was convicted in its courts

Referring to some actions taken by the Dutch government and against the international laws, Mottaki said that the Netherlands was the first country to be convicted of giving chemical weapons to Saddam in his own courts, and that company that sold chemical weapons to Saddam, which led to the tragedy of Halabja and Sardasht [chemical attack], which many were martyred, was convicted for the first time in the courts of the Netherlands itself.

The granting of asylum to terrorist separatists in Ahwaz and the Monafeqin [MKO] makes international responsibility

In another part of the interview, Mr. Manouchehr Mottaki said that another Dutch government move was to shelter Iranian separatist terrorists. Some of the leaders of that group had separatist activities in Khuzestan and when they were arrested in Iran, very arrogantly, claimed that they are Dutch.

The former foreign minister added that the latest case in which the Netherlands government has and is never a shiny record is the issue of granting asylum to a terrorist whom perpetrated the Hafe-Tir terrorist attack. The attack that a nation has mourned for nearly forty years, and martyred the head of the judiciary and many ministers and members of Iranian parliament.

Ali Motamed’s true identity had been known by the Dutch, German and other Western intelligence services

Mottaki continued, I  was a member of the first Islamic Consultative Assembly at that time. The perpetrator was Mohammad Reza Kolahi. His identity was completely clear to the intelligence services of the Netherlands, Germany and the West countries, and in complicity with other governments, the Dutch government granted him asylum and provided him with facilities for three decades.

Granting asylum by western governments to terrorists is giving facilities to terrorism

Mr. Manouchehr Mottaki continued, they were protecting him, and today in regard of survivors and families of victims of Hafte Tir terrorist attack, some of whom, as Mr. Kiavash, are here [Behest Zahra cemetery], and more than thirty years have suffered from the injuries of that attack, I think the countries that provided terrorists with facilities and asylum are responsible.

The courts of the Netherlands, as in the case of chemical weapons, should demonstrate their independence and pay attention to the lawsuit opened by the families of martyrs of the Hafte Tir terrorist bombing. And they are representatives of all Iranians.

In another part of the interview, in response to a question about the Dutch government’s responsibility for the families of victims of the 28 June terrorist attack, the former Foreign Minister of Iran said, I think that as in the case of chemical weapons, the Dutch courts should show their independence and pay attention to the lawsuit opened by the families of martyrs of the Hafte Tir terrorist bombing, which are representatives of all Iranians.

It is a shame for the West to shelter a terrorist culprit of 28 June terrorist attack

He continued that, given the ongoing investigation about this man in the Netherlands, it is clear that he is affiliated with the Monafeqin organization [MKO], which is another shame for the West. And it means sheltering those who were perpetrators of that terrorist act.

I call on the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism to continue its efforts with determination, despite some problems

At the end of the interview, former Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said, I sincerely express my thanks for the efforts of the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism and I say to them that don’t be tired and I hope you will continue your efforts with determination, despite some problems.


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  1. In addition to the Netherlands, other European countries grant asylum to groups who had terrorist activities in Iran. Denmark, Britain, France, and Albania have granted asylum to Al-Ahwaz and Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists.

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