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…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: The hammer just came down on the holocaust hoaxers in Israel and all over the world, via none other than Israel’s top Holocaust expert. There will be some squirming around in Zioland over his recent story.

No one will be calling him a holocaust denier, but others might be called “holocaust hustlers,” which is what I have always viewed them as. Thank you, Professor Yehuda Bauer, for putting them in play.

By punching a huge hole in the holocaust narrative, albeit on this specific issue of Polish participation, he has opened the door for discussing other holocaust issues, including the big one, which is holocaust supremacy with its hyped numbers.

While he denounces the Israeli regime for exploiting Jewish deaths for a political and fictitious storyline, it will be left up to others to denounce Holocaust supremacism, a term no one had ever used, may I say dared to use, before today.

And by that, I mean that the death of Jews was somehow worse than the deaths of all the other millions that died under equally horrible circumstances. Those other deaths have been estimated at 70 to 85 million, but if those people don’t matter or aren’t allowed to be memorialized with the same intensity, it effectively sends them to the proverbial back of the bus.

Maybe the truth can finally come out if those that rule over us do not block it on the internet, as we are seeing a huge smokescreen ostensibly to ‘protect the public’ from “misinformation”.

Professor Bauer has punched a hole in what was the unchallenged official holocaust narrative, which is in itself patently discriminatory, and for exactly the same reasons that Bauer has described below, “a completely one-sided mixture of truths and untruths, which is more dangerous than outright lies”.

We shall see if he really stands by this when we peel the onion down a bit further to reveal other inconvenient truths, or will he raise the black flag of antisemitism? … Jim W. Dean ]

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Holocaust Russian POWs, sent to the proverbial back of the bus like they never existed. And the Russians holocaust the Russian Germans who had long lived inside Russia when they were forced out on a “trail of tears,” like the American Indians, only in larger numbers.

Yehuda Bauer (Hebrewיהודה באואר; born April 6, 1926) is an Israeli historian and scholar of the Holocaust. He is a professor of Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was the founding editor of the journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies and served on the editorial board of the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust, published by Yad Vashem in 1990.

– First published … July 18, 2020

A prominent Israeli historian has lambasted the Tel Aviv regime for having “collaborated” with Holocaust distortion and accepting the Polish narrative completely for the sake of political, economic and security gains.

Speaking in a webinar for British educators organized by the University College of London, Yehuda Bauer said Israeli authorities are using a fictitious storyline and playing along with it.

“The problem that we face is the identification of Israel with a distortion of the Holocaust, especially in Poland. The political and economic and security relationship between Israel and Poland is great, why would this problem of the Holocaust come between this?” he said.

He said the Israeli regime “decided to settle it” and sent a two-man team to negotiate with the Poles, “neither of them are experts on the Holocaust or history or Poland”, and they ended up “accepting the Polish narrative completely”.

“Anti-Semitism is defined in those documents, signed on June 28, 2018, as the same thing as anti-Polandism by the Jews. So, 2,000 years of anti-Semitism equals the opposition of some Jews to Poland,” Baurer, a professor of Holocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem al-Quds, noted.

“Yad Vashem [Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust] doesn’t normally react. This was an exception. It was so gross, so dangerous. We don’t accept the distortion of the Holocaust. What I’m saying is not only directed against the Polish nationalists but against the collaborators on the Israeli side as well,” he further argued.

Bauer then described distortion as “a completely one-sided mixture of truths and untruths which is more dangerous than outright lies”.

He said, “Distortion is when you say yes it happened, it was terrible, but we didn’t do it – the Germans did it, only them, no-one else. Yes, there were a few bad eggs among us who collaborated, denounced Jews, participated.”

Bauer added that “without a large part of the population, arguably a majority, there could have been no Holocaust, because the Germans didn’t know how to differentiate between Jews and Lithuanians, Jews and Poles, Jews and Hungarians.

“The number of Jews who could be identified from traditional ultra-Orthodox clothing was relatively small. The vast majority looked like everyone else in their neighborhood. Without the help of the local population, no Holocaust could have happened. So, this is a denial of what happened, a distortion,” Bauer pointed out.

Back in April 2017, Bauer dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion that the Allies could have saved four million Jews from the Holocaust if they had bombed Nazi death camps from 1942.

“This is utter nonsense. There is absolutely no truth in this,” he said at the time, emphasizing that the combined Anglo-American air forces were incapable of reaching any destination east of Berlin and the Elbe River until early 1944.

“The reason for that is simple: The Anglo-American bombers had no fighter escort that could reach those distances,” the historian highlighted.

“There was no possibility whatsoever of reaching the places where Jews were being killed until [early] 1944,” he said back then.


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  1. The people that comment here (along with many million others) seem to agree that Holocaust was and is used for political purposes. As such it has been exaggerated to a point where it is obvious that if you can’t reason with it and research the 6 million number, then it has been used as a tool to exploit the nations.

  2. In the case of, Hungary, the Zio-Jewish Holocaust Industry Propaganda Machine claims that some 5 to 6 hundred thousand of Hungarian Jews were sent to the, “Gas Chambers!’ That IS a LIE!! That number is close to the total numbers of Jews, around WWII, to have resided in the country! Some 160-180 thousand left Hungary before, during and after the War. The transportation of unfortunate Hungarian Jews didn’t start until the early summer to fall of 1944, when Governor HORTHY was pushed out of office, by the retreating Germans, (His Son was actually kidnapped by the Germans), so in the spring of 1944 a Hungarian, Nazi Party, ‘NYILAS’ ARROWHEAD’ under SZALLASI, came into power and started to move some, mostly innocent JEWS, by Rail out of the country. There was only a 3 to 4 months window! That wasn’t an easy task, since the Rail Lines were under daily bombings by the ALLIES! Plus, the retreating German, Hungarian Forces and the hundreds of thousands of refugees, who were escaping from the Soviet Horde, that already pushed inside the Carpathien Mountains, Remember there ware some 280 thousand Jews in Hungary at the end of the War, amongst them the Bloody Bolshevik-Communist Creatures who from 1945 to 1989 jailed, tortured, murdered tens of thousands of Men, Women and Children in order to keep that Christian Nation in the Soviet Orbit! Jewish Victims were well under 100 thousand, no Gas chambers, disease, hunger, violence!

    • It opens up the barn door. If Israel’s top Holocaust historian can accuse the government of hyping the even for political and financial benefit, then others can question it on other grounds. My position is simple. WWII was a huge holocaust, and to give one special group the topic victim award is not warranted, without accepting the Talmud position that a Jewish life is worth way more than a goyim’s, which MSM will never quote from the Jewish literature that is easily available.

  3. Anglo-American forces couldn’t be bothered reaching east of Berlin until Soviet forces went into offensive and freed the Minsk front. But this has repeated throughout history several times, and even unto this day, which proves that greatest victims of WWII were Slavs. World wars were fought against Russia, not Jews or any other religion in particular, or ethnic category. Just territory, territory and more territory, just like Zionists fight in Palestine, for territory and nothing else even remotely glorious.

    • The greatest victims of WW2 is debatable, the Baltic republics suffered very badly, as did Yugoslavia, Belarus was perhaps the most beset and ruined nation in Europe. However, China probably suffered worst as it’s war began in 1932, escalated into a big war in 1937 and didn’t end until 1949.

      The fall of Berlin is something we still don’t know the truth about. Eisenhower broke all the rules of his command structure by bypassing Gen. Marshall and the President and communicating directly with Stalin, to tell him the Allies would halt on the Elbe ad leave Berlin to the Soviets. There is no doubt that the Western Allies could have taken Berlin first, the northern Army Group commanded by Montgomery was a short dash don the autobahn across the north German plane with little to stop it. British 30th Corps or Hodge’s 9th US Army could have motored all the way to Berlin, there are tales of advanced recon units driving round the Berlin suburbs, but being pulled back.

      Where the mystery comes in, is why was Stalin so determined to seize Berlin at any cost? He pushed Konev and Zhukov so hard to take the city ASAP when it could have been taken with far less loss of life with a different, but slower approach. I think the answer lies in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute was located. This site contained several things Stain would have been desperate to obtain. One thing that is known for sure is that there was a large stockpile of over 1,000 tonnes of high grade Uranium ore from the Congo -seized by the Nazis when they overran Belgium. Stalin wanted this to kickstart his atomic bomb programme.

      However, there is something else, and for this, I have to step into the realms of not fully proven, but I think this is accurate: The KWI was where the papers of German physicists Hertz & Helmholz were stored and in the 1930s, Werner von Braun and Walter Dornberger had used those papers to continue the work of Hertz & Helmholz in the areas of gravity and magnetism. Von Braun and Dornberger had already fled, they were captured by the US and shipped home as part of Operation Paperclip. They went to work for Larry Bell of Bell Aircraft and this developed into the work for NASA under Bell in the 50s and 60s. Bell is famous for their helicopters, Larry Bell ran the Apollo Weight Reduction programme for NASA. What Dornberger and von Braun brought to the table was their work into gravity & magnetism, which they used to develop anti-gravity and field propulsion technology, some of which was used by the Apollo programme, it was all hidden behind the front of NASA and rockets of course.

      But back to Berlin, Stalin couldn’t get his hands on the scientists, but he could get hold of what they left behind at the KWI, so I think that played a major role in Stalin’s decision to send his armies directly into Berlin an push them to capture the place at any cost, leading to immense casualties.

    • Two large groups were “ethnically cleansed” from their land in the fallout of WW2: Germans and Palestinians.

  4. The entire his-story of the Holocaust must be re-told. This time accurately. The famous gas chambers that we are told existed were physically incapable of performing as expressed, so that’s as good a place as any to begin. Next we can examine the alleged eyewitness accounts of Dr. Mengele’s experiments, the shrunken heads, twins, the special colored smoke that only Jewish bodies emitted etc. The Red Cross kept records at every concentration/labor camps, that are not easily debunked. Another source for accurate information is the Jewish community. It has accurate records, year by year tally’s of the Jewish population throughout Europe, and the world. This information is helpful too.
    So, if it’s now ok to question the holocaust then let’s look at every aspect.

    • What you suggest is illegal Hate Speech™ in most of Europe. Facts are never allowed to contradict religious dogma by the authorities.

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