Trump Ordered Killing: Son of federal judge murdered in Trump/Epstein/Deutsche Bank Cover-up


VT: Our sources say this is a Mossad hit on a Federal Judge who could put the entire Trump family behind bars.  There is no doubt, follow the Twitter Storm, all the media has it, this is a Trump ordered murder and a botched Mossad hit.

Federal judge’s son, 20, is shot dead and her criminal defense attorney husband is critically injured after a gunman disguised as a FedEx driver ambushed their home – four days after she was assigned a case linked to Jeffrey Epstein

UK Daily Mail: A gunman is on the run after a federal judge’s son was shot dead and was her husband critically wounded in their North Brunswick, New Jersey home. The suspect dressed as a delivery driver rang the doorbell and broke into the home of Esther Salas, an Obama-appointed District Court judge, on Sunday night. Daniel Anderl, the judge’s 20-year-old son (not pictured), was killed. Her husband Mark Anderl, 63, is reportedly in critical but stable condition in hospital.

After defaulting on multiple loans and bond issues, Trump was considered a terrible credit risk and could not get loans for new projects in the late 1990s. Then up stepped Deutsche Bank, which financed Trump to the tune of $2 billion. Now Deutsche Bank is facing billions of dollars in fines for laundering Russian money. Congress wants to get documents from the bank to investigate the connections, for obvious reasons, and the Supreme Court will rule soon on whether they get access to them.

Deutsche Bank lent Trump millions after he defaulted on loans they already gave him and after he once sued them in 2008. Known derisively as a “global laundromat,” the bank is facing U.S. and British legal actions over its role in a $20 billion Russian money-laundering scheme. Two Congressional committees want the bank to release 10-plus years of records involving Trump and his three oldest children as Congress probes Russian money laundering and possible foreign influence involving Trump. White House lawyers have fought the committees tenaciously.

It’s hoped that the Supreme Court’s verdict will end years-long efforts on the part of U.S. officials to glean the truth about Trump’s finances. Especially at issue is whether Russians interfered in the 2016 election and if that meddling was powered by Russian money funneled to Trump through the giant, scandal-ridden German bank.

This all went through a woman named Rosemary T. Vrablic, the managing director of private wealth lending for Deutsche Bank. Ivanka Trump put her in touch with her father and the money began to flow. Jared Kushner and his family had also had a long relationship with Vrablic and borrowed money through her. Deutsche Bank watchdogs flagged several transactions that were suspect and they were sent to federal regulators, but no action was taken. Hopefully the Supreme Court will allow House investigators to enforce their subpoenas and get the documents necessary to do a real investigation. It looks like the bank laundered a huge amount of Russian money and turned it into loans to Trump.

Judge Salas was in her basement and was unharmed in the attack, which is thought to happened around 5pm on Sunday. Salas has sat a judge on the U.S. District Court for New Jersey in Newark, for nine years and was the first Hispanic woman to serve on the federal bench in the state. She served as a public defender and federal magistrate before President Barack Obama nominated her to serve as a District Court Judge in 2010.

She has presided over a several high-profile trials during her tenure, including the trial of former Real Housewife Teresa Giudice in a case regarding financial fraud. Four days ago, she was assigned to preside over a case involving investors suing Deutsche Bank over their ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Salas has also been involved in cases involving gangs and is believed to have received threats in the past.


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  1. This was not a mossad/CIA hit as the police would have stood down & a 3 man team would have gone in & cleaned house(shot the dog, the cat,every thing) As it was a nervous idiot went in &shot 2 people, not even killing them both & missing the Judge, So was she the target at all? And who’s call is it that Trump ordered the hit, better be ready for a law suite! Cheers JF.

  2. My condolences to the judge and her family for their loss and pain – terribly tragic. It is also another attack on the rule of law and the American people.

    Did you know that between 1789 and the present very very few federal judges have been murdered? Like 4 or 5 at most. It is incredibly rare for an attempt like this to be made. The chances of something like this happening are astronomically small.

    When I first heard this story I immediately thought to myself whoever did this has hours – not days to live. But did the suspect that they found dead actually do the deed? One has doubts. Since the only suspect is dead – no need for a full throttled investigation or a messy trial with unknown outcomes. Dead men tell no tales.

    • The perp had cancer and was a target for recruitment for just such a mission.
      He was perfect for recruitment.
      trump corporation has as its brand, distribution of labor , for the purpose of making money.
      Dude was on the list big time.

  3. “From 1999-2000, he wrote that he worked for Kroll Associates in Moscow, Russia, saying he “managed and upgraded Kroll’s delivery of intelligence and security in the former Soviet Union.” He also worked as an attorney in Russia and Ecuador.”
    Heavy dot com

  4. And the Mossadnik, suspected, suspect found dead already, that was a quick Lone gunman suicide…..Or, another botched killing/warning by the usual suspects.

    Shrimpton can now feature a new “Tale of the DVD” in his magic kingdom of Zion corner! Which really degrades this great site! He also appears to favorably comment on his own stories, as JS….

    I’ve been a VT student since 2005.
    Thumbs up!
    BDS 2020

  5. Adrian2MiL18
    Of that I have no doubt. I really don’t think all that much of Trump’s ability to rationally strategize, not on this level. I think hen is so hobbled by his own narcissism, delusions and impulsive behavior, that any game of one-dimension chess is beyond his scope.
    So does he know what they do behind the scenes to keep him on their string? Yes, I’m sure he does.
    Does involve himself in the details? He doesn’t strike me as a detail person. I think his involvement would pose more risk than reward, the man’s a loose cannon.
    Is he guilty? Yes. Any court of law would still consider him as part of the conspiracy.
    Is he a criminal mastermind? The man is hardly a Niccolo Machiavelli, that’s for sure.

  6. Please… i have no intelligence experience & don’t like Trumptard or BSBiden, but this is just so obviously part of DT’s brackish swamp soup. This is where he just keeps adding ingredients & making decisions (not good ones…) to make it taste less like feces. Things are getting much more clear if you’ve been doing your research & paying attention. We live in a new gilded terd age, where things look rosy & golden until you scratch the surface & discover a foul stentch…

    • Except the attorney is a complete Trumptard. “Roy Den Hollander, a well-known men’s rights attorney and self-described “anti-feminist,”
      “He accused them of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act by allegedly committing “wire fraud” because he wrote they created and caused “to be broadcast and disseminated false and misleading news reports concerning the Donald J. Trump candidacy for President of the United States.” This is number two.

      “California men’s rights attorney Marc Angelucci was gunned down on July 11 in his home by an unknown male. Angelucci was the vice president and board member of the National Coalition for Men.”

      They are both most certainly on a recruitment list and considered very favorable to Trump.
      Maybe the first guy chickened out, and this was the backup. Nice and clean, kindof.

  7. For anyone to be 100% certain of a crime, especially one as serious as this, means one has first hand knowledge, and unimpeachable evidence of the where, when, who and how. And by concealing such evidence has one become an accessory after the fact?
    I believe under Federal law: If you willfully conceal the commission of a felony federal offense, you can be charged with “misprision of a felony.” Misprision of a felony is a form of obstruction of justice. If you are convicted, you face up to a $250,000 fine, imprisonment up to three years, or both fine and imprisonment.

  8. First of all VT, I am not a fake poster. I have no idea how you arrived at that conclusion.
    What exactly is a “fake poster”? I think my comment was beyond the capabilities of a BOT.
    I am a long time reader. VT is and will remain my go to alt-site.

    Secondly … Tommy Apeiron .. if you reread my post, I never questioned whether he is part of the K/N. I know full well of his past Roy Cohn connections. I as much as admitted that VT has convinced me of this. But of this line of yours … It’s inconceivable that he wouldn’t have known that this obvious mob (Mossad) hit was going to take place …

    I would like to think we on the right stand for a bit more than the pronouncement of guilt based on a person’s associations. That’s Cheka or Gestapo logic at best. The title of Mr Duff’s piece states: “Trump Ordered ..” Between Trump “ordering” and your suggesting “inconceivable he wouldn’t have known” there is quite a chasm of conjecture.
    By the way guys … I was contributing to the discussion not attempting to derail it. Let’s not “eat our own” when someone posts a dissenting opinion. Those are the machinations of the cognitively dissonant left.

  9. He has threatened federal judges before, especially Latino judges. He has assassinated and supported assassinations, and the Kobe Bryant incident is almost guaranteed to not be what it looks like. No matter how many times he does something stupid or heinous, Trumptards will say ‘Oh he wouldn’t do that would he ?” Yes, he would, and he would brag about it.
    When you give idiots power, do not be surprised when they act like an idiot.

  10. All I know is what I was told by White House insiders. I was told that this murder, as with those at Deutchebank, was planned some time ago but not put in motion until the scotus decision. With the White House out of reach for Trump, this is the primary route to send him to prison.

    We don’t list who we talk to or they would be dead also. Those who don’t know the story can’t understand VT can’t fix the veil of censorship. Look into the story like some who commented have.

    Trump ordered the hit, we are 100% certain.

  11. John,

    Someone puts a hit out on a judge in a Trump money laundering trial just after scotus turns over his taxes, a judge appointed by Obama, one cited as most likely to send Trump to prison.

    But then you aren’t following the story, just writing comments which are increasingly biased as we get closer to an election and Trump is circling the drain, accepted by humanity as worst person who ever lived.

    Is that a stretch? As the dead, which you believe to be ‘crisis actors.’

  12. “But those links alone should convince Mr Duff that Trump didn’t need to be involved or would even be asked to order this, that it would have been simply handled preemptively to steer events as they want them steered.”

    Sorry, Jim, Trump has been Kosher Nostra for decades, ever since he was Roy Cohn’s butt-boy back in the 1980s. It’s inconceivable that he wouldn’t have known that this obvious mob (Mossad) hit was going to take place. That this would have been “handled preemptively to steer events the way they wanted” is undeniable. That Trump wasn’t directly responsible for ordering it is only to give him plausible deniability.

  13. Trump and his family have been Kosher Nostra for decades. He is certainly not an innocent bystander in the mob (Mossad) hit. That he has been fighting tooth and nail to keep is tax returns from being exposed shows that he has a lot to hide. Bumping off a few judges would be nothing to mobsters like him.

    • I agree completely. Roy Cohn was possibly the worst of the worst when looking at Trumps associates. Cohn was long time Mossad connected and had very powerful friends and was involved at high levels, especially in the Nixxon and Reagan admins. A list of Cohn’s ‘best friends’ includes those like journalists(liars) such as William Safire, Barbra Walters, Mike Wallace. Cohn was Trumps mentor (according to Trump himself) from an early age. Cohn was especially valuable when it came to compromising those that opposed Israeli policy, getting dirt directly from ops similar to Epsteins. Cohn helped Trump become a valuable money laundering asset to the Kazarian mob (Mossad) long before Russian oligarchs stole Russia blind in the 90s. AFAICT, this had nothing to do with Putin, but those he sought to prosecute (like Browder) who raped Russia with the help of western bankers. Without Kazarian backing, Trump would have been a has-been rather quickly as he had already lost the bux daddy left him. The proof of the pudding is that even with failures, defaults and bankruptcies, he continued getting loans. Try that yourself with the same financial record and see how far you get. I imagine his tax records would qualify for the best fiction of the decade.

    • This is why I’m certain that Trump will not leave office voluntarily. He faces prison time for a number of felonies including money laundering for the Kosher Nostra and tax evasion. He has already said that he will not automatically accept the results of the November election. My guess is that he find some pretext for declaring a “national emergency” that will enable him to set all limits to his authority…

      “Unknown to most Americans, a parallel legal regime allows the president to sidestep many of the constraints that normally apply. The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. While many of these tee up reasonable responses to genuine emergencies, some appear dangerously suited to a leader bent on amassing or retaining power. For instance, the president can, with the flick of his pen, activate laws allowing him to shut down many kinds of electronic communications inside the United States or freeze Americans’ bank accounts. Other powers are available even without a declaration of emergency, including laws that allow the president to deploy troops inside the country to subdue domestic unrest.”

  14. In 2014 a Deutsche bank exec Broeksmit, who gave out loans to Trump was found suicided, hung by a dog leash.
    Last year former Deutshe bank exec who gave loans to Trump, Bowers, was found suicided in Malibu, also
    he had apparently hung himself.

  15. The biggest disappointment when reading stories like this, especially those picked up my corporate media, is always the failure to differentiate between the “Russians” and the Kosher Nostra, unless, of course, Putin answers to Mogilevich?

    • My thoughts as well. But the Putin/Trump line does what it is designed to do, eh? Fling BS into the air.

    • The unwillingness of Putin to restrain Israel from attacking Syria indicates that he either reports to or is afraid of someone.

  16. Trump doesn’t have to be involved at all. There’s reason to believe Kushner, or his parents could’ve arraigned this. Deutsche Bank as it happens is a Rothschild Central Bank, which adds suspects exponentially.
    Trump is in the Illuminati bloodlines, and will have more insulation.
    Given it’s Russian money being laundered, and Kushners position in Chabad Lubavitch there’s a lot of possibilities as to whom, or who may have wanted this judge, or the husband dead.
    The Democrat judge/Republican subject of investigation of a Rothschild Central Bank, washing Russian oligarch money.
    Whodunnit ?

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