Book Review: What Really Happened: The Death of Hitler

The Death of Hitler: What Really Happened?

What Really Happened: The Death of Hitler by Robert Hutchinson is available August 4, 2020, in hardcover (256 pp, $27.99, 978-1621578888) from Regnery History,

So, what really happened?

Popular history writer Robert J. Hutchinson, author of What Really Happened: The Lincoln Assassination, takes a fresh look at the evidence and discovers, once and for all, the truth about Hitler’s last week in Berlin. Among the questions the book explores are…

Washington, D.C.Did Hitler die in his bunker…or not?

After World War II, 50 percent of Americans polled said they didn’t believe Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had committed suicide in their bunker in 1945, as captured Nazi officials claimed. Instead, they believed the dictator faked his death and escaped, perhaps to Argentina.

This was not a wild opinion: For instance, Stalin told Allied leaders that Soviet forces had never discovered Hitler’s body and that he believed Hitler had escaped. At least two German submarines crossed the Atlantic and landed on the coast of Argentina in July,1945. It was reported that Nazi officials had formed a large German colony.

According to official accounts and numerous eyewitnesses, the dictator of the Third Reich shot himself, loyal Nazis burned his body, and the bones were removed by the Russians.

The mystery surrounding Hitler’s final days only deepened in 2009 when a U.S. forensic team announced that a piece of his skull held in Soviet archives was not actually Hitler’s.

So, what really happened? Hutchinson sifts through the mountains of primary resources and debunks urban legends to uncover the truth about Hitler’s last week in Berlin. What Really Happened: The Death of Hitler answers these questions:

  • Why did the Western Allies never find Hitler’s body?
  • What about Hitler’s proven use of body doubles? Could Hitler have used one in the bunker while he and Eva Braun escaped?
  • What happened to last minute plans to fly Hitler and Eva Braun out of Berlin?
  • Why did the FBI continue to investigate reports of Hitler’s survival for more than a decade after WWII — reports that were only declassified in 2014?
  • Why were forensic tests on crucial physical evidence only conducted in 2008 and 2017?

Hitler myths are complicated by long scholarly disputes, burdensome details, and worst of all, unproven conjectures presented as facts. What Really Happened: The Death of Hitler takes all of these and clearly separates truth from fiction. It is an important book to read if you want to know “what really happened.”

About the author: Robert Hutchinson is an award-winning writer, speaker, and author of numerous books of popular history, including What Happened: The Lincoln Assassination, when in Rome, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible. The general author of the What Really Happened Series, he gives talks on historical topics to groups throughout the U.S, and Europe. He blogs at



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  1. @ Andy Armavir ( Russland )
    Sie haben Recht, sein letztes Bild welches ich gesehen habe, war seine
    Verabschiedung von uns Flakhelfern in Berlin, kurz vor dem Ende.
    Da war Hitler total am Zusammenbruch, sein ganzer Körper war am zittern.
    Er hätte einen Flug niemals überstanden, in der Verfassung in der er war.
    Seine Paladine hätten es auch nicht zu gelassen. Ich sehe die Bilder heute
    noch vor mir. Man will mit dem Ungeheuer eben noch Geld verdienen.
    Grüsse Sie

    • Danke, Werner!
      Schön, deinen Kommentar zu sehen. Ich werde auf diese Weise bald Deutsch lernen ).
      Meine besten Wünsche an das ganze Deutsche Volk. Glück, Wohlstand und Erfolg in allem!
      Meine Familie war übrigens von 1980 bis 1985 Wehrdienst in der DDR. Dad ist mein Flieger. Sie lebten in Eberswalde. Und 1985 wurde meine Schwester Natalia in Potsdam geboren.
      Vielen Dank!

  2. Btw, Stalin was the first man who kicked joooows ass from power. Because they were everywhere after 1917, you know that well, Sir.

  3. Aha… Especially after Soviets helped the allies in Ardenn, where Germans kicked their ass.
    By 1945 there was no army on the ground stronger than Red Army: fast, experienced and massive.

  4. Hitler’s suicide on April 30, 1945 is an indisputable fact. But many like to hype and make money on crazy conspiracy theories. There was no escape. It was the bodies of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun that were found near the bunker.

    • Hello Andy is me again ! I completely agree with you, I also think Hitler and Eve committed suicide in the bunker… I also think that many people in the world are starting to realize that the whole history is not ours and neither is the story true. Why didn’t I ever hear what the bankers had to do with it, that gives a totally different understanding of that whole history. Take the 6 million as an example… The latest videos from Know more News, Adam Green is really worth watching.

    • I beg your pardon, I don’t remember the nickname.
      Only the lazy did not write about Hitler. Everything has long been stored in the archives. Key witnesses interviewed, Hitler’s personal physicians, etc. Soviet intelligence and a special command to capture Hitler surrounded Berlin so that the mouse would not slip through unnoticed.
      Secondly, Hitler himself no longer wanted to run anywhere. By the end of the war, his state of health was terrible and he would not physically endure any travels to Latin America or Antarctica. It is a fantasy.
      Thirdly, he was terrified of being captured, because believed that he could be put in a cage in the Moscow zoo, like a pitiful animal. Although he was a pitiful animal. And he knew about Mussolini’s pitiful fate – died like a dog, with his girlfriend.
      The German elite had no time for him, because all the high-ranking fascist b@stards clearly understood that the Red Army would destroy any resistance in 2 seconds. It was more important for them to save their skins, because no one and nothing could stop the USSR army.
      Therefore, I consider insinuations and conspiracy theories about Hitler’s flight to be an empty idea.

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