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Why Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was Axis Ally of Hitler & Nazis

Historical introduction Standard Oil Company, Inc., was an American oil production, transportation, refining, and marketing company that operated from 1870 to 1911. At its height, Standard...

Time Magazine Names Penis-Piano-Playing Nazi Cokehead “Person of the Year”

"We called Zelensky 'person of the year' instead of 'pervert of the year' because we didn't want to misgender him..."

VT RADIO: Kanye Loves Hitler with Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Host Johnny Punish welcomes VT's wise and learned contributor Dr. Alan Sabrosky.  Together they talk about Kanye West and his praise of The Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany's dictator.

HBO’s “The Plot Against America”

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was bad enough, but it had nowhere near the psychological effect on public opinion that its daughter revolutions—the short-lived soviet republics of Bavaria and Hungary—had on the populations of eastern Europe.

On this day in 1918, Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler Wounded...

On October 14, 1918, Hitler is temporarily blinded by a British gas shell and evacuated to a German military hospital at Pasewalk, in Pomerania.

Was Adolf Hitler the Real Founding Father of Israel?

Truth Telling Transfer Agreement Exposes Hitler as the real Father of Israel

Trump vs. Hitler: A Concise Comparison

A student of the Hitler era, Trump mastered many of his techniques. But was he just like Hitler? Let's take a serious look.

Vatican documents show secret back channel between Pope Pius XII and...

A series of recently opened Vatican archives are shedding new light on the relationship between Pope Pius XII and Adolph Hitler as he led Nazi Germany during World War II.

Twitter Censors “Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine” Tweet

Making fun of Hitler and Nazism is now a crime in Germany.

VT Exclusive: Nazi UFOs, The Plot Thickens!

Ernst Zundel - There’s wisdom in the saying: “If you slip on a banana peel, don’t blame the Jews.” But what about its doppelganger - “If you slip on a banana peel, be sure to blame the Nazis”? “DVD” doesn’t exist. Never has.

Is Trump a fascist? It’s much worse

Will a new 9/11-style Reichstag Fire break out shortly before the election?

DeSean Jackson’s “Draconian Punishment for Misquoting Hitler”: Traded Back to Washington...

"Civil liberties advocates noted that Nazis seem to be policing American speech with ever-greater fanaticism."

VT’s Hatespeech and Controversy Corner: Defense of Hitler

VT believes 100% of the information below is false To this day, nothing strikes fear into the black hearts of Jewish Mafia Globalists like the...