Twitter Censors “Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine” Tweet

Germans impervious to irony?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Elon Musk, that self-described free speech absolutist, apparently hasn’t succeeded in forcing Twitter to recognize the internationally-recognized human right of freedom of expression. At least not in Germany.

Twitter sent me an email last night explaining that my tweet “Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine, how about you?” is illegal in Germany.

How can that be? Is it against the law to criticize Nazis in Germany?! Is irony, satire, and sarcasm now illegal? Or is it only illegal to mock, deride, and ridicule Nazis? Or maybe it’s only UKRAINIAN Nazis that get special protection?

When Germany reaches the point that one can no longer disparage and denigrate Nazis, or even poke fun at them, one can only suspect that a Fourth Reich has somehow arisen. Will Germany soon make swastika-worship compulsory? Will German schools start holding obligatory moments of silence for the fallen heroes of the Azov Battalion? Will the heirs of Mel Brooks be forced to pay reparations to Berlin for the lèse-majesté of The Producers?

So next time you’re in Germany, don’t forget to snap your heels and salute every time you see a swastika, or you may find yourself sharing a cell with a World War II historian.

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  1. Seems Musk back peddled on his pledge to allow Free Speech back on Twitter. He’s now saying it’s “free” unless violates laws against free speech in other countries which I guess includes Deutschland Uber Alles🤣

    • The US “health” system? Good riddance. To use the album title from Grace Slick’s old band The Great Society. “Conspicuous Only In It’s Absence”. We have little health but a big ponderous, expensive and mostly health averse system.

    • If that happens, i will start to call Exceptionals Sandy since we all know that you are the biggest armed criminals and genocidals in the planest and to see you all kneeling towards an organiztion that did what we saw in COVID and be rulled by it, it will be jewl of your demiss.

  2. I saved it, renamed it and tweeted back at y’all at 11:03 am pst.
    Let’s see if it makes it through.

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  3. Absolutely evident that Germans haven’t changed one bit since Hitler. Nazis through and through. As is most of Europe… France happily collaborated with nazi germany, the UK royals were all fervent nazis and Henry Ford had Hitler portrait in his office in the US – another country who fully collaborated with the nazis in fact bankrolling them until 1944 …

  4. Papers please…

    “Mykhailo Federov is Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The youngest minister in the history of Ukrainian politics, Fedorov, at the age of 30, managed to succeed both with opening his own businesses as well as with leading the country’s digital revolution. His most important project as minister is the “State in a Smartphone” which aims, by 2024, to have 100% of all government services available online, with 20% of services provided automatically without the intervention of an official and one online form to receive a package of services”- from the WEF website.

    At a WEF summit Mykhailo Fedorov said, “The Ukrainian Parliament has… adopted a draft law making us one of the first countries to legalize E digital passports, which means an ‘equal sign’ between plastic or paper passports and IDs and Digital IDs, and are accessible in all life situations.”
    “People have no choice but to trust technology”

    “The pandemic has accelerated our progress. First, people are now demanding digital, online services. People have no choice but to trust technology. We see what kind of business developing and this business is influencing the development of our services.”

    • This digital development means that individuals and groups can and will be denied service or ‘canceled’ with “the flip of a switch”. If you thought mother nature or big brother was bad, look out here comes flatulent father. We are dangerously shitting ourselves with this ‘secure’ technology. Every word and click is recorded until every drop of water is drained from Utah Lake to cool those super computers for the NSA. While I mindlessly click away.

  5. Holocaust was their own plot, an inside job, to convince the people of the world to accept the terrorist Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.

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