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Why Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was Axis Ally of Hitler & Nazis

Historical introduction Standard Oil Company, Inc., was an American oil production, transportation, refining, and marketing company that operated from 1870 to 1911. At its height, Standard...

Ukrainians Are Fake Nazis, Goyim Slaves of Zionist Extremism

The name is really more than honorary for the brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – such a name during the years of World War II was worn by the 1st mountain infantry division of the Wehrmacht. It was an elite unit, just like the Division Großdeutschland.

Time Magazine Names Penis-Piano-Playing Nazi Cokehead “Person of the Year”

"We called Zelensky 'person of the year' instead of 'pervert of the year' because we didn't want to misgender him..."

America’s Neo-Nazi bedfellows in Ukraine are latest in long line of...

As confirmed by documents that were finally declassified more than half a century later, US intelligence agencies were soon to hire upward of 1,000 Nazis as Cold War spies.

Mariupol Freed from the Zelensky’s Satanist Nazis (video). Putin Conquers the...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe VERSIONE IN ITALIANO Mariupol was liberated by the Nazis of the Azov Battalion which plays in the official...

Twitter Censors “Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine” Tweet

Making fun of Hitler and Nazism is now a crime in Germany.

French Volunteer Outraged by Lies of Western Media, revealed truth about...

Adrien Boquet assured that he would use his photos and videos taken during the humanitarian mission as evidence of Ukraine’s crimes.

Russia: How American Media Rebrands Nazi Collaborators as ‘Freedom Fighters’

In an effort to redefine the roots of Ukrainian statehood, Stepan Bandera’s war crimes are being whitewashed.

Uncovering Nazi Secrets at US PO Box 1142

During WWII, Army Intelligence interrogated high-ranking prisoners-of-war at a secret installation in Alexandria, Va., dubbed "P.O. Box 1142."