by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe


Mariupol was liberated by the Nazis of the Azov Battalion which plays in the official ranks of the Ukrainian National Guard of President Volodimir Zelensky. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first major goal has been achieved.

For the new Tsar of Moscow, the conquest of the city of the pro-Russian Donbass had a fundamental symbolic and strategic importance but he was able to resist the temptation to exterminate ferocious militias and civilians, locked up in the Azovstal steel mills besieged by the Russian army, with those ballistic missiles. used by NATO in Serbia (by the then Minister of Defense Sergio Mattarella, now President of the Italian Republic and ambassador of the New World Order), in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

In these Arab countries, as in Yemen, the massacres of the Muslim population do not touch the sensitive hearts of Europeans towards Ukrainian Christians, considered brothers only friends of NATO.


Putin waited 8 years to bring the “city of Mary” – founded in 1778 and named after the Russian Empress Catherine II in March 1780 in honor of Marija Fedorovna, wife of the future emperor Paul I – under the control of the Kremlin.

It could have attacked Mariupol in 2014 when the fratricidal war started in the pro-Russian separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, triggered by the bloody coup in Maidan Square hatched by George Soros and the NATO countries in Kiev (after 9 investigations on the issue we can be brutally synthetic).

With some rockets he could have destroyed the Azovstal steel mills together with the military from Zelensky before May 9, the anniversary of the celebration of the Russian victory over the Nazis of Adolf Hitler who exterminated 1 million and 600 thousand Russian Jews with the fundamental support of Ukrainian collaborators, of which the ideologues and founders of the Azov Battalion are the heirs.

He could have ordered, albeit with a considerable loss of men, the assault of the special forces. But he reported leaving them locked up there with the imminent risk of dying soon of hunger and thirst and only one provision to the Russian commanders “so a fly can’t get inside”.

Patience rewarded him and from yesterday evening, Friday 20 May 2022, Mariupol will be a Russian city forever.

Unless NATO attempts a reconquest with the risk of a thermonuclear war that the Russian president is already ready to fight due to the verbal and strategic aggression of the Atlantic Alliance already exhibited in Syria, Libya and then in Ukraine.

“For the West it is a geopolitical challenge, for Russia it is a question of survival” he declared on several occasions, well aware of the militarization projects on the borders in Eastern Europe also unveiled by Gospa News in November 2021 in reference to the plan CEPA.

This is why the conquest of Mariupol is important for a symbolic reason: it demonstrates that the Russian army, with patience and certainly a lot of losses, will be able to conquer the whole of northern Ukraine by cutting off every outlet to the sea of ​​the nation that depends on it for all its trade of wheat to the West.


Zelensky, in the increasingly evident role of NATO hitman on behalf of the New World Order, revealed by the intrigues between Soros, Gates, Stoltenberg, Biden, CIA and Mattarella), shed crocodile tears on the “completely destroyed Donbass” and transformed into ” hell ”perhaps forgetting a fundamental passage preceding Putin’s military operation.

The 60 bombings carried out by the army of Kiev against the pro-Russian cities of the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk, which caused two civilians dead, in response to a sensational “false flag” for an alleged attack on an asylum, despite being obvious to any military with the slightest experience that the hole in the wall, relaunched with all kinds of photos by the western mainstream media, had been done with a pickaxe …

Only the next day from Moscow Putin recognized the independence of the two republics and thundered: “The bloodbath on the conscience of Kiev”.

Today the Ukrainian president, ready to sacrifice the life of each of his compatriots on the pagan altar of a blood pact with Western NWO governments that have become dictatorships thanks to the pandemic with “laboratory” SARS-2, reiterates that the war “will be bloody, we will fight, but it will definitively end with diplomacy ». But perhaps he forgets that he had a peace negotiator suspected of treason killed by the SBU Security Services: killed in cold blood with a blow to the back of the head.

He certainly does not want to understand that for every dead Russian soldier the Kremlin bar for the interruption of his military operation could understandably be raised. As of yesterday, the recognition of Mariupol as a Russian city, together with the whole of Crimea and the independence of Donbass, will also be one of the conditions required for the truce. Then it will be up to Odessa, then to Kharkiv and finally to Kiev.


The conquest of Mariupol has in fact a symbolic and strategic value.

«The entire territory of the Azovstal factory complex in Mariupol has been liberated, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday. More than 2,400 people surrounded inside for almost a month, including Ukrainian servicemen and members of the neo-Nazi Azov unit, have laid down their arms and surrendered» wrote Russia Today.

Some of the Nazi-Satanist tattoos of the Azov Battalion – CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR VIDEO

“The last group of 531 militants surrendered today,” the Russian military spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement. He added that a total of “2,439 Azov Nazis” and Ukrainian servicemen had laid down their arms since May 16, and that the entire Azovstal complex is now under control of Russian armed forces (whole article here).


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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  1. Cross of the Order of Malta. The upside christian cross, symbolic for Satanism. Skull and Bones the tattoos say it all.

  2. When will the Ukrainian people ( and the rest of the world ) figure out they are being used as cannon fodder for the UK/US banking cabal? To use a phrase from dearly departed Mr. Steele, the vast majority of the Ukrainian military are “good people trapped in a bad situation”.

    • Most know it for long, what can they do? Exceptionals have installed the Nazi´s in aqnd near tyhe power so most of the politicians couldn´t raise their head above american order´s even if they saw the destruction of their country. Ain´t that the reason why you all don´t do nothing for your country from the destrcted policies? The police ain´t their protection?

    • Romo they whine about it quite a bit without jolting the purse as they believe that they know how to run the banks and extend money so they can buy their toys on borrowing.
      No but ultimately the hostage takers have their own skin color and not the brown Muslims etc.
      “Yes but they are our terrorists” …

  3. 1. At the same time a video has appeared online showing how a huge traffic jam of trucks stretched for 40 km on the highway from the Mediterranean port city of Nice, located in southeastern France, to the border with Italy. The presented footage was sent to the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova by her friends, who claim that food is being transported from Ukraine in trucks. This is how the road looks from Nice to the Italian border. Solid trucks. The column stretched for 40 kilometers. Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian numbers. What are they carrying? Food from Ukraine. They are convinced that Europe needs it (food – ed.), and not the unfortunate soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were abandoned and betrayed by everything. And now there will be nothing
    to eat,” she wrote on May 18 in a comment under the video in her Telegram channel.
    It should be noted that earlier European functionaries have repeatedly stated that they are ready to “help” Ukraine get rid of “surplus” wheat and other food stocks of the European granary. Ukrainian food could get to Nice in various ways. The first is “traveling” on the roads of Europe in trucks after unloading from railway wagons. The second is directly by trucks from the territory of Ukrainian enterprises. The third is by ships through sea and river routes, followed by transshipment into trucks and “resorption” across countries.

    • 2. For example, near the Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti on the Danube, a “pilgrimage” of hundreds of grain trucks is regularly observed.

      Note that the European Union is pursuing a duplicitous policy towards Ukraine. Brussels assures Kiev of “love”, and he himself changes weapons for food, without even thinking about the prospects of the Holodomor. The Europeans are trying to turn Ukrainians into a kind of “iceberg”, which the “Russian ship” will run into. At the same time, Europe does not want Ukraine to win, but only wants to weaken Russia at its expense.
      Nothing saint at all….

    • I believe that the matter isn´t food primarly but the recovering of the money allocated to the Nazis since we are talking of 10 billions in export revenew and they have to get their money back somehow. Where else can they get their money back?

  4. I think there will be no Ukraine.
    Donbass will become part of Russia, and several republics vassal to Russia will be created on the remaining territory of the former Ukraine. In the future, some of these republics may be asked to join Russia. And they may be accepted as areas.
    No one is going to give anyone a piece of Russian land on the territory of the former Ukraine.
    Moreover. Smart people don’t expect any particularly long war. Everything will be finished by winter. Moreover, this is a pessimistic option.
    The important question is completely different. Will there be an attempt by NATO to send troops to the west of the former Ukraine?
    If the imbeciles make such an attempt, then Putin will impose martial law, declare mobilization and with a 95% probability will launch tactical nuclear strikes against NATO soldiers. No one is going to fight the old-fashioned way with NATO, which has crossed the red line. Moreover, it is not a fact that nuclear strikes will be carried out only on the territory of the former Ukraine.
    P. S. Poland started to play love game with Zelensky.

    • Andrzej Duda probably already started to print new Poland maps attaching the old Галиция within his domains… 🙂

    • 96% probability !

      — >> Probably 100% Ru will not nato/mess around and Helsiniki will become a new Ru Port..

      <<< — the poles hav an old score to settle w the Ukies; somewhre between revenge and vengance

  5. These are Satan Children,

    Azov Khazar Jews in Ukraine in Germany in Palestrina in Poland in Russia in Syria in Iraq in Taliban Afghanistan , In Saudi Arabia in Qatar in UAE in Austria …

    RAF IRGUN ISIS AL QAEDA INTIFADA IDL AIPAC are few of their names in different countries, they are from the same Master mind !

  6. “…It could have attacked Mariupol in 2014…’ You’re wrong Fabio, in 2014 they had not yet completed Russian military forces update from old Soviet legacy. That’s same reason why they don’t intervened in Syria until end of 2015. Even today it has become clear serious deficiencies remaining on Russian army to improve

    • May be Adrian! But I think that the Putin’s choices in Syria and Ukraine too was oriented to avoid conflict and to find peace. The failed agreement on 2012 marked the first step to military operations in Syria which raised on with very danger on 2013 when Russian fleet left Sebastopoli to enter in Mediterranea Sea.

      The Ukrainian Coup made the second step. Then Putin preferred to secure Syria liberation before to enter in a conflict in Donbass. So it was for a strategic military choose to avoid two conflicts when ISIS was yet strong in Aleppo governorate.

    • Initially Ru moving into Syria looked like a conquest.. as time flies.. its apparent Ru has opted for a partition w turkey… HTS has a bad bone to pik w the bathist (they were bad oscars 2 several groups and ruled w their army) – toss in the kurds; not much chance, for a ‘scotch tape reunion.. –> presently the warring factions are attempting a political solution – russia gets it bases – and the shootout confabs continue :: shall’ become permanetly partitioned w AK-47’s..

      Russia will apply the same Circuits of Value’ N Ukraine

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