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[ Editor’s Note: The so-called Western democracies are having their dark undersides revealed via their involvement in the Ukraine war, which began with their decision to train and back the 2014 coup plotters.

Yes, the national plotters have national immunity, but that does not absolve them from their responsibility for much of the death and destruction that resulted. Technically, that responsibility rests with their respective publics to intercede, but we have a clear record now of their really having no power whatsoever to intervene.

But what about their various national medias? The answer there is even worse. They effectively become state controlled media in these situations. The major US media orgs have presented themselves as effectively government news organs.

The start of the current Ukraine flair up began when Russia sent what I view as a rescue force to finally put an end to the shelling of the ethnic Russians in their respective border provinces.

Two fraudulent Minsk agreements turned out to be a waste of time, with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis being sent to the border area to shell the Donbass perimeter for eight years, killing 14,000.

Almost all Americans and Westerners know nothing about this mass killing, that does not include the wounded and permanently maimed. I have not read a single mainstream media article covering it for context in ‘how did we get here’.

They seem to have been ordered not to cover the true background by our government, and meekly submitted. There is an old name for media doing this time of war, and that is ‘Yellow Journalism’. It is a sad thing to see in 2022, in the land of an allegedly free press.

Russia spent eight years of diplomacy trying to secure the protection of the ethnic Russians in Ukraine, and was rebuffed by broken international agreements, but when Ukraine’s NATO trained neo-Nazis are sicced on Donbass and Russia finally intercedes to protect the people, it is universally described in the ‘free’ West as an invasion.

Never has the word democracy been so debased as it has with the West’s actions. And Germany, once upon a time the birthplace for the Nazis, their participation now is ghastly. People and countries without shame for their actions are beyond redemption. This climate is what leads to bigger and more disastrous wars, which is where we are headed now.

Thus ends my cheery missive for today. Let me know what you think in the comments. Am I missing something here? Am I dead wrong about it? If so please clue me in – Jim W. Dean]

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“We have a time bomb ticking in Ukraine and I am glad that I live far away.” – Jim W. Dean

First published May 22, 2022

The UK government is funding a Nazi regime in Ukraine rather than prioritizing its domestic national interests.

Britain’s parliamentary warlords have to date gladly provided £2.1 Billion to fund the Ukrainian war effort rather than budgeting to fix the UK’s gutted NHS, declining educational system, historic poverty or ever-increasing homeless population.

With the deplorable state of the UK in mind, why does the British public continue to ignore this national decline in favour of Ukraine’s factual allegiance to neo-Nazism?

Answer: the lies of the British media.

It is high time to factually challenge the British media cover-up of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi connection by exposing the inconvenient truths regarding its allegiance to Nazi-inspired Ukrainian leader Stepon Bandera, the Ukrainian Right Sector, and the Azov Battalion whose swastikas are steeped in the blood from the slaughter of 14,000 eastern Ukrainians.

The origin of the war in Ukraine and its propagation of neo-Nazism can be traced back to the 2014 Ukrainian “Orange Revolution” that saw America help overthrow the legitimately elected president Viktor Yanukovych and create the terror of Maidan Square.

Months before, Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had publicly stated that the US had spent US$5 Billion to support US-style democracy in Ukraine.

When that “democracy” spiralled into predictable national violence much to the dismay of European leaders, Nuland famously stated, “Fuck the EU.” A three-word synopsis for US democratic diplomacy then and now.

Regionally and culturally Ukraine is divided East to West, on either side of the Dnieper River with the capital, Kyiv at the north end. Eastern Ukraine is primarily culturally Russian and has been for centuries.

The 1939 Molotov/ Ribbentrop Pact divided Ukraine along new borders and today western Ukraine is far more aligned culturally and politically with western Europe and the US. For these reasons, western Ukraine has great animosity towards the East, hence the 2014 election was very close and violent.

Yanukovych was from the Donbas of far eastern Ukraine and until the 2014 election, the people of the city regions of Luhansk (LPR), Donetsk (DPR), and the Donbas had little to fear from the Ukrainian government.

These regions are the important industrial, manufacturing and mining centres of Ukraine while the western half is far more agrarian. Regardless, east and west lived in relative harmony post-1939 until 2014.

On Feb 20 that year pro-democracy snipers murdered in cold blood forty-nine innocent Ukrainians and four policemen in one night during the US-backed post-election protests against Yanukovych at Maidan Square. 

The murders- falsely blamed on Russia- had the intended effect of sending Ukraine into a tailspin of East vs. West anti-Russian ultra-violence. Yanukovych abandoned the presidency and went to Russia and the parliament installed Arseniy Yatsenyuk as temporary president until new elections brought to power Petro Poroshenko who was aligned with US interests and did nothing to restrict the growing influence of the neo-Nazi Right Sector or Azov Battalion.

Thus began the Ukraine war.

Before 2014 the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) had been rife with anti-Russian/ Jewish sentiment for decades but was held in check by Yanukovych and other Russian aligned leaders.

During WW II Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepon Bandera achieved almost hero status in western Ukraine for his genocide against Ukrainian Russians and Jews and statues were erected in his honour after he was assassinated in 1959.

Bandera was unabashedly a neo-Nazi and created his legion of the like-minded. However, his death only galvanized his underground supporters, many of whom remained within, not only the Ukrainian Army but the political structure itself.

This is evidenced by a Ukrainian politician, Andriy Parubiy. He has served as Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament from 2014 to 2019, and Secretary of National Security and the Defence Council of Ukraine. Andriy Parubiy is a Nazi. He has proudly proclaimed this many times before his parliament, before the Ukrainian military and the public on TV.

When Poroshenko was elected, Washington used this opportunity to open the flood gates into Ukraine for US weaponry and military training in preparation for its eventual de facto assault on the East and Russian influence there.

As such, Ukraine incrementally became the largest military in Europe. It was also at this time that the previously suppressed “Banderists” dominated the AFU and Ukrainian politics, much to the pleasure of the US and NATO.

The Right Sector is admittedly disciples of Stepon Bandera and exerts neo-Nazi influence as they act as a political watchdog propagating their philosophy across Ukraine. The AFU is not exclusively Banderist but the massive Azov battalion stationed in the east is predominately so.

Like Bandera, they hate Ukrainian Russians and Jews. The United Nations Human Rights Commission reported that the Azovs have killed over 14,000 eastern Ukrainians since 2014, as the East begged Russia for military assistance to help their regional militias fight back.

To stop this slaughter in 2014 Russia brokered a truce called the Minsk Protocols which the AFU ignored. This was followed in 2015 by Minsk II which also had no practical effect on the AFU genocide. For seven years this terror continued unchecked as Washington salivated in the wings for more dead Russians.

In 2019 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a comedian and actor famous for his role in the TV series, Servant of the People, defeated Poroshenko in a landslide by promising peace by honouring the Minsk accords and controlling corruption and the rising violence of the Right Sector.  But it took mere months for the Ukrainians to become the brunt of this comedian’s dark joke that saw him become, not a leader for peace, but a US and Banderist puppet.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and its divestiture of its many satellite countries in 1990, NATO had promised not to expand into these countries. However, almost without exception NATO expanded and began to ring Russia with US weapons and NATO influence. With Ukraine being the launching point for past wars against Russia, the Kremlin had made it clear to the US that Ukraine joining NATO was a red line.

For the UK media to suggest that Russia was not incrementally provoked into defending both eastern Ukraine and its own national interests is to turn the truth on its head.

With Spring being historically the best time to begin a war, during February Zelensky ordered the Azov Battalion and the AFU to begin amassing 100,000 troops and munitions towards the east in preparation for a massive attack designed to take back the autonomous eastern regions.

The DPR, LPR and Donbas militias again begged Russia for intervention but Putin still refused. Instead, the Russians tried diplomacy and repeatedly contacted Washington and Kyiv in an effort not to militarily intervene. The demands were simple and rational: Abide my Minsk I & II; not attack the East; de-Nazify the AFU and not join NATO.

The US and Kyiv did not so much as respond. In an effort to get a negotiated response, and with the AFU continuing to amass forces eastward, Russia began to prepare its army on the Russian/ Ukraine border. Instead of negotiating with Russia for peace, Ukraine and the western media falsely screamed “Russian aggression.”

Then on the last week of February Zelensky did the unthinkable. He informed the US that he was now willing to allow US nuclear weapons into Ukraine.

The next day, February 24th, the Russian army crossed into eastern Ukraine.  Thus began the Russian / Ukrainian war and the incredible barbarity of the AFU.

For the western media to cover up the neo-Nazi connection in Ukraine is the biggest lie of this war. I have recently returned from two months of reporting in and around Ukraine. Certainly, both sides are guilty of atrocity but I have seen a different kind of barbarity by the AFU that is beyond the pale of war because the AFU and the Avovs consider and treat all Ukrainian Russians, Jews and even peace advocates as vermin.

They have given up all morality. I can bear witness to the killings of the innocent, the torture and killings of prisoners, the firing on civilian targets, the mining of the humanitarian corridors to prevent escape, and the execution of anyone who suggests peace much less negotiation, and I have seen the Swastikas and pro-Nazi tattoos scrawled on the hands, arms, necks and chests of the AFU killers.

Many facts are being covered up such as the network of US bio-weapons labs discovered across Ukraine and that the Ukrainian army is not winning this war, it is being decimated. Air Force, Navy, fuel refineries, supply and railway lines destroyed, 50,000 men dead with so many surrendering that the Russians are building larger POW camps.

All men16-60 being- by law- conscripted as replacements. NATO munitions supplies destroyed as soon as they cross the polish border, and command and control communications centres are in ruins.

This day Boris Johnson’s favourite democratic champion, President Zelensky signed a new law banning all opposition parties from existence after already arresting five generals and the main opposition leader, Viktor Medvedchuk as “anti-heroes” for the treasonous crime of suggesting peace.

Thus factually challenged here, the neo-Nazi connection properly exposed and the big lie of this war properly exposed is it not  time for an increasingly impoverished Britain to now demand of Mr Johnson, their parliament, and the British media the most fundamental, important and intelligent of age-old questions:

What… The… Fuck?!

                                                -The End-

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last decade travelling and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” An archive of his many articles can be found at watchingromeburn.uk. He can be contacted at live-on-scene ((@))gmx.com


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  1. The Western (UK/US controlled) “Maytag” media has been laundering any and all information for centuries. The current situation in Ukraine is just another sorry chapter in the pathetic history of the so-called “free press”. Nothing free about it.

  2. National-Socialist is the industrial-era renaming of Feudal-Vassalism.
    Socialism, Communism, Islam and Feminism are Vassalage.
    The Feudal-cast of Western-Europe has came to own the industrial-network
    alias the Nation, which thus unites into a despotic EU with the agglomeration of industry (a single car-maker network under 5 brand-groups).

    • Strangely you kept the worst form of Feudal-vassalism out of your list. Catholicism,the one that started it all by creating the lie of retaking Jerusalem from the muslim´s when the intention was to loot, the practice kept by centurys till the weapons of mass destruction lie and the maintenance of the tradition of looting others.

  3. Ferdinand the wrong side again ? Which part of peace is not good for business you disagree with.
    Delaware’s tax filing was April 30th. I think all defense companies are registered there.

    • Delaware isn’t really a state just a legal tax haven. Biden won’t let and doesn’t want Putin to stop the war. Peace in our times? Not when the US economy thrives on carnage.

  4. 1. The denazification of the country, declared as one of the main goals of the special operation in Ukraine, does not mean at all the deprivation of its national identity. The task is different: to rid the Ukrainian people of the ultranationalist legacy that has become the official ideology of the state in the last two decades. Speaking about the many thousands of years of Ukrainian history, nationalists categorically refuse to notice that their “religion” itself is less than a century old. They also do not want to notice that every time the radicalization of Ukrainian nationalism was beneficial not to the people of Ukraine, but to completely different forces.
    The formal starting point of the history of Ukrainian nationalism can be considered the appearance in Kiev in January 1846 of the secret Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood. The society, created on the initiative of the young historian Nikolai Kostomarov, dreamed of creating a federation of free Slavic republics in which the Ukrainian people would play a special role. According to the brotherhood members, Ukrainians, unlike other peoples of the Russian Empire, have retained much more freedom-loving and commitment to democracy.

    • If you look at the age composition of the national battalions of the Azov type, you can pay attention to the fact that the most ideological, motivated and tattooed top are young and athletic people. These are those who were teenagers in 2014. They have already studied Ukrainian history. Ukrainian ideology was hammered into their heads. Uncles with big money like Kolomoisky and Akhmetov paid attention to them and took them under their wing. So there was an elite, criminal gang of Azov, which was then introduced into the military formation of Ukraine. And in fact, these are Nazi Ukrainian PMCs. And they really were an elite, well-trained, with the best weapons and equipment. They had everything! And they could do anything. Everyone was afraid of them.

    • They needed the ideology of Nazism as the most powerful source of fear and horror. So they did in Odessa on May 2, so they did in Mariupol a few years ago, shooting about 50 policemen, and so they did with the residents of Donbass – sowing fear, horror, blood, torture, chaos.
      And we in Russia want to exterminate this plague. All normal people want it. We will not be able to exist on the same planet with them.😎

    • Medinsky stated that Ukraine has not kept its promise to punish the murderers of Russian prisoners.
      Ukrainian negotiators assured that they would find and punish those responsible for the murders of captured Russian soldiers, but this did not happen. This was stated by the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, the head of the Russian delegation at the talks between Moscow and Kiev, Vladimir Medinsky, RIA Novosti reports.
      “Mockingly filming it on the phone, how they finish off the prisoners, Russian soldiers lying on the road with their hands tied. How they shoot at the knees of our captured soldiers getting out of the car with their hands tied. This, perhaps, even the Nazis did not do… But to aim at the kneecap – this did not occur to an SS officer. And the Ukrainian negotiators promised to deal with this, punish, identify these war criminals,” the assistant to the head of state said.
      According to him, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks with Russia “shrugged their shoulders and said: no, no, no, they are not fighting like that, we will definitely find them and punish them.”
      “Who was punished? Have you found someone? Please announce the entire list,” Medinsky added.
      Earlier, the head of the United Nations Monitoring Mission, Matilda Bogner, said that the UN had received reliable information that the armed forces of Ukraine were torturing Russian prisoners of war.

    • Andrew. Unfortunately, you are preaching to the choir here as VT was on to the corrupt 2014 revolution from the start. We have to accept that Biden will not change direction now as he has taken the lead in supporting Zelensky and his cronies. You ask why the US has chosen the wrong side again? I don’t know except we have been doing that since 1945. The best outcome is for Putin to finish his operations in Ukraine and then walk away from any future cooperation with the West. He is holding better cards here, and all the blustering by Biden and the US media can’t change that. This old fool will be gone in 2024. Finally, we may be rid of these Cold War dinosaurs. At some point, they will all die off.

    • @ferdinand
      I understand the full picture. But the essence of my statement is that the seeds of evil also need fertile soil. And she was in Ukraine. There are a lot of factors that led to the appearance of such a situation. This did not happen in Russia or Belarus. Although in Russia we also have fans of Nazism and they even have swastikas tattoos. But they hide like rats in the underground. And in Ukraine they are in the government.

  5. The “indispensables” are yet again trying to centrifuge Slavic nations into mutual perpetual destruction and suffering, using all available contexts and scripts from the 19th and 20th century. But it remains a question will they avoid war and misery on their territory now, with all the lunch-packs and high-tech artillery now being produced and distributed worldwide. Truman’s eggs are no more a privilege.

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