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Top Biden officials address pro-war rally led by Ukrainian Nazi supporters

USAID’s Samantha Power joined EU and US officials who rallied at the Lincoln Memorial at a pro-war demonstration organized by a clique of Ukrainian activists that have described themselves as “true Banderites” and “Right Sektor’s Washington DC branch.”

US, Germany and Italy alongside Ukraine in opposing UN anti-Nazi Resolution

On the cover image the Azov Battalion of the Ukrainian National Guard Introduction by Gospa News Editorial Staff VERSIONE IN ITALIANO Just as it continues to happen...

Undersecretary of Meloni’s Italian Govt Eulogizes Azov Battalion’s Ukraine NeoNazis. Far-Right...

Cuiusvis hominis est errare: nullius nisi insipientis, in errore perseverare ("it is common to err; it is only of the ignorant to persevere in...

An American Neo-Nazi who Fought within Azov Battalion Avowes the Crimes...

An American Neo-Nazi who Fought within Azov Battalion Avowes the Crimes of his Ukrainian ‘colleagues’

Ukrainian NeoNazi linked to Azov Battalion was Plotting Terrorist Attacks in...

young Ukrainian national who had in mind to find the weapons supplied to the Azov Battalion,

Why do EU and NATO Countries have no Problem in Working...

Why does the British public continue to ignore this national decline in favour of Ukraine’s allegiance to neo-Nazism?

French Volunteer Outraged by Lies of Western Media, revealed truth about...

Adrien Boquet assured that he would use his photos and videos taken during the humanitarian mission as evidence of Ukraine’s crimes.

A Party in The Netherlands Asks What the $850 million from...

The Dutch conservative party Forum voor Democratie is interested in the origin of the $850 million fortune of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Testimony Reveals Zelensky’s Order to ‘Liquidate’ Opposition Politician/Journalist

Shariy has lived in exile since 2012, having fled during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych and received political asylum in the EU.

Russia reiterates its primary goal in Ukraine

"In places where there are no nationalist battalions to take peaceful populations hostage [or] shoot up social sites, houses, peaceful life takes hold.”

Partnering With Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: An Inconvenient History

Stephen Cohen, who was Professor Emeritus of Russian studies and politics at Princeton, in an article on Ukraine called “America’s Collusion With Neo-Nazis,” says that the coup government in Ukraine has systematically rehabilitated and memorialized Ukrainian Nazi Germany collaborators.

Kiev Artillery Strike Hits Central Donetsk in Russia – Lancaster report

Jim W. Dean - The big item left unmentioned with the US not being involved at this stage is the sanctions.

Georgian in the Crosshairs: More than Rumor, March 23, 2022

As I wrote the editor of VT, Gordon Duff, March 23, 2022, I will keep you in the loop of what is going on, as there is a 5th column here of Ukrainian Nationalist and some Georgians are acting as mercenaries in Ukraine, funded by NED, CIA, USAID, et.al. And the Maiden snipers were mostly from Georgia, going back to 2014

Georgia: Authorities Must Stop Local Nazis Until Russia Completes Cleansing of...

Should Georgia wait until Misha’s Sonderbrigades start killing and torturing the population of Georgia again, as Azov and other Nazi formations do today in Ukraine?

How US Empowered and Armed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

The reality behind the propaganda is the West and its Ukrainian allies have opportunistically exploited and empowered the extreme right in Ukraine, first to pull off the 2014 coup and then by redirecting it to fight separatists in Eastern Ukraine.