It’s no Secret – Divide and Conquer in American Politics


by  Preston James

First published 24 July 2016

This article is long and the reason was to provide adequate background on the strangeness of presidential contest. Readers may pick and choose sections or videos they are interested in, or read it in parts at different times if interested. this contest is rapidly evolving and the news that Debra Wasserman Schultz was removed as DNC head due to pushing dirty tricks to sideline Bernie Sanders could have some major unforseen fallout in days and weeks to come.

As the American presidential election process advances, it’s obvious that the American People are becoming bifurcated between the two major candidates.

And this is all being done by controlling the American Press and simultaneously playing to these two subgroups, which have emerged around each candidate, Trump and Clinton.

RNC-delegate-Hillary-for-Prison-sign-jpgYes, Trump and Clinton supporters are being extensively psyopped (processed psychologically) to bifurcate into two polar opposites, with each group emerging as a fairly well-defined entity.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) provides powerful mixed messages that are selectively perceived and internalized by each emergent group.

Both groups individually focus in on CMMM messages that appeal and resonate with their own personal needs and positions in life and select their choice of candidate.

This happens almost immediately with many, but takes an extended time for some. And there are those who reject both candidates and vote for a candidate from a smaller party, like the Libertarian party or the Green Party.

Those claims of the candidate which resonate with them are used to construct a positive view of the candidate and this motivates them to support the candidate and desire to vote for them.

Those claims of either candidate that do not resonate with them or disgust them are used to construct a negative view of the candidate, which they then reject and motivate them to vote for another candidate.

Sadly, it seems to be a fact of American life that no one for any major election, especially the presidential election, is allowed to even become a top competitor unless they are approved by the Select Few Top Khazarian Mobsters that sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy and pull its strings in secret.

Trump supporters frequently selectively focus on and respond positively to messages of:

1- Getting rid of Free Trade and substituting Fair Trade with appropriate Tariffs.

2- Bringing back all American manufacturing previously exported thus providing plenty of new good paying American jobs.

3- Building a wall at the southern US border and stopping all illegal immigration and limiting immigration such as H1B1 skilled workers and Islamics with no adequate vetting.

4- Strongly supporting the Second Amendment.

5- Strong support for law and order against drug gangs and illegal immigrants with criminal histories and criminal lifestyles, direct hard action against terrorists and keeping America safe.

6- Making America Great Again as a nation, gaining respect for America around the world, instead of the current disgust.

7- Long History of constructing large skyscrapers on time within budget, a reputation in business of keeping his word and being a stand-up guy and is a very successful negotiator and deal-maker.

8- A history of relating well to other high wealth, high status persons a known smoozer that can get along with almost anyone.

9- Known by his employees to require them to work hard like he does, to perform effectively, but also known to pay them well, treat them well and be intensely loyal to them, and Trump has no known history of discriminating against minorities or women in his businesses.

10- Trump is a newbie, and since both the Republican and the Democratic establishment dislike him, this makes him an outsider who is not beholden to Beltway politics.

11- Has a real family, and despite his kids being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, there are insider reports that none were spoiled and for those grown up now, they each turned out to be very hard workers and responsible adults.

Clinton supporters frequently selectively focus on and respond positively to messages of:

1- Minority rights.

2- Womens Rights.

3- LGBT Rights.

4- Reinterpreting the Second Amendment to government Militias only and supporting UN world gun control agreements.

5- Support for American Unions and increased minimum wages.

6- Prior experience in Politics as a Senator in the US Congress and a Secretary of State.

Trump supporters frequently focus on the following alleged negatives associated with Clinton:

hillary clinton
“What difference does it make?” claimed Clinton at the Benghazi Congressional Hearings. Did she mean, ” what good would it do to expose my arms trafficking to ISIS, the big boys at the RKM and BCC will protect me anyhow?”

1- Allegations of a problem or non-existent marriage to Bill Clinton, an alleged multiple adulterer, rapist and sexual abuser who avoided any correction because his wife Hillary allegedly ran discrediting and smear operations against his female victims.

2- Allegations of being bi-sexual with main squeeze now her close assistant Huma Abedin, and a daughter being sired by Web Hubbell of the Rose law Firm rather than Bill.

3- Clinton having a long history of alleged dishonesty in many matters including personal, lying, conning and crooked dealings including Whitewater, email abuses, mixing personal messages, messages about the Clinton Foundation, and unauthorized and illegal messages classified as Top Secret or Orcon or SCI and use of private security and PI’s to suppress and discredit husband Bill’s accusers of rape and sexual abuse.

4- Frequently changing positions about abortion, Free Trade, Glass-Stegall type regulations.

Hill and Huma
Hill and Huma

5- Allegations that Clinton has directed her campaign managers and DNC Chairwoman known zio Debra Wasserman-Schultz to play numerous serious covert dirty tricks to prevent Bernie Sanders from being nominated.

6- Allegations of being a supporter of the Globalist NWO Agenda and having deep CFR ties and commitment to this agenda.

7- Allegations that Clinton ran the illegal destruction of Libya and had Khadafy murdered over his new Gold money system for Africa and his massive irrigation/water works system which was immediately bombed to oblivion under Clinton’s direction.

8- Allegations that Clinton was criminally negligent with the Benghazi CIA weapons storage and transfer compound by refusing to provide protection which resulted in the murder of Chris Stevens and other Americans and was caught lying about the cause claiming that an anti-Islamic movie caused it.

whitewater hillary clinton9- Clinton refused to release all her emails to the Department of State and perjured herself to a Congressional committee when she said there were no classified emails (which is prosecutable).

10- Numerous allegations from former Secret Service that Clinton was extremely abusive to them and foul mouthed while in the White House when Bill Clinton was President and threw temper tantrums, being emotionally unstable.

11- Clinton has been refusing to answer questions and laughs repeatedly (some describe as a “cackle”) and has refused any press conferences.

12- Allegations that Clinton has run a huge illegal slushfund, The Clinton Foundation, to provide personal funds and pay expense for her campaign and much more such as perhaps selling weapon export licenses while Secretary of State without any serious IRS or USG oversight.

13- Allegations that Clinton always denies, skirts any answers or accountability and is like her husband “slick willy”.

Clinton supporters frequently focus on the following alleged negatives associated with Trump:

President Trump?
President Trump?

1- Allegations that Trump only concerned with making money and running with the big financial moguls and could care less about the common folks in America.

2- Allegations that Trump sucks up to anyone to get his business deals, including prior positive associations with the Clintons, whom he now attacks in the CMMM and calls “crooked Hillary”.

3- Allegations that Trump is only seeking the Presidency to expand his own personal brand and name recognition and expand his net worth.

4- Allegations that Trump is a racist against illegal immigrants of various ethnicities and will be dangerously provocative to minorities, while protecting the 1% like himself.

5- Allegations that Trump will ignore the needs of the working man and the Unions and just cannot relate to the common working men and women.

6- Allegations that Trump has no established record in politics and no experience, no track record of dealing with Congress.

7- Allegations that Trump has declared bankruptcy too easily in some large projects he perhaps should not have taken on and refuses to release his tax returns.

It appears that each candidate’s supporters are becoming increasingly energized in their positions of support for their chosen candidate and rejection of the opposing candidate, thus becoming more bifurcated.

Instead of working together in election cycles to build a stronger more unified America with more good jobs and a strong moral base, those who infiltrated and hijacked the American Government beginning in 1913 have chosen to create as much conflict and division as possible.

This strategy of Divide and Conquer that is established by the hidden controllers, the Select Few top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafias Establishment Hierarchy is especially obvious in all Presidential elections, especially the current one between Clinton and The Donald.

Those who have Intel connections often despise both because they view them as forced choice puppets imposed on the American electorate and have knowledge of potential negative influences on both, especially a secret Zionist influence.

Those who have seen the inner workings of the top structures of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) first hand or from the periphery see politics as a big soap opera constructed to fool the public while providing obtuse, kinky entertainment and humor for the Select few top Khazarian Mafia Chieftains, who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy.

This entertainment is usually based on providing extreme and sometimes bizarre candidates for the Presidential elections.

Basically, the very Top Khazarian Mafia Chieftains that run the Establishment Hierarchy that control the USG and all politics really don’t give a damn which of their selected candidates wins, because they make sure the deck is stacked in their favor.

The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” . . . “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, 1744-1812

It has been alleged by numerous Intel insiders that right now in America it is impossible for any candidate to be nominated to run for President for either of the two major parties (Republican and Democrat) unless they have strong commitments to support Israel.

And we know that Israel is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s pure Luciferian, pure High Freemason homeland and base of all their covert operations to take over the world and attain the Globalist NWO Agenda of disposal of the special interest groups they create when no longer needed and general depopulation goals.

Strangely enough, no CMMM mainstream newspaper has even reported the lack of discussion of this most important issue of this coming Presidential Election, the background control of the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Zionist super wealthy moguls, such as organized crime magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Both candidates have some negatives ignored in the mainstream press, but carried in the Alternative press and some gossip sheets like the National Inquirer, which lately has had a record of only publishing articles they can support adequately.

It turns out that some alternative media suggest that Trump had early associations with NY big wheel attorney and fixer Roy Cohn who was eventually disbarred. Cohn was the man to deal with if a contractor ever was to be able to get the permits for any major construction project in NYC, so this alone is not evidence of corruption for Trump.

Senator Bernie Sanders seems to have been pushed aside with many of his supporters claiming a crooked, faked democratic primary votes in some major states like California and some of his supporters have taken a position against Clinton and will not vote for her no matter what, with some stating they will vote for Trump instead.

And of course there is always the CIA/BCC’s RICO crimes of Oliver North’s “Enterprise” at Mena Arkansas (drugs in, arms out) under the Iran Contra affair, which was covered in Terry Reed and John Cummings in their book, Compromised, which linked the whole mess directly to the Clintons for which they were never prosecuted, nor was GHWB.


A major lawsuit in California over this issue has been filed that could result in de-certification of the vote totals and a recount which Sanders’ supporters claim will bring things back for Senator Bernie Sanders.

Clinton has to a certain extent been able to tap into the mass frustration in a significant population of American women, who are angry at what they call the “white male power structure” and the “glass ceiling”, and this is likely a result of many years of promotion by CIA feminists like Gloria Steinem, who admitted she worked for the CIA.

It’s these kinds of CIA covert operations like Feminism, minority rights and racism, and LGBT bathroom and locker room issues that create the much desired chaos, conflict, and division which makes it possible for the establishment regime inside the Beltway to gain more and more power and keep stealing taxpayers blind.

Creating division and conflict keeps the masses fighting while the Establishment Hierarchy steals us blind and takes away more and more of our basic God-given human rights and asset strip us more and more.

America is now immersed in a very strange situation where the Ruling Establishment of both major parties (Democrat and Republican) is against Trump and appears to support Hillary Clinton, while many true conservatives and independents support Donald Trump.

Those who have scrutinized The Donald’s career allege to have found numerous contradictions and issues, and claim he is only out for himself.

But many Presidents and Members of Congress have signed the notorious AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even before America, according to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a true American Hero who was driven from office by manipulated redistricting for refusing to sign this illegal, unConstitutional, Treasonous, Seditious Agreement.

If The Donald or Clinton has made secret agreements and deals to do political favors for them if elected, that would be a big negative. But so far we can’t know this if it has happened until we see it occurring by tracing associations.

This American soap opera ran for many years and was scripted to captivate stay at home moms — The American Presidential Election is a much bigger, more dramatic soap opera scripted to provide entertainment for the KM Chieftains that sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy

These differences for each candidate presented in the CMMM supercharge the emotional tone of both campaigns and make it seem even more like an American soap opera which is highly entertaining to the very top Select Few KM Chieftains that run the Establishment Hierarchy.

As this pre-election campaign cycle unfolds it is becoming more and more like a heated soap opera, and the differences between Clinton lovers and Trump lovers is growing into a great divide. Smears from both sides are flying and have even penetrated into the Controlled Major Mass Media.

It seems as if the differences between both groups of supporters is more bifurcated in this presidential election than ever before in any other presidential election.

Neither candidate, Clinton or The Donald has any seriously successful history in politics.

Clinton has never had any measure of success. She was always appointed by those power brokers behind her. Her appointed position of Secretary of State was a mess and ended in complete failure with the Benghazi illegal arms to ISIS and cover-up scandal.

Her term as Senator from NY State could never have happened unless John John had been murdered by the CIA/BCC, and her term there was nondescript and certainly unimpressive. It sure appears to have been used to stage her to run for the Presidency as the “American Women’s choice”.

It’s like one woman activist told me, “You men have screwed up everything and keep starting wars, we need a women in the White House without all this excessive testosterone”. Well, with Hillary they may get neither, as she is quite pugnacious when it comes to covert operations and war-making.

Check out her discussion of the use of troops to illegally and unconstitutionally “take out” a nation:

Or check out Clinton’s attitude about the illegal, unConstitutional invasion of Libya and the torture and murder of Khadafy:

Here’s a video by Abby Martin which is a quite negative presentation of Clinton. You will have to do your own research on this and decide if it is accurate.

Other researchers believe the Clintons are a corrupt pair of money schemers and fraudsters selling access to power-brokers.

Clinton was fired from the Watergate Commission for unethical attorney behavior. Her marriage, if you can even call it that, has been shattered for years being married to a man who continually plays around, and she has her own “personal issues” which detract from her marriage.

Clinton has no serious major successes, other than being able to present herself as a token woman candidate, and has played that card quite effectively.

There have been numerous allegations surrounding her for many years related to Whitewater, Vince Foster’s death, Web Hubble, Rose Law Firm, smearing of Bill’s bimbos and rape accusers to quell the “eruptions”. She laughs and shrugs them all off, like water off a duck’s back, and has blamed such issues on a vast right wing conspiracy which she never explicates.

Clinton has been quoted in the alternative press as saying if elected she would attack Iran and order American planes to shoot down Russian planes in Syria. Some think she is a Zionist warmonger and extreme NeoCon hawk in disguise.

Clinton supporters have become increasingly negative toward Donald Trump, claiming he has no history in politics, has used finance and bankruptcies to feather his own nest and would use the presidency to further promote his name and enterprises for his own gain and for his family’s gain.


The Donald and many of his key supporters claim Clinton is a crook and a liar and continually changes positions. Clinton’s supporters claim the Donald has backtracked under pressure and softened some of his positions and has worked the system very craftily to always come out on top even with corporate bankruptcies of some of his endeavors.

One thing The Donald has done very successfully is to garner extreme Major Mass Media attention for free, while the Clinton Campaign has had to pay millions of USD for it.

You can bet that he has had some advisers that prod him to push the limits in order to get this free coverage and to elicit support from American workers and middle class that feel abused by the establishment. So far this strategy has been working well for him, but he has turned off some Americans who think he is too extreme for their tastes.

Many are critical of both Clinton and Trump for being ultra rich and living lavish lifestyles of extreme privilege while so many Americans live hand to mouth.

For example, Clinton never wears the same clothes twice and has incredibly expensive designer clothes costing many thousands of dollars a year and rides around in a very expensive large personal jet aircraft and big limousines.

Trump owns a lavish multi-million dollar apartment in Trump Towers and a multi-million dollar house in Florida and lives a very wealthy lifestyle too, and has bragged about it in the past; some say it was only tongue in cheek humor for a TV image. However, some resent this apparent attitude, and find it hard to trust those who are so wealthy and live so big.

And this same criticism of excessive wealth has also been applied to Clinton, who claimed to be poor after she left the White House but actually had many millions made from Clinton Foundation donations and excessive speech/appearance honorariums, which some view as highly questionable.

There is a lot more that could be included here but such would go beyond allowed parameters. The old phrase, follow the money and trace one’s support financially is always a good starting point to understand whom each person owes allegiance to.

MENA1It has been frequently claimed by Intel insiders that Bill Clinton was rewarded with the Oval Office by the Bush Crime Cabal for covering up the Mena Arkansas “arms out, drugs in” Contra operation run by GHWB, and that the Clintons are thus owned by the BCC.

And that Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary merely tagged along and would have been dead politically otherwise, later to be groomed as a KM Cutout.

Of course unless the pattern has changed the most logical conclusion is to assume that all major Presidential candidates, especially the final two are controlled by the CIA just like all the Network News has been successfully penetrated and hijacked under CIA Operation Mockingbird (not theory but established fact supported by declassified USG documents).

If still true then the deck could be stacked and we must choose the better of the two candidates, another compromise of our Constitution and American way of life.

And insiders, when asked, will tell you that the CIA (as well as the FBI) was created by the City of London private central Bankers to provide for their Intel needs and covert operations.

Perhaps Clinton’s greatest liability is her husband Bill who was impeached but not removed and admitted lying when he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” (Monica Lewinsky), by defining oral sex as not being sexual relations.

Anyone who studies his part in Mena Arkansas, ADFA, and covering up for Iran Contra knows that all this is negative baggage for him, and can easily bleed off on Hillary Clinton and detract from her image as a positive candidate.

Bill has a bevy of women accusing him of sexual abuse and rape (some have been completely validated). Hillary was accused by secret servicemen inside the White House (more than one) of helping Bill cover up what she called “bimbo eruptions”.

Hillary recently avoided prosecution for improper handling of top secret emails, something others have recently been convicted of and jailed for. But will these charges of her sloppy security plague her during the rest of her campaign and will it lead to additional accusations such as granting weapons export licenses to nations who made donations to her charity foundation which has been seriously criticized?

Or like Republican Mitt Romney, was she unwittingly used by the CIA for some of their secret operations to support ISIS? And will she be further investigated and charged with lying to Congress when she claimed that none of her emails had any classified info and that she turned over all emails for the investigation, both claims appear to have been disproved.

Certainly President Obama’s recent shift from being Hillary’s enemy to her biggest supporter has raised some eyebrows and may also be a big liability since so many Americans now despise him, view him as incompetent manager of America and a globalist that wants to take away our guns and destroy America on the alter of the NWO.

Obama with former JCOS Dempsey
Obama with former JCOS Chairman Martin Dempsey managed to keep America out of an all out war with Damascus in 2014

So far President Obama gets no credit for keeping us out of another major War in the Mideast with Syria and Iran, perhaps by instead appeasing both different factions in the Pentagon, the warmongers and the peaceniks, by deploying special ops and using frequent drone strikes.

But certainly he has not used his executive power to stop the US Military’s and the CIA’s continued protection of and transport of billions of dollars of opium out of Afghanistan, for “off the books” black ops funding.

Neither candidate Clinton or Trump appears to be a JFK or a Bobby Kennedy either. As many VT readers already know, Ronald Reagan was the last duly elected president and Sandy Berger was caught trying to smuggle the Prescott Bush immunity Agreement document out of the National Archives secret documents section, when he was caught.

This document was an agreement that none of the Bushes succeeding Prescott would ever hold political office made after Prescott Bush was arrested for Treason and Union Bank assets were seized. But it has never been enforced. Prescott Bush was instead given immunity as an informant and allowed to sidestep execution for this clear cut treason of aiding the Nazis financially, likely because of his association with the Khazarian Mafia (KM) as a key Cutout in America.

The big question to ask is that who is each current presidential candidate beholden to?

"Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish... They've got a set of Republican waiters on one side & a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. No matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same all Street Kitchen" — Huey Long in "Every Man a King!"
“Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish… They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side & a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. No matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same all Street Kitchen” — Huey Long in “Every Man a King!”

Who owns Clinton and does anyone own The Donald? It’s possible one can perhaps get some ideas about this important question by examining their specific sources of financial support for their campaigns and who they hang around with, such as who are their state campaign managers.

America is run by a secret private Banking Cabal, a large RICO criminal enterprise. Both may have to make promises to these criminals in order to get elected as Joe Kennedy did on JFK’s behalf. The question is could either candidate then pull away like JFK did, and do it without being seriously blackmailed or even assassinated like JFK? And which candidate would be easiest to blackmail?

Many Trump supporters believe that he will rebuild America’s industry and provide millions of new jobs and prosperity for the middle class once again if he is elected. Some Clinton supporters see Trump as just another chauvinist in a male dominated business community that would continue what they view as sexist, anti-feminist, anti-union, anti-middle class practices. But so far the Trump company histories do not back this accusation up nor does he have any history of discrimination against minorities.

Clinton plays the token woman card well and, appeals to a broad spectrum of minorities.

Many of her supporters believe she will continue to support the food stamp and assistance programs and support for million of new immigrants.

Some Clinton supporters fear that The Donald might cut taxes for the rich and USG expenditures for social programs.

Of course if Trump can create millions of new jobs through his new Fair Trade policies (instead of the current Free Trade started by Bill Clinton under his NAFTA legislation), there would be millions of new jobs and then the tax collections will rise appropriately.

But we all must admit that what a politician says during a campaign, what they really intend to do, and what they end up being able to do are usually three different things.

Either Clinton or The Donald could get elected, have all the best intentions and end up being completely blocked by a notably corrupt, compromised Congress.

While investigating the Jerry Sandusky scandal, former FBI director Freeh was quoted as saying, "For the authorities to have taken on the Sandusky problem, it would have meant taking on the White House," referring to the time when the problem first became known.
While investigating the Jerry Sandusky scandal, former FBI director Freeh was quoted as saying, “For the authorities to have taken on the Sandusky problem, it would have meant taking on the White House,” referring to the time when the problem first became known. This was from a press conference, but the video was later clipped to remove the statement.

Here is what we know for certain.

Two separate secret undercover investigations of the male members of the US Congress, one by an FBI informant and another by a NYCPD/NY State Crime Commission found similar results with one suggesting 39% of the men were compromised pedophiles and the other investigation 42%.

This is disgraceful and has not likely changed since these investigation in the 1980’s according to insider reports.Yes, beyond any reasonable doubt, the US Congress is filled with narcissistic, sociopathic self-aggrandized users, who appear to care only about staying in office and their lavish DC lifestyles.

Most members of the US Congress (albeit one, Walter Jones) have signed AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to put Israel interests first even before the interests of the United States of America. This is statutory Treason and Sedition by definition since we now have irrefutable proof Israel attacked America on 9-11-01 and is a secret enemy of the USA. This of course means that almost all of Congress is fully compromised, has violated their Oath of Office and continually betrays We The People.

What this all means is that even if either candidate decided to go against the Zionist-controlled US Congress, they are likely to experience difficult obstructions, due to these criminal AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to put Israel first even before America.

We do know for sure that the American Masses are being played by the KM Chieftains that control the Establishment Hierarchy and they do this through their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), an illegal News Cartel run by six KM media moguls who care nothing about We The People.

Here is what we cannot know for certain at this time.

Has Clinton been propped up from nowhere like her husband Bill to serve as a high-level, controllable Cutout, and now is being used to serve as a disposable setup to bring Trump into the Presidency? Obviously, her detractors believe she has many tainted historical issues, which make her an undesirable candidate in many ways.

Has Trump been propped up from nowhere like the Clintons to serve as a high-level, controllable Cutout and now is being used to serve as a disposable setup to bring Clinton into the Presidency? Obviously his detractors think he has many tainted back issues which make him an undesirable candidate.

And is there the remote possibility which some Alternative media alarmists are now promoting that both candidates are being promoted as Cutouts to play one off another.

The reason? To keep us all preoccupied, while the real handlers behind the current administration are doing everything possible to create massive urban strife, chaos, racial conflict and false-flag terror inside America to be able to invoke martial law before the election so they can stay in power and start WW3 with the Russians and Chinese?

This seems a little far-fetched but certainly we have a totally illegal, unimaginably corrupt, horribly perverted at the top, Homeland Security (DHS) which has been set up by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who work for the KM to function as the New American Stasi. It was set up for former Stasi Head Marcus Wolfe who was hired to mold it based on the East German Stasi, one of the most Nazi-like, criminally abusive Intel agencies that ever existed.

DHS has been purchasing and stockpiling tons and tons of arms and ammunition for DHS and shipping them to almost every single USG agency, most of whom have no training in the use of military weapons and no right to carry them. And inside the Beltway, the current Administration and in Congress, nobody seems to care or have any concerns about this absurd and criminal abuse of power.

Would the current Administration dare do this and create so much conflict that they would be able to institute Martial Law? It seems highly improbable, but the same group, the KM, did order the assassination of JFK in broad daylight in Dealey Plaza!

What we need in America is to break up the Controlled Major Mass Media, owned by six major media corporations and which functions as an illegal News Cartel and has been seriously mind-kontrolling the American Masses, filling their heads with big lies, false-narratives and incorrect beliefs that support the existing Establishment Regime that runs America, an entity that is a large Criminal Cabal.

And we need to break the back of the Khazarian Mafia by rising up at every level against it.

So we have the situation now where instead of the two Presidential candidates agreeing on what is best for America, they are miles apart and going in completely different directions. Trump claims he will crush ISIS in a short period, allegedly fully supports Israel as an ally, and wants to set up extensive Fair Trade (not Free Trade) with Russia to make money and create new jobs for America doing this. Trump wants to make a trading partner out of the Russians and views it as a future friend, and as a huge new market to tap for American manufacturing and industry.

Clinton has allegedly claimed she wants to attack Iran because she believes they are working hard to develop nuclear weapons, parroting the usual Israel hard-core Likudist position, now known to be an obvious falsity and lie. She says if Israel is attacked, she as President would defend Israel. The Donald has allegedly strongly claimed, like Clinton, that he will defend Israel as a major American Ally.

Neither candidate has claimed any support for Palestinians, nor revealed any plans to pressure Israel to discontinue stealing Palestinian land or to force the end of Israeli apartheid against Palestine or Palestinian genocide. Clinton was allegedly quoted as suggesting she would get tough on Russian war planes in the Mideast supporting Assad’s forces.

The bottom line is this…

The Select few wrinkled up old men with shrinking brains who are approach death from old age and natural causes are pushing hard and pulling many strings to attain their Globalist NWO Agenda which is unimaginably evil. They are hurriedly pulling out all the stops to implement it asap before they die and are chasing weird, imaginary esoteric rewards in the afterlife in doing so.

Their agenda is so evil, so anti-human and so anti-American that they must keep it secret by placing obtuse, owned and controlled puppets in power to run America. Some of their puppets (and some of themselves too) are folks who have a nice face and an innocent presentation, but who harbor unimaginable evil inside and enact it in private against humanity. Without their abject secrecy they would be quickly discovered to be complete phonies and would then be dis-empowered as as the American masses at all levels, even their own KM owned security details would rise up against them.

Before you assess FBI Director Comey as a civil servant, you might want to carefully examine his past as a director of HSBC which was prosecuted for Mexican drug money laundering and paid a settlement (actually in the scope of the many billions involved, this settlement was small and a mere hand-slap, a normal cost of doing business in today’s world of crooked mega banks). Then ask yourself if he should have ever been appointed to run the FBI, which has been involved in investigating HSBC, a known Intel Cutout funding source and massive drug money launderer.

The Janus principal, an ancient Roman principal practiced by the Caesars –Two faces of a KM Kingpin or Cutout– the nice exterior public face with a secret evil soulless inner self that engages in secret plots to do evil

As long as we have folks who are evil with a nice face and a seemingly beneficial public appearance remaining in power over us, we are basically screwed as a nation and as a people.

And more often than not, the Ruling establishment Select Few love to place doofuses in power — truly absurd appearing folks who act as weird puppets. And they do this to mock the American masses as their own form of inside entertainment and humor.

This plays upon their need to be oppositional and evil in everything they do, except when they set up token charities to keep the public fooled into believing they care about anyone but themselves.

And let there be no doubt about this central fact. The Establishment Hierarchy’s main control mechanism is to buy, bribe, human compromise and thus own and control all the top USG officials who are their puppets and structure the political parties to keep everyone fighting. This engendered conflict keeps the public arguing among themselves and prevents any populist unity to rise up and threaten the illicit Establishment power structure, which is basically one large RICO Crime Syndicate.

This ability to transform elections into big soap operas helps keep the American masses divided and unable to understand the core problem, that a foreign based very large Criminal Cabal, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) infiltrated and hijacked America beginning in 1913 and since has bought, bribed, compromised controlled and gained ownership of almost every single elected politician and USG official. Those that don’t play ball, they smear and then remove them from office, and if that doesn’t work they are then assassinated, like JFK or Senator Paul Wellstone.


It seems evident that we are all being played to a significant degree, that is, extensively psyopped and processed as a people when it comes to presidential elections.

It was President Bill Clinton who passed NAFTA. And it was Ross Perot correctly stated NAFTA would produce a big sucking sound and would export most good America manufacturing based jobs.

Until this election cycle plays out, we can’t know what the KM Kingpins have orchestrated with all their secret manipulations and string-pulling.

But one thing you can be sure of. As always, the Americans will be played, psyopped and completely processed before and during this election cycle.


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