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Lies About Russia Still Matter – a Lot

"Sir, I was just trying to be factually accurate, that we didn’t see the data leave, but we believe it left, based on what we saw."

The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy...

In my last few articles, I found myself writing on the theme of the emerging new system and the battle between two paradigms (multipolar vs...

It’s no Secret – Divide and Conquer in American Politics

Once again the American Masses are being played during this presidential election cycle.

Hillary Clinton’s leaked cables on Syrian Crisis plans

In an interview, the Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs claimed that the UK was preparing gunmen to invade Syria 2 years before the “uprising.”

Clinton crime family hijacked Democratic Party: (Kevin on Press TV)

"After the Clinton family got hold of the Democratic Party in the 1990s, it became the other party of the billionaires."

Tulsi Gabbard Takes Hillary Clinton to the Shredder

What Gabbard is indirectly saying here is that if a foreign policy is in the interest of the American people, then the warmongers, and the political whores and prostitutes will have nothing to do with it. This is one reason why Gabbard unequivocally told Donald Trump a few weeks ago: “We are not your prostitutes.”

The Greatest Con So Far

...by Gordon Duff with Ian Greenhalgh and Jim W. Dean Here is the truth, Hillary Clinton got along just fine with Putin.  The Russians were...

‘Ultimate narcissist’ Trump wants to ‘destroy the world’ – George Soros

There is a simple way of telling if someone has had too much "Zio-kool-aid." They blame "Jewish" George Soros for "Greater Israel" and his support of the neocons and Israel's extremism.

TRUTH JIHAD: Trump’s election was a manifestation of our collective...

In this interview we discuss my Paul Levy-inspired-article "Hillary vs. Donald: Our Archetypal “Bad Parents”...reflect on the way social reality reflects inner dis-ease...and wonder what it will take to "break the spell" and "awaken in the dream."

United States of Detachment

Ada was Clinton’s secret weapon...

Exclusive: Rigged Election? Who’s afraid of a Red Herring?

Ann Diener - Looking at the exit poll data in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, what we see is something that would be considered a rigged election in any country that we monitor elections for.

Election Night Party in Paris, France – November 8, 2016

Election Night Party in Paris, France sponsored by Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus was held in a large nightclub with big screen TVs featuring live election night coverage and a DJ playing music.

Will the Powers That Be assassinate Donald Trump?

Hopefully violent protesters will start learning to live with people with whom they disagree. Hopefully they are learning that the whole world is watching them acting like monkeys in the streets of America.

Hillary vs. Donald: Our Archetypal “Bad Parents”

Don-and-Hill are quintessentially selfish, greedy, ambitious, materialistic, narcissistic borderline sociopaths...they would never put the well-being of their kids ahead of their own egotistical ambitions for power and pleasure.

Rigged Election to Install Pervert-In-Chief

Who will be America's Pervert-in-Chief? That is the question not at stake in next Tuesday's rigged election

FBI “Insurrection” to Scuttle Director, Rig Election: part 2

Sources within the FBI have informed VT that a cabal tied to right wing extremists, in particular General Paul Vallely's Stand Up America and the Federalist Society along with groups like St. Hubertus and Bilderberg, now run the rank and file of the FBI. The FBI is now a key component of the secret societies that John F. Kennedy warned about.

Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss

Will the next our next president be front man, or a front woman, for a consortium of crime cabals?

Trolling the Trolls: Trump Aggregates Sick America

Trump's world of great golf, Eastern European street walkers and high quality cocaine should be available to voters and those with stamina to handle it.

The Meaning of Trump

Trump puts into question the entire Western paradigm

Armageddon Proportions

The duly democratically elected president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, asked Russian president Vladimir Putin to come to his country’s aid and defense against the various terrorist factions arrayed against the people and government of Syria.

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov: “There are so many pussies around US...

You cannot intentionally or unintentionally reject or dismiss practical reason and remain a rational creature.

Vladimir Putin: Dear Hillary Clinton, Time for Round III

There is no need for Obama or Hillary to get into a real confrontation with Russia at all.

Donald Trump, the Clintons, and Sexual Politics

The sexual revolution had moral and intellectual consequences because those who followed it always ended up living in contradiction.

BREAKING! Hurricane Trump Wreaking Deadly Political Havoc on Candidate Trump...

"When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything! ....Grab 'em by the pussy' Trump video launches political category 10 October surprise storm destroying all in its path

Debating a Zionist on “Israel’s role in the US presidential election”

Press TV reports: "In this episode of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an editor of VT from Madison, and Frederick Peterson,...

Godzillary Castrates T-Rex Trump in 100 Million Viewed Monster Epic Debate...

TrumpBots Devastated as Polished Preparation Destroys Unprepared Sniffling Water Drinking Incoherence

Trump vs. Hillary debate: Empty suit vs. empty pantsuit

We – the free thinkers, the awakened, the serious skeptics, the people of the red pill – are the real winners of last night's debate.

Vladimir Putin to Hillary: Get in the ring for round 2

Russia didn’t coerce Colin Powell to write a damning statement about Hillary, but again Russia has to be the main villain because it poses a serious threat to the New World Order agenda.

“Wellstone weather” caused Clinton’s collapse

The real reason for Hillary's collapse. You read it here first!

Israel: The Elephant in the US Election

The media does not want to address the elephant in the room, or in this case, in the US presidential election.

What Vladimir Putin should have said to John Micklethwait: You are...

Isn’t it time for our presidential candidates to wake up? Isn’t time for them to tell people like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban to stay in Israel and stop messing with political affairs in America?

Putin to Hillary: are you sure you want to debate me?...

Times of Israel: "Some 27 cyber-snoop firms are headquartered in the Jewish state, fueled by veterans of IDF’s first-rate intelligence units."

Bin Zayed, Bin Salman Intimacy and their Ambitions to Reign over...

On his Facebook page, Yaser Abu Hilala, Director General of Al Jazeera network, quoted a post from Sultan bin Khalifa about the alliance of Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman to devise a plot against Sheikh Khalifa.

America IS exceptional – exceptionally arrogant

Is Hillary's "indispensable American exceptionalism" even more narcissistic and arrogant than Donald Trump?!

Political corruption rife in US, Trump’s idiocy is par for the...

This election is a disgusting, nauseating, repulsive spectacle

US intel head calls for end to ‘hyperventilation’ over Russia’s alleged...

Jim W. Dean - The bottom line for all the voters is the irrefutable evidence of what a worthless political class has emerged from our political system. To even call it second rate would not be fair, as it is below second rate.

Why I Will Vote for a Third Party Candidate in November...

Though sadly ignored in this nation, there are third party alternatives in the impending battle of the unlikeable and the untrustworthy. If a candidate more accurately addresses my concerns and reflects my point of view why would I vote the lesser evil when I can vote the greater good?

Close Encounter with Bill and Hillary Clinton

Investigative journalism seems to be a dying art, and demand for the truth is no longer generally popular.

Is Donald Trump Right About Illegal Immigration?

No nation on earth, not even Korea, will accept an inflow of illegal immigrants.

TRUTH JIHAD: Who’s the real fascist – Trump or Clinton?

"The U.S. government has been fascist or proto-fascist for more than 30 years, and this fascism has been predominantly Jewish."