Godzillary Castrates T-Rex Trump in 100 Million Viewed Monster Epic Debate Battle



by Johnny Punish

Wow!  Did not expect that bizarre crappy performance by the King of Reality TV!  What the hell was that?  I am sure TrumpBots everywhere are making excuses and even having the gaul to  claim he won the debate in some bizarro Baghdad Bob fashion but us regular moderate undecided un-registered with either party people were like WTF was that?

I mean it started off good for T-Rex Trump.  He looked like he was going to hang in there and even take some destructive bites out of Clinton complete with some flesh but instead he looked like he was completely unprepared to rise to the challenge.   Admittedly, early, he scored a few points.  But then the unhealthy sniffling and snorting started into his, as he now says faulty microphone, and all hell broke loose!  We could literally see T-Rex start to implode on the split screen.  It was so awful.  In fact, Micahael Beschloss, known independent non-partisan presidential historian says he’s never seen such a thing in his lifetime.  It may be have been the worst performance in modern debate history!

What was the cause of the T-Rex Trump meltdown?

Well  the now de-fanged and castrated T-Rex Trump said this morning on Fox News that the microphone was faulty.  Microphone?  We heard clearly his snorting and sniffling!  WTF?

Then Lying Trump said there was no health issue.   Really?  You mean he just snorts and sniffles every 5 seconds normally?  But really who listens to what this clown says?  Facts may not matter to his TrumpBot base but to us in the undecided camp, we take them seriously.  I mean we all know that spin is complete B.S.!  We all saw it.  Duh!

Of course, on cue, his surrogates on TV tried to spin what we all saw but it just makes them look even more stupid!  And I am sure a few Baghdad Bob TrumpBots will say it never happened but come on!  Really?  What was that all about?   Was it nerves?  Is that Donald when he’s shaken up?  Was it a cold?  Was it a stroke?  WTF was that?  Should we pull a Conspiracy Trump and start calling his health into question?  Was his doctor lying when he said Trump is the healthiest man to run for president in history?

To be fair, T-Rex Trump looked really good up to the 30 minute point.  He got in a few jabs and looked like he could maintain his stamina.  I mean he even agreed with Godzillary on many of her points and that sounded reasonable; like a guy that was NOT so extreme that he could NOT be reasonable when another person makes a good point.   That was actually quite good.   I mean, T-Rex looked like he may have been on the right path to slaying the dragon.  But T-Rex Trump being Trump defaulted to being Wrong Messenger Trump again!  You knew it was coming!  In fact that’s why everyone wanted to watch!  100 million wanted to see the car crash! And he gave it to them big time!

Granted many thought it might be Godzillary falling down in stroke induced stuper as she tried to stab the Golden Toilet Boy who does not pay his contractors but that never happened.   In fact, it was Godzillary that was in complete control, composed, full of energy and super dressed to kill in her blood red suit like Wonder Woman fighting the evil criminals of Gotham City.  This contrasted with the T-Rex Trump wimping out completely under the weight of his own poor health issues, phony faulty mic, overt contemptuous lies, stupidity, and uber sad and weak arrogance.   He even tried to blame the moderator claiming he was a biased Democrat for Hillary!  (NBC Lester Holt is a registered Republican) Wow Right?  As Southpark so eloquently said “What Giant Douche!”!  And what a political car crash indeed!

He again gave us Birther Trump and Bad Temperament Trump!  Hell, he even claimed ICE endorsed him when everyone knows Government agencies don’t endorse candidates!  Dumbass!

Trump claimed he never supported the Iraq War when he did.  It just went on and on while the moderator let Trump hang himself by his tongue instead of his throat!  Classic!

Castrated T-Rex Trump even repeated the stupid claim that he was NOT allowed to release his taxes because he was under audit.  But then in the next sentence he said he would release them if Hillary released her emails not realizing that he removed his first excuse for not releasing them.  Is he just stupid?  Or does he think we’re that stupid not to notice his B.S.?  I can’t figure out his lame strategy or lack of one!   But then again, since he actually never wrote his book “The Art of the Deal” maybe he is just too stupid to understand strategy?

Oh wait, then he lied denying he said Chinese created the Climate Change issue.  Everyone knows he tweeted that many times!  I mean, this clown insults the very intelligence of a reasonable audience that knows how to search the net!  Hell, my 7 year old grandson can find that info in a few clicks! It’s annoying!  He claims he’s the smartest guy in history but what a dumb thing to do!  I mean the audience was NOT full of 100 million TrumpBots who cheer when he farts!  Truly, what an insulting idiot!



It was so pathetic that late night comics immediately pounced on him.

Here is what Stephen Colbert had on last night.  It is so funny cause it’s so true!

From a policy perspective, his comments on nukes and NATO were incoherent!  He missed so many opportunities to hit Godzillary on many salient foreign policy issues where she was vulnerable!  That had to be super frustrating from TrumpBots.

Worse for Rude Boy Trump, he played to his TrumpBots base who were probably having political orgasms when he kept interrupting her over and over and over again like a 4 year old.  But it is that exact kind of classless crap that plays badly with the undecided voters he truly needs to win the game!  It may be fun for TrumpBots but it’s stupid strategy.

In fact, for the women who were watching, if they were not sure Trump was America’s greatest misogynist, well they are now!  I mean consider as the debate ended, Clinton hammered Trump over his treatment of women. “This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs,” Clinton said.

And she accused Trump of calling Alicia Machado, a Latina contestant in one of his beauty contests, “Miss Piggy” and a housekeeper because of her ethnicity, seemingly throwing Trump off as he twice asked “Where did you find this?”

Who is this Alicia Machado? Former Miss Universe said Trump called her Miss Piggy

Alicia Machado campaigns for Hillary Clinton on August 20 in Miami, Florida.

Like I said before Trump had the right message of broken government when he started but he was never a populist or just like us!  No!  He’s a spoiled rude boy billionaire who has NEVER worked at McDonalds or cleaned a bathroom.  He has NO empathy for the reality on the ground.  Worse, he’s a first class jackass who makes fun of the disabled in public!  Last night was just another demonstration of his real colors.

Truly it’s too bad because there are serious issues facing the USA and Trump is making a mockery of them with the racist, bigoted, misogynist, rude boy insult game that played well to some but to the rest of us in the 100 million room, ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

And what pisses me off more is that there are many well-intentioned TrumpBots who are NOT racist jerks who have chosen to look the other way with this clown because they are so fed up with the status quo.  The problem is they put their investment into the hands of the wrong messenger.  He’s not a savior!  He is a disgusting pig with massive faults!  And to those TrumpBots I say, hey brothers, so sorry Trump tanked for you!  But you knew it was coming. We all knew!  He cannot help himself!  He messed up big time for everyone!

What do you think?  Care to go Baghdad Bob and claim Trump won?  Or can will you admit what we all saw;  a fidegty, snorting, sniffling, interrupting rude boy who who started well be devolved into incoherence under the weight of his own un-prepared arrogance?   Let it rip!


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