TRUMP: Right Message Wrong Messenger



By Johnny Punish

Wow what a ride it has been since the GOP and DEM conventions ended a few weeks ago!  Trump has been on fire!  Literally setting fire to his campaign with the most outrageous ridiculous off putting offensive comments ever seen in modern political history.  Trump has been consistently sticking his stupid foot in his indecent foul mouth so many times each day that it feels like a Stage 5 Hurricane landing every five minutes.

I mean I can list the offensive stupid factually incorrect comments here ie…

  1.  Obama and Hillary are Founders of ISIS or
  2.  His horrible ugly attack on a Gold Star Family or
  3.  His “I know Putin personally, I don’t Know Putin personally” stupidity or
  4.  the his call to arms to for 2nd Amendment advocates to assassinate Former First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

…. but that list would be so long it would be it’s own article.  Instead, let’s focus on the bigger picture.

Is Trump Our Savior Saving Us from a Government Gone Nutzo or Just Bozo The Clown?

I mean this all started out so perfect.  Trump came out the gate declaring government is NOT working.  And boom, he had all of our attention.  He even made us forget he was the idiot Birther-in-Chief declaring he sent 5 never named, never revealed or confirmed investigators to Hawaii to tell us that Obama was born in Kenya.   In fact, that populist call was so spot on that GOPers, DEMs and Independents were saying “Whoa, this guy is on to something”.

That simple message had all of us mesmerized because instinctively we all know the system is NOT working for the average citizen but horribly interwoven into what is now is global corporatocracy that funds politicians through lobbies and Super Pacs gifted by a conservative Supreme Court that gave us Citizens United; a disgusting law that undermines the very fabric of our citizen democracy.

If only the election was held last year just a few weeks after Trump announced.  The vote would have been 90% Trump.  But alas, it was not.  Instead, the long grueling process has given us a long courtship with Trump giving us time to actually get to know the man, his values, and more like his tax returns…. Opps!  Well maybe not his tax returns!  Anyway, so far, this has been a huge eye opener for the general electorate.

I mean instead of getting Mahatma Ghandi Trump; the father of a new revamped reformed 21st century country for the people, by the people and of the people whereby he, our savior, would lead by example inspiring all of us to be our very best giving us humility of purpose, we got Bozo The Trump; a disgusting grotesque weak spirited man who publicly makes fun of the disabled, openly mocks the absolute strength of our religious freedom tenants mocking a Gold Star family of a fallen combat soldier just because his religion is a main target of his narrow minded pandering.  And so much worse……

I mean the Trump character or lackthereof has been on display now under the super bright lights of the general electorate since July 29 (about 3 weeks).  And it’s shine is dimming fast day by day.  Once up in the polls over a tarnished opponent, he is now losing in historically red states like UTAH and GEORGIA and so much more.

For moderate average TrumpBots, privately away from the spotlight, they are truly grieving.  Most know their savior has been exposed by his own actions, by his own flawed sad weak ugly awful character.  But they are so living in fear of a Hillary Clinton establishment presidency that they willfully and knowingly over look the very obvious lack of character, integrity, and dignity of this horribly weak ugly man praying he will find Jesus just in time and all will work out.  It’s a reach and they know it but, to them, that’s their only choice.   How awful is that?

As for Extremist TrumpBots, like Trump himself says, he could shoot a person in the middle of New York City and they would still vote for him; meaning there is NOTHING he can do wrong.  Those extremists have sold their common sense for pennies on the dollar; a deal I am sure the shrewd Trump loves.  There is no hope for them.  But that really only maybe 5% of the general electorate; a fairly normal extremist percentage for operating democracy.  So let’s ignore them for the purposed of discourse because there is NOTHING that can be said about Trump without these extremists calling for Jihad!  So why bother…..

For the rest of us 95% rational folk, the real issue here is the general election and this idea that Trump is our only savior that can save the USA from a corrupted government.

First, the general electorate is NOT watching the cheerleaders at FOX NEWS and NOT buying all the fear demagogery.  And that’s the group Trump needs to sell.  But instead, he’s doubling down on this primary strategy of insulting everyone and anyone that gets in his way.  Yesterday it was Lying Ted Cruz; once his great friend.  And now Crooked Hillary; once his great friend of which he once said would make a great President.  I mean this clown is so full of hypocritical bullshit it would be funny if this was a comedy channel sketch but it’s not; this is the real thing.  And so here we are watching him insult and alienate the general election voters and their common decency sensibilities.   Its’ bizarre to say the least and stupid to at worst.

In short, he’s simply not selling the general electorate.  Worse he’s turning it off!  So much for the self-proclaimed smartest man in America.

Now the GOP leadership is running scared looking down the barrel of 300 plus million Americans who are diverse of color, religion, creed, and values watching his fool engage in political suicide as he insults the sensibilities of the average American thinking they are the loyal primary voter what cheers when he blows the racist bigot dog whistle.  It’s not and his strategy or lackthereof is backfiring badly.   This is very serious folks because his idiotic strategy has potential to create a democrat majority in the House and Senate.  So pay attention.

So why is he engaging in such Tomfoolery strategy?

Some say he’s a plant for the Democrats and a great friend of Bill and Hillary.   It’s possible but there is no evidence to support such a deal.  If so, that evidence has not come out.

Some say he’s does NOT want really want to be President and so he’s saying the most crazy shit he can think of to get his ego-driven ass out of the race.  But again, no real evidence to support such a claim except the comments themselves.


I think the real truth is that Trump is simply NOT a true savior but just a man of his time; a time when white Europeans dominated the American landscape, when it was okay to make fun of disabled people or put people of color in the back of the bus.  He’s nothing special folks; just an disconnected old man living in a tower palace from a different place and time playing to nostalgia that actually never was.

And frankly, he alone cannot save us from the behemoth corporatocracy that has systematically been built over the last 100 years.  I know that hurts.  But it’s true.

In fact, we all know he’s the wrong messenger. 

Most of us stopped listening to him after he mocked that disabled reporter.  We knew that was so wrong!  We find it unforgivable.

Now, there are some of us who just grit our teeth and hope they did not see it.  But they did see it.  They know they did even if they say they didn’t.  It’s just hard to admit that the savior you bet on is really a 20th century relic asshole in an very expensive suit!

Look, I know that hurts feelings here.  But that’s our reality.  The system is too freakin’ big for one man to take it down; especially a man of such low weak character.

Believe me, I am 100% fundamentally opposed the corporatocracy and our monetary based economic systems worldwide.  I am definitely more a Jacque Fresco Venus Project Resource Based Economy advocate but I realize getting there is going to take a lot more than electing one flawed rich billionaire who is so self-absorbed and so borderline mentally disturbed that he thinks everyone who critics his policies are the devil incarnate.  That’s not how real men react or get real things done in this complex world.  Great leaders don’t fall prey to such weakness.

The actual challenge here is admitting TRUMP is simply NOT a true savior. 

He’s just not a true iconic leader like Mahatma Ghandi or Martin Luther King or even Abraham Lincoln or George Washington.  In fact, he’s NOT even close.  He’s the exact opposite.  He’s a disgusting spoiled bloated blowhard 5 time deferment coward born with a silver spoon up his arse who actually publicly mocks disabled people and makes fun of families who have lose children in combat for our U.S. Military making the ultimate sacrifice.   Are you kidding me?  This joker is beyond flawed.  No, he’s not actually crazy he’s just an arse piece asshole living in a time warp!

And this is the challenge TrumpBots have right now!

Do they continue to look the other way or will they actually look down that barrel of Trumps soul and see that empty black hole where they were hoping to find the spirit of a Ghandi and say NO MAS?

At some point TrumpBots have to cross that road and look at themselves in the mirror because, as Trump continues to gladly expose his Bozo the Trump to all of us, the general electorate voter who is NOT living in fear, who is NOT buying USA is the worst country on planet earth and who is NOT buying that without Trump the USA will die still needs to be sold and it’s not happening.

Instead the TrumpBot may be left out in the cold holding their TRUMP SAVIOR BUTTON sitting on the sideline when the 21st century passes them by saying “OPPS! RIGHT MESSAGE, WRONG MESSENGER! FIND ANOTHER HERO and MAKE IT A REAL ONE THIS TIME!”

MEMO TO PASSIONATE COMMENTERS:  I welcome all comments on this issues herein.  I know many of you hate Hillary Clinton to core with all your passion and will be tempted to bash Hillary here but this article is NOT about Hillary Clinton.  So please try to stick to the topic here.  However, If you choose to bash Hillary, go for it.  Just know that I will not engage in reply because again, the article is about TRUMP and is government out of control and is he the wrong messenger.   Not replying does NOT mean I am for Hillary.  In fact, I have NEVER voted for a Democrat.  So get over it!  As for personal attacks calling this writer names because you don’t like what you read, that Trump inspired insult strategy is simply NOT acceptable.  It violates VT comment policy.  So don’t bother cause your comment will get deleted without notice  So again, just stay on topic, be very serious and engage in proper intelligent civil discourse so that VT readers can benefit from your important perspective.


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