Is Donald Trump Right About Illegal Immigration?


by Jonas E. Alexis

I have recently been talking to a very dear Korean friend of mine about the presidential election in America, and he blurted out in the middle of our conversation, “I hate Donald Trump.” “And why is that?” I said. “Some people don’t like Trump’s policies for the wrong reasons. We all know he is unpredictable, but I want to hear your reasons.” 

As I have argued elsewhere, Trump is not a thinker and you can never know what he is going to say next. As he E. Michael Jones has recently pointed out, Trump could have nailed Hillary on the Orlando incident by saying that Hillary should have read Frankenstein all the way to the end. Instead, he came out and said that all Muslim immigration ought to be suspended.

“This is a totally stupid response to what happened,” Jones declared. “The Democrats couldn’t be happier. They lured Donald Trump into a trap.”

Kevin Barrett also has a point when he said that Trump is “fueling Islamophobia.” Trump obviously lacks the disciplinary skills to assess the fundamental issues in the Middle East, largely because oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson have already given him a free pass.

In response to my question, my dear friend said: “Well, Trump wants to deport all immigrants.” “Not true. Trump’s earlier claim about illegal immigration is rational,” I responded. “And when I explain that to you, I think you’ll agree with me because you are a rational person. But let me ask you a question first: where did you get that idea?” “From the news here in Korea,” he said.

“Oh, I see. But that is not what Trump is proposing. Trump said specifically that he is against illegal immigration, not decent individuals who are trying to obey the law and make ends meet. Let’s be honest. No nation on earth, not even Korea, will accept an inflow of illegal immigrants, particularly when the vast majority of them are actually gangsters and criminals.”

Having done a little research on this issue, I continued to say:

“You and I know too well that Korea has strict laws on illegal immigrants. You and I know too well that many illegal immigrants from China got busted numerous times for the same purpose. In fact, Chinese sailors clashed with Korean authorities back in 2010 after those sailors were illegally fishing in a South Korean territory.[1]

“There is more. It was reported last March that ‘The Korean government aims to repatriate about 70,000 illegal immigrants through a ‘crackdown’ by the police and immigration office from March to May.’ Is it wrong for the government to be concerned about this issue?”

There was complete silence. Then I proceeded:

“There are other issues at stake here as well. Lee Jae-Hoon, an attorney with the National Policy Agency’s Foreign Affairs Bureau, has declared that gangs have caused shockwaves among South Koreans. Most of the people involved are from China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Philippines—and many of them got on shore illegally. In 2011, ‘Three Vietnamese gangs operating an illegal gambling Web site were arrested in Jinju, South Gyeongsang.’ One article reported that ‘Of all crimes committed by foreigners in 2011, 3,432 of those convicted’ were from the countries already mentioned.[2]

“Consider Kang Su-hyun, a young Korean girl who was brutally murdered by an illegal migrant worker from the Philippines who was identified simply as ‘J.’ According to the report, he ‘dragged Kang out of an alley to rape her. But when Kang resisted, he stabbed her once in the back and 12 more times in her stomach, neck and chest with a kitchen knife.’ This devastating act outraged Koreans, who believed that the media betrayed them by not giving proper coverage of the story.’[3]

“Because of these high-profile crimes by illegal immigrants or foreigners, a petition was filed with the Korea Immigration Service asking for stricter laws, such as rigorous background checks and fingerprinting or deportation. The rise of crimes committed by foreigners gave rise to the idea that some foreigners are regarded with suspicion. Cho Dong-hwan, the head of the Foreigners’ Crime Eradication Association, blamed this issue on ‘multiculturalism,’ which he called ‘a policy of reverse discrimination.’”[4]

“Do you want to hear more bad news, my brother? The Indonesian navy literally bombed and destroyed two foreign fishing ships because they were in an illegal territory back in 2014. It was even called ‘shock therapy.’[5] So, based on these incontrovertible facts, can someone cut Trump to pieces if he happens to use the law to stop the inflows of illegal immigrants? Would Korea really survive if the government says yes to all illegal immigrants?”

“Hell, no!,” he instantly replied. “I didn’t know any of this. But why don’t the media tell us about these issues? All I’m hearing is that Trump is a nutcase. There seems to be no alternative voices at all.” I said,

“Well, you’ll have to ask your government about that. But keep in mind that Trump is not a thinker and he is again unpredictable. He is always in the state of flux. He sometimes cracks me up with his blatant contradictions. He has also made deals with the Zionist Mafia,[6] which is responsible for much of the chaos in the Middle East. But people shouldn’t be upset about his views on illegal immigration at all because every country on the planet cracks down illegal immigrants.” Trump said:

“I’ll go help build the wall because if you are going to come to this country, land of opportunity, you should be here legally.”[7]

That is quite defensible. To many people, Trump seems to be fighting back against the ideological tidal wave threatening to wash out America. It has been reported by the Washington Post itself that Israel is “constructing an underground wall around Gaza”! As Ron Paul put it, Gaza is already a concentration camp. But not a single Jewish organization, not even the ADL, has opposed this.

So, if Trump is crazy, then the state of Israel is worst. Even Roseanne Barr, of all people, agrees with Trump on this very issue. Barr told the Hollywood Reporter:

To me, he’s saying that the order of law matters. When a president can just pass laws all on his own, that is a little bit different than what America was supposed to be about. And Trump is saying people will have to be vetted, we’ll have to have legal immigration. It’s all a scam. I mean, illegal immigration. When people come here and they get a lot of benefits that our own veterans don’t get. What’s up with that?”[8]

Barr is not alone. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton agreed with Trump—when they used to make some sense:

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