France begins assembly of Experimental Fusion Reactor


[Editor’s note: I suspect this Tokomak-based ‘hot fusion’ reactor is nothing more than an expensive diversion to keep people looking the wrong way and prolonging the usage of hydrocarbon fuels.

You see, ‘cold fusion’ has been known to work in the lab for half a century, before the infamous Pons & Fleischmann discovery in the late 80s that was killed off.

The man who killed off the Pons & Fleischmann avenue of cold fusion research was none other other than Stephen Jones, who would later find infamy as the chief disinfo agent spreading lies to hide the nuclear truth of the 9-11 attacks.

Jones invented the ‘nanothermite’ myth to cover up the iron oxides found in the dust samples from the WTC, oxides he knew would be present in the dust because he had been deeply involved in designing the special demolition nukes used. Jones knew those nukes had a special iron oxide casing and that residue from it would be found in the dust, so he invented the nanothermite lie to explain this away.

A decade earlier, Jones had been similarly employed to destroy cold fusion research and he was selected for that role for the same reason – he had been involved in the development and design of advanced nuclear warheads and it was through that research that US scientists had already discovered cold fusion was possible.

So when Pons & Fleischmann over in England announced to the world they had achieved cold fusion in their lab, Jones was the man they put on the job to stimy their efforts ASAP.

There are two huge reasons why cold fusion has to be kept from us, hidden in the black worll. Firstly, the obvious – that it would give us clean, cheap energy and remove any need to burn hydrocarbons, hence destroying the current oil based economy.

Secondly, research into cold fusion would inevitably lead to discovering that it was possible to build nuclear fission-fusion explosive devices simply and cheaply, meaning anyone with a fairly well equipped machine shop and the right ingredients can whip up a small nuke. You don’t need weapons grade plutonium or uranium either, spent reactor fuel rods can be used for one type of bomb, other metals like lithium, thorium and polonium are also used in more complex designs.

But would they spend all those billions on a pointless project, going so far as to actually build a reactor, just to hide the truth about cold fusion from us? Maybe, some say NASA and all those big fireworks it plays with largely exists to hide the truth about anti-gravity, field propulsion a and host of other advanced tech they don’t want us to get our hands on for a while yet. Ian]


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  1. Hi Ian
    Yes those suitcase nukes to be very ‘clean’ they most likely the type needing periodic tritium treatments too as without it the bombs become duds! If Tritium ever becomes “not available” it would eventually make near all the US and Israeli nukes nothing but duds.
    Maybe what was used in 911 had nothing to do with tritium dosed type bombs I don’t know what they have nowadays.
    A guy in Italy Rossi was his name came up with a very good fairly large scale cold fusion device and tested it for the public and he got a lot of investors, but he got “bought out” by the US military now “belongs” to them. This happened about 10 years ago.
    Interesting story in 1975 I was working graveyard shift as cook in a Restaurant in Kirkland, in Washington state. A Vietnam vet would come in all the time and come back to kitchen and talk my ear off, he was funny guy ..he was in air force he said his job sometimes was to punch a button on a bomb rolling out of back of cargo plane to “arm it” using a wooden stick.
    He said the bomb was a low yield (neutron) atomic bomb and troops could be moved into blast area within three days
    It would go down by parachute or explode at a certain low altitude and the “generals loved them” since the blast pattern was perfectly flat with no craters, so they could make airfields wherever they needed them ultra quick.
    He thought it was funniest thing in world that the most advanced weapon of in US arsenal was armed with a wood stick!
    He said if I told anyone this story he would have to kill me.
    I have always wondered if the deaths from agent orange were not all caused by the monsanto defoliant but half of them (or most of them) actually radiation poisoning that could never be admitted to.

  2. Hi Ian You got it all correct exactly until the paragraph about you can use cold fusion technology to make nuclear weapons in a small basement lab. That is a well excepted myth to destroy and murder all research and researchers in cold fusion in the USA at least.
    I knew personally Eugene Mallove, who was beaten to death the day after speaking on Art Bell national radio show to millions about his own very well funded cold fusion research in his New Hampshire lab, his murder a week before a meewe with the DOE to secure funding for research into installing large scale cold fusion reactors to power cities. His murder three days after popular mechanics magazine came to newstands with cover of it showing NYC being blown up by huge mushroom cloud nuclear explosion.
    In bold letters “America’s worst nightmare build atomic bomb9s in your basement labratory”
    This was in 2003. Popular mechanics editors famous for backing up the official US government stories jet fuel melt a the steel the buildings collspsed pancaking down which is total bullshit everyone knows now.
    Anyways Eugene had written many articles exposing all the lies told about that Pons and Fleischman, and the suppression of “cold”fusion (actually better named “room temperature hydrogen electrolysis”
    While hot fusion better named “containmemt of a nuclear explosion”
    Eugene Mallove said IF you wanted to you could produce radioactive substances such as tritium, (nuclear missles of US and Israel need occasional injections of tritium to prevent missles becoming duds this because they haveuch cleaner less radioactive missles than for example Pakistani or most Russian missles which are very “dirty” leaving massive nuclear fallout)
    So to make these specialized nuclear materials you need a radioactive process in first place and all you will be able to.make is some sort of dirty bomb which can be made a thousand other ways too, cold fusion is not radioactive at all it’s very safe. If you want to transform radioactive substances into specialized radioactive substances (tritium for US and Israel need clear weapons) you can do that with a Hydrogen electroylisis process (cold fusion) but cold fusion does create a radioactive substance (or weapon) on its own
    By the way Mallove had a “stand alone” “Sono” cold fusion realtor in his multi million dollar lab (funded majority by Isaac Asimov famous author) this unit upscaled 1000 tim s could power cities…this project was what he was pushing the DOE to fund. This why he was murdered, not that you can make atomic bombs in your basement using cold fusion (myth)
    I suspect it ability to produce tritium had a lot to do with it too
    I make “free energy” motor generators (ask Keshe about those) Mallove wanted to use my motors to run his water pumps . My motors similar to Edwin Gray motor or Bedini or Bill Muller designs. I visited Eugene just before 911 event, I went underground after that for awhile, Eugene stayed on it, got himself killed.

    • Thanks for the clarification, I was trying to repeat what Jeff Smith told me a few years ago while we were working together on our nuclear 9-11 series and I most likely had a failure of memory. The reason why western nukes are clean is the designs I mentioned that use only a very small amount of plutonium as an initiator and most of the fuel for the blast comes from other metals such as thorium and lithium. In older designs that used large amounts of plutonium, only a portion on the plutonium was consumed in the blast with the rest landing over a very wide area as fallout. In the clean designs, pretty much all the plutonium is consumed and as there was only a small amount of it to begin with, no fallout.

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