Vital: Current Hard/Real stats on US Covid and What they mean (two minute read)


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  • Deaths at 152,320 with likely undercount in 8 or more states, up to 35,000 and overcount in several, up to 5,000
  • Total cases at 4,498,343, which should mean absolutely NOTHING to anyone
  • Recovered at 2,185,894
  • Still sick at 2,312,449…this one means something
  • Current death rate down from 7% to 6.51%  (on March 1, it was 67%, primarily New York, why?)
  • Based on projection, average death rate for remaining sick will be 6.37%
  • which means 147,303 of those currently infected as of July 29 are certain to die
  • Giving a total for July 29 of 299,623 dead and dying plus or minus misreporting

What we don’t have?

  • We assume of the roughly 300,000 that 80% are above 70

For the comment section.  Make up your own questions, what do you want to know that will help you make decisions about your own health and safety and those you are responsible for…



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  1. There are people wearing a mask simply because they are told to, and do not actually know why. There are also people not wearing a mask, simply because they are told not to, and don’t really know why. One of these have a motivation of EGO.

    The mask helps cut down transmission big time, and may also help with reducing severity of symptoms for a simple reason. The amount of a virus inhaled or received, may directly correlate with the severity of the illness. Any mask is better than no mask. A decent mask is better than a crappy mask. This has been known for centuries during pandemics and is actually instinctual. So has isolating.

    • Let’s all hope a vaccine works because, otherwise…we have to learn to live with COVID 19 and it will weed its way through us like a cancer forever.

  2. This is not G’s math. It is current US data, and it is lagging. US needs to do a data purge and Close out the old cases, similar to what Canada did on July 17.

  3. Mr. Duff,
    Thanks for the reply!

    Can you please enlighten us as to why do vaccine manufacturers have immunity from prosecution? And why would you take a vaccine without knowing if it’s “expired” or not?
    I am not a licensed doctor but I think any vaccine should be properly studied before given to “humans” Especially children. Do you think 9 months is enough time for a vaccine to be properly studied, assuming that it is already available? Why did they halt all “research” for hydroxycloroquine when it’s been around for 50 plus years? Could it be that it actually works??? Media claims it kills people. Handful of table salt can kill a person too. Why not ban a table salt?

    Mr. Duff, with the platform as big as VT’s you can become the next God if you somehow can manage to display the truth ONLY. I will vote for you!
    Sometimes the best or the only way to disclose the truth is by telling the truth by condemning it. And I hope that’s what you are doing!

  4. lizzie understand, kevin doesn’t

    fixing lies by publishing hoaxes and crap is not the answer

    it is time to be systematic

    and to demand the truth

    and we aren’t getting it but those keeping it from us hide behind Q and so many others

  5. So there are 4 1/2 million “total confirmed cases” — but what about the reports that over 80% of people infected with COVID are asymptomatic? If so the actual number of infected would be much higher (most people not experiencing any symptoms don’t get tested). And the death rate would be much lower. All of the mainstream sources I have seen estimate the overall COVID death rate as around .5 percent, with 1% the very maximum. The Hoover Institute folks say it is much lower, more like .1 percent. But NOBODY EXCEPT YOU GORDON IS SAYING IT IS 7%. So you have a huge burden of proof as you argue against the entire world, and you need to be extremely clear and cogent and well-sourced to meet that burden.

    Additionally, all mainstream sources agree that the death rate has declined substantially since the peak of deaths in April. Total excess deaths from all causes have been pretty close to baseline since late May.

    MSM says the reason for this is that there are far more tests now, so it isn’t just people on death’s door who are getting tested, unlike back in March and April. That would explain the huge and growing number of “new cases” that are hardly having any impact on the only statistic that we can have confidence in and that really matters, total excess deaths.

    • Kevin, whatever the numbers are, you can’t deny that COVID-19 has been an absolute disaster for the USA. It’s destroyed the US economy and put millions of people out of work, soon to be homeless, food insecure, and engaging in all manor of near-suicidal behavior, like drug addiction, alcoholism, and self-destructive lifestyles. If this wasn’t a bioweapon to begin with, it certainly is being used as one.

      But, wait, it IS a bioweapon, created in a bioweapons lab in North Carolina. Trump knew back in the second week of November that it would attack Wuhan. He warned Israel about it, and he also warned his Likudnik bankster pals about it, to get ready for $7 trillion of free money coming their way in the spring. Doesn’t knowing all this put a wholly different cast on this plandemic?

    • Kevin,

      We are averaging about 7 airline crashes a day in numbers. To play against this, utterly fake numbers were presented on a very imaginary influenza last year for instance…that never hit

      and SARS which never hit either but was supposed to kill 60k when a typo got into the CDC website by a not very funny ‘mistake’

      The day you get it, can’t breathe, horrible pain, then end up with a tube down your throat, never to see your family again…

      but it’s ok because you will be either overweight, a smoker, older or have arabic/africa/hispanic ancestry…which applies to your children.

      Look at Canada and write about that.

  6. Hi, Gordon. I came across something interest while scanning the comments (a real cesspool of invective and ad hominem attacks) on an article published on the Unz Review. The commenter posted a link to one your articles on VT and added the following…

    “VT is a site that combines some impressive disclosures of real truth, with some odd stuff that is fabricated – the site’s co-supremo says they intentionally publish self-discrediting fake stuff so they don’t get shut down for printing the true material, the reader must decide what is real.”

    I’m curious about what your response to that would be.

  7. Can we afford to ignore the effects of Chlorine Dioxide , a molecular form of C102 ? It is not bleach ,which is Sodium Hypochlorite ,a completely different molecular structure. Two young men are held without bail for promoting Chlorine Dioxide which is documented as eliminating pre cold and pre flu symptoms , flooding the brain with oxygen and ending fatigue . the downside is Chlorine Dioxide is pro – oxide and must be balanced after intake with an anti – oxidant . Can we afford to ignore the study by ‘ Frontiers in Immunology ‘ that indicates a solid remedy in the use of Vit. C and Quercetin for the Corona Virus , as indicated by diligent studies by those pesky Chinese in Wuhan ? what can immune system compromised people use instead of toxic Vaccines ?

  8. Scrolling down to the section If you test positive it reads: “A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”
    So, if antibodies for other coronaviruses yield a positive test for COVID, the good news is there are less actual COVID infections. The bad news is this means COVID is more lethal. For example, if one half the positives were actually common cold antibodies, that means you have to multiply the mortality rate by the inverse; in this example, two. So, if the reported mortality rate was 3%, using the same example, it would actually be 6%.

    • There is zero evidence to support your conclusions and much, so very much, heading the other way.

      If the real CV positives are lower, as you content, the number of deaths would be a much higher percentage that 6.51, NOT LOWER

    • I’m in agreement with you on this. Even with (other coronavirus) test positives, this is not in any way a refutation of the spread of actual SARS-CoV-2, which may, in fact, be geometric. And I agree, the published lethality rate of COVID is understated.

  9. I will get the vaccine. Do I worry? Yes. I have had two reactions to vaccines in my life but would have given anything to have measles, dpt and other vaccines instead of the diseases which were terrible.

  10. Please add to what we already know about COVID-19: It was a bioweapon created in a lab, probably in North Carolina, and that the US knew in the second week of November that it would attack Wuhan. It warned Israel about it, but not US. That puts a totally different cast on our botched response to its coming to the USA in the spring.

    Not only did we have plenty on time to deal with this threat, but Trump’s crazy base is playing their part well, still not wearing masks, not isolating, even having parties to spread the virus around. And, his Likudnik bankster pals have made out like bandits, raiding the US treasury of at least $7 trillion dollars, while the rest of the economy has tanked and millions are unemployed, soon to be homeless, food insecure, and angry as hell.

    These are some more things that we know about COVID-19.

  11. It was reported some time ago that someone in The white hose quipped “Of course, we have all been vaccinated”. Was this report true (i.e., did he really say that)? Had anyone in or around White House leaders or leadership (an oxymoronic term, I know!) actually received vaccination against “The Wûhàn Virus” at some time before it officially “arrived on US-ian soil”?

  12. 2 thessalonians 2:11-12

    And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

    That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but hed Pleasure in Unrighteousness,

    Those who do not want to hear the truth and continue to believe in the lies are doomed. They take that vaccination because they believe in the lies, “They might all be dammed”…

  13. Looks like the first wave is still “in progress”
    What’s the chances for even worse second wave in USA?
    When so you think wthis will happen?
    Will vaccines not work well since it is a bioweaponed flu wirus and mutates super rapidly?
    What is your best case scenario??

  14. Since I already know your stance on hydroxycloroquine and vaccines could please share your opinion about masks?

    • ‘Masks and social distancing’ would give you the comparison between Canada and the US. We saw it work here in Michigan though in my town we got 20,000 largely unmasked beach visitors last weekend…though probably socially distanced. Mask use here is 100% for retail…etc.

      One death in 45 days out of a county with 320,000 mostly ‘white folks.’
      Masks…social distancing…hand washing…not touching face…

      I use a Clorox wipe on my car door handles, steering wheel…everything I touch when I shop.

      Yes, it really works. As me if I hate it.

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